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  1. Blocking of Resources

    Thanks for the input, guys/gals. I was shooting for more conversation that led to abstract thinking... After returning to the game from a 3 year hiatus, I found that 75% of the players have left. After pondering on this, I came to the conclusion that the game is not as fun as it used to be (not to say that the game isn't fun). I'm not blaming Stivy for this, I'm only saying that he/she is certainly contributing to the 'lack of fun,' in relation to the past, due to his/her style of gameplay, and the 'fundamental' blocking of resources. Not that he/she is breaking any rules (any 12 year old can recognize that concept), but certainly he/she is undermining the idea behind the rule. This idea being, ensuring that everyone can use every resource with 'relative' ease... Obviously, the Creator has recognized this, and has now came up with a new ring. I look forward to seeing more of these rings in game, and this will certainly undermine Stivy's plan of undermining fun gameplay for all, instead of only fun gameplay for him/herself...
  2. Blocking of Resources

    What is the difference between 6 or 7 peeps blocking a resource by standing in front of it, or using 4 or 5 alts to watch the hydro route, and make sure you cant get there? Its the same difference. This lonely guy has a monopoly on a resourse. Seems like a fundamental breaking of the rules to me...
  3. Calif IP banned...needs to be fixed

    Take ure time then...lose a long term customer, one that has sent you money, wrote characters for the game. Your loss, not mine And, one last thing before I start looking for a new place to do business...This only proves what I have said all along.
  4. Calif IP banned...needs to be fixed

    Hey Ghrae, I didn't ask for your opinion....either fix it, or piss off...thanks This is not a discussion of anything other than my IP was wrongfully banned.
  5. Calif IP banned...needs to be fixed

    And, if you are prolonging this on purpose, you are only justifying everything I have always said.
  6. I logged in and got a message that I was IP banned. Someone needs to take a close look....this is obviously a mistake. K, thanks
  7. NH and newhope

    I don't give a shit about NH one way or the other....but, I do think it's funny that some of you allied up with him. I would make alot more smartass comments, but I'm sure you all know what I mean. lmao
  8. How about a formula to enhance regular clothes such as tunics, shirts, etc. Example: 4 serpent stones, 1 magic ess, 10 titanium bars for an enhanced red tunic. This might create more of a market for buying and selling of clothes, depending on the enhancement you decide to give. And, might create a situation where more people choose to work on their tailoring/mage skill...whatever...
  9. U can't be serious? All the crappy things you've said about other people in this game...and, u do this?
  10. Removal/modification of rule 5

    If ure gonna remove rule 5, you might as well remove anti social.... so, i say leave rule 5 alone
  11. WTF?

    Well, that is certainly one possibility. You always answer pm's....or atleast, ive never noticed that you dont...
  12. WTF?

    Whats the point of moderator that doesn't answer pm's? (and, no, i'm not mod bashing) Just wondering? Any thoughts (intelligent or stupid, as I am sure there are both)
  13. Top Guilds

    I just wanted to make a suggestion....don't know how feasible it would be. I notice a few guilds listed in the 'top gulids' section that only have a few members. I was thinking it would be nice (for guilds are large as RoS) to be rated against guilds of ....say.....20 or more people. So, basically what I am suggesting is that if you are unable to recruit 20 or more people in your guild, then you cannot be listed in the Top Guilds section. Obviously not a big deal....just something to 'chew on.'
  14. Personally, I think Aislinn is perfectly correct. I am glad to see the crybabies and 'tattletalers' in this range are getting their reward for their actions. Try spending more time worrying about what you are doing, and less time worrying about what everyone else is doing. And, no need to mention that nobody asked for my 'two cents.'
  15. May have been suggested in the past....too lazy to research. But, would be a great idea (imo)