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  1. Summoning / Fighting

    im sorry, but if you(general, not you specifically) actually do pking and tone that skill and learn how to use it, u can definetly use summon while pking and not in a literal sense. as i said jsut takes some trial n error and practice time. i cleared kf quiet a few times with lots of chims or flufs and other misc things, same with minion, you should get a full experience of a skill before you look for short cuts to make things easier
  2. Summoning / Fighting

    oO... i disagree with the majority of you, as someone who boosted up p/c and did summoning back in the day to be a bad ass pkers, lol, being able to summon while fighting wasn't that important, if you really want to "master" summoning you'll have to learn how to use the skill instead of askin for things to changed, its always been that way and hopefully always will.
  3. Guess the player name!

    conavar ?
  4. Music you listen too while playing EL

    IDY, SUBLIME, RHCP, incubus, NiN, KoRn, SoAD, Rilo Kiley, 2pac all good stuff ^^
  5. Guess the movie

    hooligans and why are people postin without guessin beps oO
  6. All Skill rank

    i just now got 60+, and im sure someone will pass me in no time what soever i liked the idea though, i mentioned it to learner a while back, cause at the time i was workin on all my skills trying to catch or continue passed minion lol, still good idea
  7. move resources to PK

    if anything, as a suggestion, would have it on different pk maps as the current trend is now, not loading up KF with ores n what not that isnt needed there
  8. move resources to PK

    isn't the c2 wolfram *if it wasnt moved in an update* through the back end(pk part) with giants in AA?
  9. ~Ores Incorporated~

    your selling thread 1gc each, or cotton 1gc each? :x lol nvm sorry didnt scroll down at the end my mistake
  10. Guess the movie

    i swear whenever i guess one right imma post one sooo hard no one will ever get it specially you two
  11. Guess the movie

    no and i completly hate bep n marc!!! you ruin my nights!!

    2k water ess, rush order plx
  13. Guess the movie

    i hate you marc -.-
  14. Post your habits.

    i cant sleep sue me think ill go on skype n bother people lol
  15. Guess the movie

  16. Summoning

    pretty much what blodoks said, collect a massive amount of ingreds and i would suggest earning/scamming/making (lol) a lot of gc for the higher levels i powered lvl'd from 17 - 45/50ish purely because i had the gc to continuously buy wolf ingreds took a few days though once you get inrange for bear/tiger stones you can lvl like nothing just have a decent amount of gc to buy furs/le's if u dont want to collect/make CoM is always good if ur normal summoning
  17. El item stats

    ..tommy im a top "hybrid" person and im poor as shit only about the top 5 in each in the mixing sections are rich im sure for the most part the rest are struggling and doing stuff to make money only to spend it on other things
  18. Guess the movie

    marc hurry up n post a movie -.- so i can kill this topic !!
  19. El item stats

    great idea ^^ although im probably no where near the top richest anymore \o/ it all went into lvling almost done ^^
  20. Artwork Updates

    ooo i like that idea for bonus reasrch points if theres glasses that'd be awesome ^^
  21. Guess the movie

    is it in english o.O?
  22. Guess the movie

    mug .... i have no clue although it looks strangly familiar bep... no clue guess i should broaden my mvoie horizons guess : Nobody Knows
  23. 3rd Party Team Speak

    @kat lol u play cs:s and gw o.O wowzers @magpie im on skype too some times if i turn it on...although i think you would seduce me in some weird way... honestly dont know why lol
  24. pretty sure the answer is no, but have to ask, will there be a stone of <??> perk removal? love the idea btw cant wait for em ^^
  25. 3rd Party Team Speak

    lol i use to play cs all the time n used ventrillo was alright, only used skype to talk to people in HIM n thats about it EL wise