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  1. Sorry for my slow update. Took a while before I saw the update and then RL. I have cast over 90 MDs and not had a miss, so I think the problem is solved. Thanks a lot for updating the client.
  2. That's sounds like it should do the trick. I will gladly test it when you make it available. Thanks for the coding.
  3. OK, so I turned the above option off and killed 110 yeti engaging with an initial MD. No problem. I turned the option back on and I killed a further 31 (before bed) and number 19 generated the problem mentioned in my first post. Further more a second click on the same yeti (still with the magic cursor) failed to cast the MD. Third click worked. If you would like me to do more testing like the above, just say. If you have some other idea for testing, let me know.
  4. OK, I have de-selected the "Attack creature if you click close to it". I will test this out and report back.
  5. Hi, I run the latest test client from Bluap's test PPA on Ubuntu 17.10. Obviously, I have cast MD a lot and still do with passing mana bearing mobs or dailies. Sometimes after I have armed the MD spell and then consequently attacked a mob with it (with the magic wand cursor), the attack is initiated but the spell is not cast. A second click on the mob (still with the wand cursor and NO re-arm of the spell) subsequently casts the spell and I get my mana as normal. This does not happen every time. Maybe once every 15-20 attacks as a guesstimate. It is a recent development. (Maybe linked to it being easier to attack small mobs? I also seem to "bounce" back while clicking ahead without there being a tree or my Name Tag in the way)(Just thoughts) Small bug but just thought I would write it up. -- Zoot
  6. Android client, version 1.0.1

    I can't right click or middle click with my Bluetooth mouse. Either acts like a left click if I do them over a location I can move to. And nothing happens where a right click would on the desktop version, like in window title bars. I would really like my counters file, map mark files to be in an area I can access without being root. Then I can use Dropbox to keep all my machines current.
  7. Android client, 5th release

    Could you tell me where the game user files are, please? I mean the .elc/main/*
  8. 'Real' 3D EL views (VR)

    I can't see the attraction of VR full-stop, I'm afraid.
  9. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    I have a Sumsung S5 (SM-G900F) running CyanogenMod 13.0 In TG store I was getting 40-50 FPS but outside only 14-17. I did not adjust any video settings.
  10. Crafting update?

    Two silver or gold bars to make a poxy ring don't make no sense to me. I'd like to level crafting a bit but rarely get round to it. Getting a special while mixing would be nice. Hydro ring sounds good.
  11. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    I know this is late, but I like the idea of a two-person invasion. Combat level based (or whatever Darrock was saying). Sounds good.
  12. Sounds very interesting. I look forward to the map changes
  13. New perk ideas

    We have Lucky Attacker and Lucky Defender through Redeemer, what about a Lucky Caster? I'd go for that
  14. Make special days only last 3 hours

    In truth, within seconds of logging on during a Reconstruction Day you will have used all that you could have. However, not everyone logs on at the start of day. And what's wrong with Peace Day anyway? Not my favourite day but opens up other things to do.