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  1. I play el since 2005, i quit and back a few times and i never disrespected any rule, and im being honest i didnt know i wasnt alowed to do that, im not stupid i mean, why should i do that if i knew, to get banned? I like to play el i dont want to get banned, anyway, if i break the rule and got to be punished for that, what can i do


  2. Im sry but i didnt know i couldnt do that (go inst just to watch)

    And i was not getting xp i wasnt fighting, was just watching

    Can that ban be not that much pls


  3. Hi i got boted in 100-120 invance, why and for how long?


    I was there watchin i was not participating, if im not alowed to do that, a simple: pls leave if you will not participate was ok, no reason to bot me :(


    Tukkajumala in game