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  2. The Alch Goddess has finally arrived!

    Well I've done all quests month ago, and I am sure that it's worth it. I bought all quests items(~150kgc) But when were scholar day(29%) I had over 300k xp in hour(makin HEs). I'm sure that at bars could be better.
  3. Rate of Enriched Essences

    55k LEs 19 ELEs 15k MEs 0 EMEs 35k FEs 0 EFEs * Without arti perk/cape
  4. 50k silver ore auction

  5. 50k silver ore auction

  6. Storage sale!

    5598 Lilacs 21139 Red Snapdragons 2922 Impatiens 11704 Red Rose 3261 Swamp Candles I'll tak all at 0.5gc each(total 22312gc) ign Obsession
  7. sto sale

    I'll take 2462 Matter Essence -10gc each 2235 Spirit Essence -8gc each ign Obsession
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order 5 batches of 10k Emeralds (30kgc per batch, 150kgc total). My name in game is Obsession.
  9. Auction: 10k HE & 10k Silver

    71k 20k