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  1. Coordination in Invasions

    Would such a bot also be able to relay data about numbers and strengths of monsters on maps? Info like that would be very helpful to players taking part in the invasion; they would know which maps they could reasonably have some success on. Would such a bot also be able to receive info from players killing the monsters so that others would know if and when a map got cleared?
  2. Bot marketplaces

    There are 2 points that no one has brought up yet. First up is the loony leopard. Who wants to risk life and limb (or gc and items) to trade with bots on C2 when they could lose everything they're carrying to lenny. That reduces trades to the time when lenny is asleep. Secondly, this bot free-for-all seems to have started when 'free hosting' started. If bots are to be moved, choose the ones that are getting a free ride. Between myself and LadyBea we have our own tiny 'shopping mall' in Tarsengaard. Tarsengaard is a scantily bot-populated map; loads of room for more bots or a marketplace.
  3. Removing TS effect

    I'm usually busy training my other skills. I try to get a decent spawn when I'm close to leveling A/D, but that is next to impossible. I get most of my A/D exp from hunting the creatures I need (furs, feathers, horns). It would be nice to be able to take on some of the big tough monsters, especially during invasions. I can just barely handle 1 yeti, so multiple yetis coming after me (all at once or one right after another) will turn me into a little brown bag. I don't know if more spawns is the answer, but a little more consideration from spawn hogs would help a lot.
  4. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    With so many different player names in EL, I was wondering how the people behind them picked them. I named my character after my pet cockatoo, Moe Bird. Is there a story behind your player name?
  5. Horse whistles from the shop

    Riding horses is lots of fun! Even more if you have a pet ant on one also!
  6. Red Royal Cape--Auction

    I'll bid 585k.
  7. How about a mini-invasion on a guild map for members and their invited guests for a fee? This could be added to the EL shop list. Also, how about putting guild tags on capes for a fee?
  8. Just curious

    350 of 350 now!
  9. Invasions and special days

    I agree. The players that have used their resources (armor and weapons damaged or broken, Hes and SRs used up, rostos gone, etc), should be the ones to enjoy the fruit of their efforts.
  10. Horses test

    Will the horse whistles be makeable? If so, will they be manufacture, crafting or possibly engineering skill? Or will they only be purchased from an NPC?
  11. Halloween Event Idea

    If you use any C2 map for this event, have you taken looney lenny into consideration?
  12. I'm in also, sent you a forum message.
  13. Mule carry load

    If you increase your physique and/or coordination, does your 'mule' emu also increase automatically or do you have to do more leveling?
  14. FAQ about mules

    Does the no eating rule during fasting days apply to creature food?
  15. Creature food

    Does the no eating, Day of Fasting apply to the creature food also? It would be bad if you were hauling a large amount of something and suddenly couldn't eat any more food to retain your mule form.