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  1. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    You are in Carmien Manor [157,177] A bunch of titanium ore on the wrong side of the rock wall.
  2. Items warranty

    It would probably be ideal to add this information to the shop page as well, or pin this topic so it doesn't disappear. Z
  3. 9th Annual Charity Raffle.

    Got a couple donations planned, and let me know if you need anything mixed. Z

    Yes, the bomb-upon-entrance is ridiculously frustrating, and probably needs to be altered... The " deadly entrances, honestly, who forbids you to do the same thing?" argument is silly -- just because I can do something too doesn't mean it's a good game mechanic but honestly, I don't think bombs are all that terrible as it is, given their expense. Here's an interesting thought about this in the context of the hydro run: make s2e's stack. They weigh 7 EMU -- You'll still need to make 5 runs to get 500 hydro. I'm willing to risk a rosto or two that I can make it through 5 times, probably still get killed a bit, but be at least somewhat profitable... Maybe even risk a naked run hoping the stack of s2es don't drop Hydro PK'ers will still have fun and a shot at some loot, the run is still dangerous and a fun part of the game, and radu probably gets some rostos out of it. In this way too, the relative difficulty of hydro runs could be tweaked by adjusting the EMU of an s2e up or down just 1 or 2 EMU. Not enough to really change it's use a weapon, but would change the # of runs necessary fairly significantly. In the current scenario, you need to go past again and again and again and again just to scrape together a few bars worth, either wearing no gear (the s2es you can carry are not worth anywhere close to a rosto, esp since you only drop half), and therefore getting killed by a simple harm, or wearing lots of gear to try to break through and thus giving up slots for s2es, making you have to run even more often, risking a rosto every time. It's just not possible to be remotely profitable when a good hydro defender is playing, because even if you can get through 90% or more, it's not really worth it. Z

    Absolutely agree with this. As a side note, though, any reduction in power of bombs/engineering may have the unintended consequence of making Neno significantly more expensive to kill. Z
  6. Harvester medallion breakages

    I too feel like the breakage rate is increased. Did some poking around in my chat logs. What I'm seeing appears to be a significant increase in major events in June. Harvmed breakage rate does not seem different. Note: both me and alt wear harvmeds 99% of the time, regardless of astro. Zilding: (month|majors|harvmed breaks) 2014-01|720|24 2014-02|544|19 2014-03|660|28 2014-04|734|15 2014-05|440|19 2014-06|60|1 2014-07|248|12 2014-08|658|25 2014-09|421|17 2014-10|213|9 2014-11|362|19 2014-12|302|17 2015-01|403|19 2015-02|242|10 2015-03|458|17 2015-04|193|11 2015-05|258|7 2015-06|968|29 Gnidliz: 201404|45|0 201405|165|2 201406|59|1 201407|395|12 201408|697|24 201409|554|17 201410|149|4 201411|360|9 201412|358|10 201501|614|24 201502|438|9 201503|338|7 201504|358|12 201505|184|7 201506|1207|33 Z
  7. Unless my math is off, 96 EL hours is 97.61 RL hours. 94 hours would be better, coming out to about 95.5 RL hours, achieving the desired result (being able to go at the same RL time every time) with a little time to spare (which is probably a good thing, as somebody always HS's or something getting to BH). But yeah, +1. Z
  8. custom clothes how to

    Just for future reference in case anyone has a similar problem: Gimp's DDS extension does not export .dds files with mipmaps (lower resolution versions of the texture) by default. This isn't a problem except when the 'Poor Man' settings are turned on, in which case the game will use a lower resolution texture... Since the lower resolution textures don't exist if not exported, the given piece just shows up as all-white. Z
  9. custom clothes how to

    Repeating yourself isn't making your question any more clear. Are you asking if other people can overwrite files on their computer? Are you asking if gimp's default .dds export settings work? Z
  10. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Just noticed on ver. 3, EVTR mine exit is not marked. Probably not an issue for experienced players. Z
  11. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Very true.. You could nuke (or greatly reduce) the word 'Legend' though. It's pretty unnecessary and it takes up as much space as 3 lines of real info. Z
  12. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Agreed, I hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out, but the brown star does kind of seem to blend in with the background on a lot of maps. Also happened to notice that AA sto isn't marked on the version 2 set. These are really excellent work, Burn, thanks for putting in the time to do this. Z
  13. I'm OK with the eng daily (well, aside from giving not-worth-it xp for the gc lost, and giving people items they can't possibly make themselves at their eng level), as none of the items are massively undercut by npc prices and so at least it encourages that SOMEONE is actually using engineering to make the item... Are you suggesting something like, 'poof 10 IP rings in front of me' type of thing? Z
  14. Hello. Looking at wiki history, it appears the ti axe was originally 10-35 dmg, dropping to 5-30 when degraded, which is a pretty fair drop-off. It's been increased a couple times though, and a regular Ti Axe now does 25-40 dmg, but the degraded is still at 5-30, which isn't even as good as a steel axe.. Not sure if this was deliberate or just an oversight when the regular one got bumped, but it seems like this is a much bigger drop-off on degrade than most weapons (especially given Ti Axe is in the same price range as some great swords, which don't have any drop at all on degrade). Since original dropoff was 5 dmg on the range, perhaps new damage should be 20-35? Z
  15. level 179 OA

    It's actually more like 5Mxp per day... L179-L174 is 400M or so, not 2B (L179-L0 == 2B). Still, while a 5Mxp day is doable with the right special days, 90 of them in a row is not, really. Z
  16. level 179 OA

    Roman, check your math Z
  17. level 179 OA

    AFAIK OA xp cap is a technical limitation, at 2^31 (max value of signed 32-bit int). While it'll suck when I get to 179 and OA xp gets 'wasted', I'm in the mid 150s and it's probably already about the same amount of work to raise 1.5Mgc to buy a pp than it is to get an OA lvl anyway... Perhaps some (repeatable) Redeemer quests for OA 179's (and ONLY for OA 179s) could be good? 25k high-level monster kills for a pp, or something like that? Z
  18. TY for all your hard work on this, looking forward to hunting down and figuring out all the map changes
  19. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    Burn, I note the timing of the server update this morning about 30 minutes after your post -- does that mean the map made it in, or just coincidence? Z
  20. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    If you made a large area (where the mobs would be spawned) with portals to invade the 'large' areas of the map, and then a long, skinny passageway branching off of that to a 'secondary' room, you could put several portals to smaller areas in that secondary room... Only a fraction of the total spawn would ever make it down that corridor and with several portals to 'choose from' once they got there, it would divide it even further. Might take a little trial and error (If the corridor were 2 spaces wide, placing a single portal somewhere along it's length would cause a big cutdown in the mobs that make it to the end, for example), but I think you could rig it to pop a few mobs into smaller areas that way without worrying about completely filling them up. Z
  21. The idea is one or more new portals maps (Could use the big Idaloran-size map and just have a separate 'section' for each style of invasion). These maps would only be accessible by mods and specifically for invasions. For example, one section could have portals to all the cold maps on C2, another section could have portals that go to all the PK maps, and another could invade all of Idaloran including the underground areas and the beach. It'd be a fun (and it seems to me, pretty easy) way to create a few new invasion styles. A few plusses: 1. The map would only need to be some level ground with portals on it -- since normal players have no access, there's no need to spend any time or effort making it look good, so I think it wouldn't be too much work to create. 2. It would avoid the craziness in 'player' portals room when doing a portals invasion. 3. C2 portals invasions currently cause low-level players or players who don't want to be fighting right then to be completely restricted from 2/3 of the game, and unless a mod really wants to take a lot of time to run it, there's not really any 'middle ground' between a single map invasion and a full continent invasion. 4. There's no reason portals would have to be limited to above-ground area -- a 'portals invasion' could include some of the larger (or smaller, even, I guess) underground/inside areas. 5. You could have several portals to different areas of the larger maps, causing the critters to spread out a lot quicker. Thoughts? Z
  22. House exits wrong in IOTF

    Hi, just found a map bug in IOTF. The two northernmost houses in IotF, when you exit the left one, you end up outside the right one, and vice versa. Z
  23. House exits wrong in IOTF

    Really? There's no messages or anything that would indicate it's an especially magic or weird area... Z
  24. Sir_Odie

    Try 'custom.el-services.net' in your custom_mirrors.lst file instead. Z
  25. This is good to hear, I have a number of minor bugs/etc I'd like to fix as well but never wanted to mess with the client for fear of a ban or something... So just to be clear -- changes to the client that are very likely to be accepted with little discussion (bugfixes and the like that don't affect gameplay) are OK to test on main before making a pull request to you/Learner/whoever?? Z