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  1. @stronze: let's say it's "Isla Prima compatible map" I made another small step on my way to get that somehow working/done. Started adding some graphics around the rendered map, also started some small tests with displaying actors. Actually the more I work on that, the more I think it'll really take lots of time to finish ;P. http://karol.bialowa...pl/el/test.html Edit: done some basic character movement - subsequent moves are added to the queue and displayed one by one till queue gets empty. This way it should be easy to integrate with EL protocol. Edit: finally - added A* pathfinding and "mouse click" character movement so now it's possible to do some side-seeing. Rendering engine still needs some corrections as characters often hides behind bushes etc. in situations it should be fully visible. You can check current version by just clicking on the link few lines above .
  2. Checked that under firefox - works like a charm, I'll have to check what's going on. Edit: OK i solved that issue - reading data from image works crappy in Firefox so I added caching that data (actually 4 lines of code ). Press ctrl+r after you enter that website again to reload cached Javascript files and thanks for pointing that thing .
  3. Hi, I'm still working on that project in my spare time. Recently found a few tilesets from RPGMaker on the internet - making maps with them is way more funny than with those I've been using before so for my current attempts I decided to use them. Maybe I'll try with some scaled ManaWorld tiles later but now my priority is to add moving characters to those maps and make it kind of playable . I also decided to write my own engine - it's way less work than i expected and melon.JS would IMHO cause lots of problems in future - especially during integration with EL network stuff. Currently my code can load multilayer maps created in "Tiled" map editor, autoload assets used by those maps and render them (still need to add layers order, fortunatelly for this map it works even without that part). I'm writing and testing all that stuff using google chrome at the moment so it's quite possible that it won't work in any other browser - I'll work on it later . As I started with making map again, visually there isn't any progress compared to the screen I shown you last week, however - that one from last week was just a screenshot from Tiled editor, now it's rendering in a browser . http://karol.bialowas.ayz.pl/el/test.html Trade and storage menu is a good thing for the beginning. I guess it might be quite nice addition to EL even if that client won't ever be fully functional... "web Shopping Mall" maybe ??
  4. Android client

    First 4 bytes are not interesting, then you got 4 four-bytes integers: x and y dimensions in tiles (one tile is 6 steps so you have to multiply those numbers by 6 to get heightmap dimensions), tilemap offset and heightmap offset in map file. Each "square" on the heightmap is one byte, 0 is unwalkable tile (-2.2m). Best way to understand that stuff is just making a simple map using Eternal Lands map editor and then browsing created file using any hexeitor. Good luck with your project .
  5. I got stuck a bit with making 2d maps - it takes way more time than I expected and doesn't work that perfect because of tiles/creatures (incl. humans) proportions in that graphic sets. In EL basic tile size is 0.5 m so character is like 3 - 3.5 tiles, graphic sets I found got tile size like 1m, so 1/4'th of that tile can be unwalkable which complicates things a bit and probably would require some modifications in engine I wanted to use but still biggest problem is just huge amount of work required to make new 2d map based on EL map. However I still don't think, using prerendered EL graphics is a good idea. First of all - I'm not sure about "playability" of something like that - I don't remember any game that uses "full top down" graphics. Besides prerendered maps would require huge data transfers from server and most of images won't be reusable. Another thing is distributing objects from el maps to few layers - it will be essential for making some of them semi-transparent under certain conditions (to solve problem when something goes eg. under tree), but that's not that difficult to manage. Bigger problem are IMHO players/creatures animations and showing stuff that players wear to make this version playable and quite attractive - I guess in that approach huge amount of work will have to be done here to generate those graphics/strips and final result is still a big question (at least for me). With ready tilesets I kind of know what can We expect. Tiles are also in Medieval Fantasy clima so a lot of stuff is already done and IMHO making it this way will result in something playable... but not sure when it'll happen . In the end I wanted to share small screenshot from part of my 2d Isla Prima (still needs a looooooot of work ): http://flic.kr/p/dZiJe2
  6. I think I found a "basic tools set" I'd use for that project . After few attempts of automagick Isla Prima transer to 2d I gave up and decided to look for another way. There is a big GPL licensed 2d tiles and sprites repository for "The Mana World" project - fantasy 2d MMORPG. All those tiles are ready to use with open source maps editor - Tiled. Also there is JavaScript/HTML5 engine, that allows you to render those maps to canvas - melonJS. Here is small example of all this put together: http://manasource.org/tmwjs/ At the moment I'm working on export some data (like wlkable/unwalkable tiles) from .elm to Tiled compatible map files. I hope that in few next weeks I'd have something that looks more or less like Isla Prima .
  7. Thanks for all your comments. It may take some time to do a playable version of that (if any would be ever made at all ;P). I'll inform you for sure about any notable progress. At the moment I'm experimenting with creating 2d maps from EL original map files. Doing real 3d game seems quite impossible with my current skills. I'm also not sure about JavaScript performance in "real life" 3d application with lots of different models and textures to process on load as well as some JS code that needs to be run each frame (most fancy demos reduce it to the lowest possible extent to get good performance). However later I'm planing to use WebGL as a rendering context for 2d graphics - it gives huge performance boost over normal canvas context.
  8. Whole that "visible" application is written in JavaScript, for additional stuff I use Python. Current coding I treat rather like research of what and how can be done. I have no idea how far can this project go - webbrowsers and javascript got lots of limitations . Code is crappy as I'm learning a lot of new things about both languages writing that app and usually just want to see quick effect. If anyone wants to look at the code - it's available here: https://mega.co.nz/#!dpxkBZAT!N1xayBnvfZwM_nUIQz-1hRFJcHAYVk30KFRbmHcUOto To make it work it needs a gateway that translates normal tcp messages to websocket format and performs initial "handshake" with web browser (wsserv.py), but it's just translation layer - there isn't any game logic in it so all the actuall coding goes in JavaScript. And yes - it'll definitely be open source... if it'll ever be done .
  9. Hi, recently I found a small mmorpg demo written by Mozilla developers: http://browserquest.mozilla.org/ and thought if we could also have web based client for eternal lands . I started some coding few days ago, just to do "proof of concept". It still requires A LOT of work to proof that concept ;P, but I can show you effect of my up to date efforts: What do you think about something like that? Do you have any suggestions/ideas/questions?
  10. Idea of the stone with some limits (I also think it's way better than ring) has been discussed some time ago: http://www.eternal-l...162&hl=rostogol I just wanted to propose another possible solution .
  11. I'm not saying it's a perfect solution. Perfect solution to make game more attractive to lower level players, would be rosto that costs 20 - 25 k gc, like few years ago - when most of nowadays >130 lvl characters were more or less newbies. But those times won't get back so I wanted to suggest something else. If you got idea how typical 40-60 lvl player can make more than 5.5kgc/h - than please - share it on ch1 as it would have similar effect to reducing prices and would make game more funny for those ppl . Now think about it this way - you got ring AND rosto in your equipment. When you use ring before dying you save your rosto so you got a chance that dying would cost you ~8kgc instead of 50kgc, now you don't even have that chance. And last thing - for newbie iron plate set, steel shield, rdholam and titanium serpent sword is good enough stuff to have fun with mobs they usually meet. Cost of all those things is lower than 150k gc so rosto is additional more than 1/3 of it and would be most expensive thingie in this person inventory with 100% chance to loose when dying so IMHO it is a problem . But main issue is that most of community now are high level players and game is somehow balanced for it's current state. Introducing something that would REALLY reduce cost of dying would interrupt that balance so main question is - is it worth to risk that. Cause setting up this ring parameters to create another "lotery with low chance to win" (like very short period of protection) won't change anything.
  12. I also think, that rosto is a great thingie . But it's price discourages many ppl from doing any risky and funny things. IMHO that fact affects this game quite much. It's difficult to get invasion/instance/invance team - especially in low level ranges as ppl don't want to risk 50k gc (which is like 8 - 10 hours of harvest to replace). Result - those who want to go inva, can't go or got huge chance to loose because there aren't enough ppl to complete the event. If they loose - they often loose motivation to play too. Others are bored as they don't even try to do anything funny. I don't know what are real statistics, but from what I observed most of characters, that surve their "newbie period" are alts of high level players who know why is it worth to play Eternal Lands . Talking about pre-dying-panic: with lots of mobs around you, when you diss something else can attack you immediately. It happened to me for a few times - tried to diss/tele and stayed on the map with cooldown on both rings. In this situation that ring should work well cause you should always have a few seconds to use it. Also note, that low level characters usually don't have big mana pool and failsafe restore. And I haven't written that rostogol stone should be removed from the game at all .
  13. What do you think about item like this. Ring, that gives you rostogol stone efect for like 15 - 30 seconds after you use it. A few rings could be produced from one rostogol stone. In general i think they should cost around 7k gc each so anyone can afford them. By setting up amount of rings produced from one stone we can setup this item price and by setting up for how long ring effect works, we can somehow setup it's "attractiveness" compared to rostogol stone.
  14. Instance mode

    I'll try to do something with those colors on weekend - I'm completely out of time atm. BTW. I got also one more feature implemented in my github tree - window with health/mana bars, "engaged in combat" info and first few items/spells from quickbars. Maybe this could also be included to official client - imho it'd be way more usefull in real combat than current instance mode, however it also could be considered by some ppl as "too helpfull" feature .
  15. Let's talk invasions

    It was ok. Mobs were not to hard - I'd say even too easy. Only thing I was really impressed was total lack of teamwork. I was surrounded by 5 or 6 mobs few ppl around me and noone moved to help me - even after I asked them to attack. Ppl in this range can easily do male ogre (maybe even something higher) WHEN THEY WORK AS A TEAM so imho sending 3-4 male ogres and 1 cyclop at the end, one at the time, when there is no other stuff to interrupt fighting would be cool and could help low level players understand how tanking/team fighting works.