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  1. Yeah, I'll fix the code to use the server from whence it came instead of hardcoding my own private domain [EDIT: done] Bandwidth might become a problem, indeed. It should really be used with browser caching enabled, or Radu might face a hefty internet bill at the end of the month. BTW, thanks everyone, even for simply eyeballing the code. Even though I cannot promise to work much on this project for the time being, I very much value your input and bug reports.
  2. LOL, forum'ed by radu. Anyways, yeah, this is very much a work in progress, and unfortunately, I don't have very much time to work on it in the coming months. You can view other maps, but you'll have to edit the source code Strange thing about the sky, it sort of works here. (it isn't overly pretty, but it does draw something and doesn't cause other things to fail). I'll take a look at it. The next major thing I want to do, is actually logging in and further communication with the server, so that we can at least get a really expensive chat client going
  3. very old players

    OMG, Lyanna, you're still alive! Yay! As for this thread's topic: I don't really play anymore. I only log in occasionally to check if my char still exists, and if I haven't ruined yet another guild (they tend to disappear during my periods of absence).
  4. Client update compile options

    Yeah, done.
  5. Client update compile options

    As bluap noted, this is an option that is only enabled for Linux, and changes EL to behave more like any other X11 application. Since the option does nothing on other operating systems, and implements behaviour that most Linux users are accustomed to, I think a configuration option is overkill. The windowing syetem on Linux uses middle mouse click to paste the last selected text into the current window. This feature copies that design but only pastes into the main input area and only when you have the console open. Dang. Actually, that's a minor bug, and it should also work for other text fields. In fact, given the comment above the offending line, it's amazing that noone's noticed this before (and it also shows how well I test my code, I wonder how this slipped by) Patch: diff --git a/widgets.c b/widgets.c index 204da06..75194f8 100755 --- a/widgets.c +++ b/widgets.c @@ -2756,7 +2756,7 @@ int text_field_click(widget_list *w, int mx, int my, Uint32 flags) #if !defined OSX && !defined WINDOWS #ifdef MIDDLE_MOUSE_PASTE // Don't handle middle button clicks (paste) if the text field is not editable - if (buttons == ELW_MID_MOUSE) + if (buttons == ELW_MID_MOUSE && !(w->Flags & TEXT_FIELD_EDITABLE)) return 0; #endif #endif
  6. About others EL servers

    Good question. It's certainly possible, though most likely you would have to do it without help from the EL team. And by simply copying the existing game dialogues (NPCs, quests, etc.) you will probably run into copyright issues. The question, however, is whether it would be allowed to use the game client to connect to said server(*). The closest thing I can get from the EL client license about that, is which seems to forbid it. Of course, if you also have to make you own client, you're creating a completely new game. (*) Well, that, and "Why would you want to create a new server?"
  7. chat bug in console

    I haven't looked at the new code, but as the author of the original circular buffer, I'm glad to see it's gone The thing has always been more trouble than it was worth, and, as bluap found, too complicated to easily understand. I still think the idea was nice, but the code as it stood was unmaintainable.
  8. Error compiling

    I'm sure its been discussed before (I could not find the thread) but there was a gcc version issue preventing the change. However, it was a long time ago so should be fine now. I did some digging, and -march=native was introduced in gcc 4.2, 4.5 years ago. Since I suspect that *) most people will have updated by now, and *) there are more x86_64 users than there are users of older gcc versions I will change the default.
  9. Error compiling

    Edit make.conf, and change the line PLATFORM=-march=i686 to PLATFORM=-march=native Question to the devs: I have also run into this a couple of times. Would it be worthwile to make this change to make.defaults?
  10. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Thanks, downloaded and installed the data from http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Downloads/EL-Windows-opengl2_new.zip. No apparent change, though, my actors are still flying apart. Playing with the shader quality doesn't help. Looks like it might be a driver issue, I'll try the fireglx drivers and report back.
  11. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Ok, I managed to compile it, put the new shaders someplace where the client can find them, and now I can log in. Unfortunately, it currently looks like this What did I miss? Is there any game data (besides the shaders directory) which needs updating?
  12. Grum

  13. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    I encountered the same problem. It was due to an OpenGL error in init_gl_extensions() not being cleared (because DEBUG was not defined). This leads init_engine() to throw an exception, which in turn causes scene not to be initalized.
  14. Ouch, you're correct, that's a bug, and it would be very hard to hit. I'm not exactly sure how this would lead to a freeze, though, but let's first fix this.
  15. Can't reproduce it, valgrind's not complaining either. It also crashes in a weird spot: line 136 is PF_TILE *parent = pf_open.tiles[parent_idx]; According to gdb, parent_idx = 2, so it's not accessing outside the pf_open.tiles array. parent is not NULL (in fact it seems to refer to the tile two rows down in the y direction from current, that looks valid), so it's not choking on the next statement either, I think. Just what sort of crash is it? Segmentation fault?