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  1. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    just to add to this post i was the "friend" and although it was a bit late back and there was alot of confusion involved he has now paid me back in full 200k
  2. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    $15 fine $20 then:P
  3. Gold for advertising

    hmmm i see the logic and it may be a good idea but we already have big ingame inflation problems with new players being priced out the market we could very well see people who want to play the game without purchacing shop items being priced out of the market alot more. I have said to people before one of the reasons we see alot less lower players on IP than we used to is because its simply getting too long winded to get started that the new players lose interest if its gunna take them an extra 2 months to afford their stuff we are going to lose even more. Just my thoughts but mayb more advertising would even out the noob problem who knows:)
  4. DB picked up

    HI there bud i died in RoT lost my bag with col gatherer med and degraded js in it if you found mine please gimme a pm when you are on thanks:)
  5. its that time again im broke and being crushed under all the junk in my store! apart from the prices here i will also accept iron/coal/fe/s2e/cabbage/hydro ore or bars/steel bars/earth essies for any payment if people want just pm me in game if you want anything FOOD 11663 mead FLOWERS 9107 white chantelle 10529 yellow roses 10779 black roses 8328 tree mushrooms 692 yarrow 4862 daffodils METALS 1 copper bar WEAPONS 1 modable s2e ARMOURS 10 enhanced wooden shields 1 white boots 1 black boots 1 brown boots MAGIC 1 Hellspawn removal 2 geletine bone removal 1 fast regen removal 1 cunjurer cape POTIONS 10 magic potion 3 potion of summoning 11 yarrow-wormwood-tulip extract 2 potion of crafting 110 potion of manufacturing 83 invisibility potion ANIMAL 47 brown snake skins 448 polar bear fur 748 rat tails 56 white rabbit fur 363 green snake skins 84 red snake skin 200 brown rabbit furs 631 deer antlers 59 snow leopard fur 1 pheonix feather 258 bear furs CLOTHES 23 fox scarfs 2 fur hat 17 racoon hats 11 warm fur gloves 1 warlock cape 4 skunk hat 1 brown doublet 1 black robe skirt 1 green robe skirt 1 green cavilier peacock hat 1 blue robe 1 white magicians hat 1 white robe skirt 1 brown tunic white shirt 1 red bandanna 1 white tunic 1 black tunic white shirt 1 skull and crossbones bandanna 2 MM capes 1 white red stripy baggy pants 1 black robe 1 green robe MISC 754 wood logs 1 wood handle
  6. mule daily bug

    oh ok i was using EL wiki to see what i should get and checked and had 0 potions xp is that correct xp for this quest? if not i appologise for time wasting:/
  7. mule daily bug

    HI i went to do the daily delivery quest and was asked to take the 600 quartz to shantir in glamor magic shop. Did the same as i have done many times before only this time when i handed it in recived no xp/gc or vials/vial mold. went back to tatu in crystal caverns to confirm i had done it correct and was told i couldnt do this quest again for 4 game days confirming i had just finished it (also the 600 quartz was gone). thanks for your time to look into this. Ingame name also Malaki
  8. IP banned

    ah thanks alot thought it was strange:) thank you for your time:)
  9. IP banned

    Hi im at my friends house and trying to log on it says this IP address (where im posting from now) is banned but it wasnt this morning when i logged on. wondering if it could get whitelisted or if we could find out why it was banned plz Regards Malaki
  10. Malaki banned

    hi sorry to have to cause more trouble but my friend henry has just come round and is complaining his char is locked:) his was the one whos name i couldnt remember he says it is DreadStone and please can you unlock him too i have told him what happened knows we wont be trading until he gets higher:) Sorry for the extra hassel Malaki
  11. Malaki banned

    Ok that sound fair, 2 points can i just clarify are we allowed to trade when they are logged in not on my IP ie from when they are at their own homes? And does this mean we cant do joint bag projects either when they are on my IP? Thanks
  12. Malaki banned

    Here your photos sorry its in 2 it hard to fit 2 pc's in my room + 4 people so we took one of us and one of the PC's they only bit i added was the names as on the paper we wrote you cant make it out well in the light:) Hope mayb this clears things up:) Thanks Malaki P.S sorry its a link but i cant find the source url on facebook photos prob just me being tired but i think you should see both from this one link:) P.S.S Electric six rocked:D
  13. Malaki banned

    Ok i will try and get all 4 of us here tomorrow at some pont (ill get everyone to get a piece of paper with their char name on it), would do it tonight but im gunna go see electric 6 play in about 2 hours gunna be awsome:D Malaki