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  1. I realize I'm late to the party, but that's a challenge I can't resist. Wikipedia has a few interesting ideas, my personal favorite has always been rounding to a simple fraction. Realistically though, I think ceil() gives the least surprising result in most cases. The number stays the same. The fractional part has to be really zero, though.
  2. Map Markers Aren't working in Arius

    That's an oddly specific problem. I have tested it briefly, and all I can say so far is that #mark works fine for me in Arius. The only thing I can think of is that you already have a high number of map marks (250) on the Arius map. If that is the case there should appear an error message in your main log file ("Maximum number of mapmarks reached.").
  3. Ah, I see, when you resize by dragging the window border. Hitting Tab twice also fixes the map size, so no need to restart the client. Your fix is essentially the same as closing and reopening, I think. I think it's fine as is, the texture is reloaded which is strictly speaking unnecessary, but it's cached anyway, and when you are resizing your window with the Tab map open I guess frame rate is not a vital issue.
  4. The X's problem should be fixed now. How do you mean? The tab map seems to resize just fine when I change the video mode.
  5. Hmm, it works here. Are your map marks in the correct position, or are they also off? What window size are you using?
  6. I've added a semi-transparent black outline around the font, similar to the one around the default font. This seems to help with the washout, but I've now spent so much time staring at the login screen I'm not sure what I'm seeing anymore Let me know if this works for you, as this is only tested on a high-res screen.
  7. Well, yes and no. If things did not overlap previously, they should not do so now, as it is only the stretching that is removed. Things may look a little smaller though, that is true. I agree, this is still a paint point. I will have a look to see if I can find a more satisfactory solution.
  8. Yeah, the shadow I put in earlier was removed again. I'll revisit this later.
  9. I agree that would be dead useful. Due to the implementation of the multiselect widget it turns out to be harder than I thought, though. It is on my TODO list.
  10. TTF font paths are now stored relative to the font directory. Unfortunately, this requires users to select their fonts again, as I could not think of a way to select the correct multiselect buttons using the old absolute path without introducing a major hack in the config code.
  11. Great! Okay... To be honest, I don't really know for certain what caused this, which is why it was never mentioned in the commits. Disappointing, I know. I *suspect* it is because I more or less inadvertently switched from nearest neighbour to linear interpolation in the generation of the font texture for the TTF font (in Font::build_texture_atlas()). Speaking against this hypothesis is that at that point it shouldn't make any difference whatsoever which interpolation method is used since the dimensions of the texture and the image are the same and it should be a straight pixel-for-pixel copy without interpolation at all. But with OpenGL being a giant state machine, maybe this change bled through to the actual font rendering. If that is the case, we will have to make it more obvious. I would have to investigate to be certain though. I don't think it's necessary, it could be made to work with relative paths, I think. I'll try to whip something up tomorrow.
  12. User data from Windows to Linux

    I had an issue with the spellbar too, but figured I messed it up myself somehow. In my case, the coordinates were reset to 0,0, so the spellbar ended up in the top left corner of the screen (under the "Channels" button if you use tabbed chat). I fixed it by disabling tabbed chat, enabling the quickbar menu, right clicking on a spell, and selecting "Reset position".
  13. sound_warnings.txt

    Try copying sound_warnings.txt to your ~/.elc/main/ directory. That worked for me. I'm not sure why it's not loading from the data directory yet.
  14. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    Fixed, thanks.