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  1. Pear finder cooldown

    well, how many people are actually interested in looking for a pear on a regular basis and in spending the gc for a pear finder or in learning all the places it might likley be? And I would also be interested in hearing how this would affect the two other more regular pear finders as well as from others who would seriously consider finding the pear. If nobody else is interested, all I see this in doing is harassing those who are doing it. If ,however, there are those who are interested but who seriously feel too overwhelmed to begin, having some sort of cool down may be the answer, whether it is a 90 second or a daily, I am not sure which is better. Seems 90 seconds would be more logical to start. although stivy is an example that someone can find it, although I would imagine, knowing stivy a bit, that his map knowledge is pretty good, since he is a fairly regular old player. And by the way, Elke, you are right on in your stats. I am a bio/phys anth major but I had my share of math and stats classes and the median time, not average, is far more accurate here. And that time is not given but I would guess Radu is probably close to being right, though don't have burn's actually data of the 98 tries so cant figure the equation here. Also, excellent work keeping track of these times burn. And I understand how you might feel having been singled out as "The Pear Hunter" when actually there are others who are also finding it with some success. Anyway, lets here it from some who would really seriously hunt and why they are not hunting now, and what would have to happen to make them hunt. If Radu wants to seriously get more interested in hunting it, I say that would be a good thing. If however, implementing cool downs and such would not do such a thing, I would see it as counterproductive and even a sort of (perhaps unintentional) harassment of those who are looking. I will vote if more will answer with well thought out responses.
  2. cloak buyin npc

    lol, I have one, I wear it for looks (but I have over 60 items of clothing in sto and I am not a tailor) looks great with a wedding dress, though I don't suggest that for you, wizzy
  3. Animal items for sale

    I will take all falcon and hawk feathers
  4. actally, I am not bashing Tokie's idea, I have a lot of good feelings towards tokie and know him in game fairly well. I think his offer is very generous but not sure how many others would match it, and the logistics of it could be better thought out I think. I also, as I said, I am not sure that the reasoning behind the arena is totally sound.....I do think there have always been higher level pkrs (excpet in the very beginning of game) who could and most likely did kill the lower level ones....so what I said about leveling a/d and training outside pk areas I think is probably accurate, although might be nice if a PKer would add his/her two cents worth about how they prepared for the pk areas when they were lower level (except I do know some did not have to as some did buy chars, however, I know too that not every one of them did this).....So would like to hear from some of them maybe....is is possible to train as a Pker today and how would they go about doing it and how would it be most helpful. If this type of arena is the answer, I too would donate even if I did not use it.....but also, would Radu even consider it is an issue as well....and for what price. And would others chip in as well. I try not to "Bash" anyone's ideas, but instead offer my own ideas in a respectful and thoughtful way. And I apologize if I seemed to bash anyone, and maybe I should of offered my positive thoughts as well, so I am including them here.
  5. I think part of the training of a Pker might start outside the pk arena, with reg mobs, daily grind and other a/d stuff like dailies of course, which anyone can do, because if you get your a/d high doing that then you can start in the arenas. True, you probably are not going to train as a Pker in the pk arena at low levels--you likely will die too much to make it practical training. So why not, if you want to be a pker, train like mad in regular training until you are able to compete at least somewhat in the arena or kf. I could not make harvester meds when I started crafting, I had to do thread and polish saphs,.....why should people expect to be able to use the pk arena anytime when they are low levels? And I probably worded it wrong, meant stronger than just ask people to stay out, more like tell them they had to or suffer some consequence, and no it would not be offered all the time so would not have to have mods watch all the time.....but some periods could be offered for lower levels. And more than than I am thinking contests for htem (and others) would be nice. it would give low level (new players) a chance to try pk and see what it is like and then they might have incentive to train so they can do more of it.
  6. ok, I am not someone who PKs but I pay attention somewhat to pk and listen to channel 6 (lurking usually yea) and my thoughts are this. Were there no high level Pkers when the higher level Pkers of today were low level and trying it out? How then did they become high level? I think it must still be possible to become a good Pker even if you are just starting out, probably partly by training and training (and doing dailies) to get your A/d up and getting beat a quite a few times as well, til you learn some of the strategy of pk. I think it might be nice if there were somemore PK type activities for all levels, especially real low levels, like even almost new newbies.....like maybe even under 20 a/d events defiinitely 20-40 a/d events. And it would not hurt for some good pkrs (and some have) to kind of share a bit of their expertise (like I believe maybe Kordor har and others) on forums (about how to train, and some strategy and build stuff) and also, if we could, it might be nice if at some times of week maybe or at least hosted times from time to time we coud reserve PK areas (one anyway) for low level fighter to practice on each other, without fear of high level just mowing them down. This way would not need to make a new arena or area or even implement permanent changes to cap levels or whatever. Just ask people to stay out at these times and let the lower levels train, That would benefit all because the more the newer people train the more people will be able to pk as they level and improve and more fun for all. And who knows maybe someday i will go train my alt to fight, if you can ever tear me away from the laboratory YethQ
  7. EXP Boosters

    I think Ghrae said it well. And I want to say that although it is nice to do a bit of power leveling sometimes, I leveled most of my skills the old fashioned way. For eng I made thousands of ashes, saltpetre and later I went to indicators and arrows etc etc. Though because of my time away, I went from rank 13 to around 30ish, I am proud of how I got my level. I worked hard for it. It did not come fast or easy. And I believe I probable feel somewhat more satisfaction from my own achievement of leveling than someone who used Big books, dailies, school etc....(fast and easier leveling). I think introducing more ways to make leveling easier also just makes leveling less of an achievement. I am less impressed by people with high skill levels than I was when I started this game, tbh. It just does not mean what it once did. Not saying we should go back, but I for one don't want to see the trend increased. These are other ways to keep new players in game than offereing them easy ways to level. Probably the most IMPORTANT way it to just be nice to them and offer some assistance in a friendly way. Doing stuff with them even--maybe helping them learn how to harvest, where to harvest, and maybe if you need some harvestibles pay them to harvest a bit for you. Get them the books they need from Naralic so they don't die and lose their really hard earned coin (I lost 2500 gc trying to go buy books in nar long ago, and it was taken by some one who found it after I stupidly mentioned I lost it on channel--which is fair but not nice to do to a very new player (and I am over it, lol, not complaining this was years ago--just mentioning it because it is probably not the best way to keep a very new player comiong back--not that we need coddle them forever but it is nice to be nice to the most vulnerable of our players which are the newest ones) You can also ask them to do things for you for a bit of pay (not a lot) and some ings....I loved getting newbies to make ashes for me, I gave them branches and FES and food and just a bit of compensation even, for their time, and they got eng xp (but now they really dont need to do that ,which imo is kind of sad. (For me, now I have t omake my own lol ) oh well, I just think we ought to stop blaming the actual game format for some of these "ills" and blame ourselves for not always taking time to help the new player or our guildies or whoever. Game morale is really important to me, and is key factor to the survival of any type of game like this. .....and morale is best kept high by keeping all of us working together to create a good playing atmosphere, it is not necessariily going to improve by getting Radu to do all kinds of improvements to game so we can uber level etc......what we need is a good attitude and all of us can work on that. Sorry for the lecture but I just like to maybe suggest that we have a great game already, and it will improve too I am sure, it is really has been all along.....and not all changes will (are) liked by everyone (not even me) however, my attitude is that whining and complaining is not helpful, it is depressing for some of us to have to listen to in fact--best to keep your serious and well thought criticisms to forums and try to make some good also well thought suggestions in forums --and then try to play with a good attitude. I read once that Abraham Lincoln said that "most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I have to work on it too. Believe me. I do. But I do take responsibility for my own emotions and I realize that if I am bored, unhappy or angry--it is my issue, it is my doing and is up to me to fix it in me. NOt sure I stayed well on topic But, this is an issue, we say we keep needing to implement new ways (xp boosts here) to keep new players and it really is not the answer. The answer is in our actions and attitudes, not the changes is game. Not saying no new ideas should ever be tried, , but that is not the ultimate answer. If I said too much I am sorry. But I don't really know where it is appropriate to say this. So if you have to remove it no hard feelings. YethQ
  8. I enjoyed my time in EL very much and I loved the game and you people. I want to thank those of you who I got to know in and out of the two main guilds I belonged to which was BoC and in my later time IRON. "All my loving friends and 'friendly lovers' hehe" well, el lovers are something special lol.... Anyway, I am sick, that is the bottom line, too sick to play, not going to recover probably. I prefer to keep thing honest and open so I will tell you have been diagnosed with cancer and opting for surgery but not chemo, which greatly reduces my chance of getting over it however, in my present physical condition, (having lived with Congestive Heart Failure for over 10 years and dealing with kidney failure and a compromised liver from medications) it is quite likely I would not tolerate the chemo. It is very hard on the body too. I am still holding out hope the the hysterectomy will save my life and that is scheduled for this Friday morning, so is any of you wish, say a prayer or send good vibes. I emptied all my chars stuff, I played 4 characters actually. My main was YethQ and most of you know me only by her. She was an officer in BoC for a long time and I think she has been generous and helpful to most. SHe was very much involved in helping new players. She has problaby given away a fortune in mm capes, cols, mols, and gear and essies etc etc to newer players. She loved giving more that receiving. And Radu, I always tried to support you buy purchasing stoof in shop, even stuff I didnt need and gave away basically. I really had little need for rostos I rarely ever died. And if I did die I knew I might and didnt need to be clothed in expensive garb. But I bought many rostos from shop and many brave warriors got them cheap from me or given to them by me. I did this to support you, because I could and I felt I owed it to you as a token of thanks for a great game, my main form of entertainment for many years. It was the least I could do. And I dont believe it taken something for nothing, so I purchased from you to support you and now I say thanks. May you be healthy, happy and prosperous. And my friends as well, blessings, and please if I can leave any legacy to EL, remember to be generous to each other , and espeically help the new comer. The new player is vital to the game. Remember that what you put out is what you get back in life. If you put out negative stuff that is what life will deal you. That does not mean I am against pk iether. I sold bombs to pkers--but be fair, be kind, and do what is appropriate where it is appropriate. Have fun, but never let your right to have fun take away the right of another to have fun, if possible. Some people have unreasonable ideas and that there is little you can do about but mostly, things work out. take care, and thank you so much all the mods, the players , my friends, Radu We have a saying in Hebrew I leave you with, Kol tov, selah! May you be blessed in all ways. Be well, and goodbye EL Shalom, YethQ
  9. Hi everyone, For those of you who have not had opportunity to speak with me ingame, I the surgery was very successful, at least it appears, and I am feeling much better. I am online every day and so say hi if you want. I don't bite too hard. If I don't answer I am asleep at the switch though. I was sooo touched by your response and I believe that helped me recover better. ty. much love for you all, YethQ
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, Am back and would like to order For YethQ: 10k turquoise @ 5. Ea 10k silver @ 2.5 ea 10k coal @ 2.45 ea 10k sulfur @ 2.45 ea 10k emeralds @ 3. Ea total 154,500 gc I think..... Love you harvesters--love to be back! Y
  11. I am going home a day early. Will stop at brother's to get my service dog and canaries. I am so pleased. Mostly want to tell you all how deeply touched I am by your support. If I feel up to it, will be online tonight. But definitely hope to see you soon. Thank you so much. YethQ
  12. I am doing well. Tired, a bit woosey (medication) things look more hopeful than expected. Ty for your Support. Get to go home Wednesday. YethQ
  13. Thank you again, everyone. I am printing this and taking with me to read in hospital. It makes me feel so happy that you all care. I hope I can come back and tell you I will be ok. much love, Y
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered 20k Vegetables to Aitortillas ty
  15. I thought it would be interesting if we could introduce diseased states into game, which there could be several different ones and each would cause different damage to stats, overall health points (amount you can have under the state) or overall etherial points. The only way to get rid of diseased states is to 1 live with it for an extended period of time,,,,(eventually would go away) or use a cure, which could have an enriched heath essence to make a batch. I think this would be an interesting addition to the game.
  16. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ready for P/U 20k Vegetables for AitorTillas ty
  17. not something you actually lose health with, you lose stats, so if you had a max health of 170 without CoL you might only have max health of 145 or whatever under the effects of a diseased state. Same with mana or stats, you might lose some dexterity of might from a diseased state. This would make you less effective as a fighter until you got cured or it went away in time. So that is what I had in mind, not loss of health like with poison.
  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered Eru 20k Red Roses ty
  19. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered Jeff 10k wheat Terrier 20k Sunflowers ty very much.
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered 20k Red Roses to Roman_Gruber Ready to p/u Eru 20k Red Roses Terrier 20k Sunflowers Jeff 10k Wheat
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    YethQ claiming Roman_Gruber 20k red roses Batch 4/1 Old Price (10k) Eru 20k Red Roses Batch 3 (15k) Terrier 20k Sunflowers Batch 1 (15k) AitorTillas 20k Vegetables batch 1 (12k) Jeff 10k Wheat BAtch 3 (15k) I am scratching my own order if I am only one to do it, since I can do it for myself anytime..... So please delete the 20k BlueStar Flowers of mine to make my job easier. You can delete all my orders for now except the one Ladyblue is working on (Red Roses 20k) ty
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Actually, I am here, you don't have to do my roses in c/o Bigbass, I will p/u and pay. (20k red roses coming due soon) I am feeling much better and see no reason I will not be able to p/u all my orders. So please contact me when they come due. Thanks, Y
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi. I am well and back in game as of a couple days ago. I (YethQ) would like to order these flowers. 20k Blue Star Flowers 20k Cactus 20k Red Snapdragons 20k Red Roses 20k Swamp Candles should come to 60k gold coin if I am correct about prices. Thanks, Y
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    hi all. not really all the way back in game yet. Been pretty sick but hopefully soon will be playing a lot again. would like to order. ingame name YethQ wants 10K Iron for 39950 gc 20K wood branches for 10K gc 10K fruit for 6k gc 20K red roses for 15k gc total of 70950 ty and cant wait to be back in game Y