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  1. Help me compile the client!

    Wow, I would have never realized that, thanks! It compiled, yay! Thanks everyone
  2. Help me compile the client!

    I did :/ This really has nothing to do with the Makefile IMHO, it's just for the includes/libs, which I can set-up manually. The problem seems to be that the latest CVS code is referencing things which are simply not there: LOG_TO_CONSOLE(c_red2,resync_server); or if(floatingmessages_enabled) Now where are either resync_server or floatingmessages_enabled defined? I can't find it, and neither can the compiler.
  3. Help me compile the client!

    When I used custom makefile, here's what I got: C:\...\elc\Makefile.win [Build Error] [make.conf] Error 255
  4. Help me compile the client!

    Windows 7. Dev-Cpp just like the original poster. I'm doing everything according to the thread. And no, I couldn't compile the client 'before'.
  5. Help me compile the client!

    actor_scripts.c: In function `update_all_actors': actor_scripts.c:1698: error: `resync_server' undeclared (first use in this function) actor_scripts.c:1698: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once actor_scripts.c:1698: error: for each function it appears in.) actor_scripts.c: In function `add_command_to_actor': actor_scripts.c:1769: error: `cant_add_command' undeclared (first use in this function) actor_scripts.c: In function `get_actor_damage': actor_scripts.c:2188: error: `floatingmessages_enabled' undeclared (first use in this function) actor_scripts.c: In function `get_actor_heal': actor_scripts.c:2233: error: `floatingmessages_enabled' undeclared (first use in this function) make.exe: *** [actor_scripts.o] Error 1 Execution terminated Anyone can help me?
  6. Buying Titanium Plate Mail

    bought thx bye Was for 95kgc, if anyone is interested.
  7. Buying Titanium Plate Mail

    Post here or PM me in game (same name as on forum).
  8. Playing without XP

    I ALWAYS love to try things like these :S
  9. Cyberwulf reached Level 100 !

    I really don't know Cyberwulf or anyone from {FD}, but this really does kick ass, so gratz man
  10. Michael Jackson dead.

    rationally i'd say you will probably change your mind once you have a child, because quite frankly even though you are trying to make a point I think you have just basically said you are all for middle aged men having sleepovers with underage boys and thats prolly the most fucked up thing ive read all year OK, thinking about it more thoroughly now, I have to admit that sleepovers between kids and unrelated adults are f00ked up. Not that there's anything rationally wrong with it, but the kid at the very least must feel pretty weird and unnattural in such a situation. Still, I can't help but think those kids agreed to sleep with MJ. If they didn't...oh well. Anyone got any info on this?
  11. Food when manufacturing

    I buy FP's 14-15gc each since I'm antisocial and I still make a good profit off HE's when I harvest my own silver. Go figure.
  12. Michael Jackson dead.

    I already said a few posts ago that I don't have children so I don't know the emotional bonds connect with it. Looking at it rationally, however, if my son agreed and I were sure that the middle aged man would do nothing bad/immoral to him, it would probably be OK. I'm glad you did
  13. Food when manufacturing

    FP's are the #1 way unless you like wasting 3 pickpoints OR healing a lot(which isn't so bad since you are training magic). You can also mix in Tahraji, there's no cooldown even with fruits
  14. Michael Jackson dead.

    The point is: * Hitler is remembered as a dictator, who first helped Germany, but in the end, brought Germany to its knees and caused a world-wide homicide. * Michael Jackson is remembered as awesome entertainer, pop singer, dancer and a philanthropist with a weird psyche due to his hard childhood who MAYBE shagged some kids And dude, WTF is wrong with referring to Michael Jackson as MJ in a MICHAEL JACKSON THREAD. In a Michael Jordan thread, I will most likely refer to Jordan as MJ also.
  15. Michael Jackson dead.

    Proudly not admitting And I'm VERY far from being a MJ worshipper. As I said, I have ONE of all his albums, and I've listened to it maybe twice.