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  1. New and updated trade bot list

    A small change please. Puppy has a new owner : boognish Thanks
  2. The Shop serviced by the Fear Guild

    Hi, i'd like to order 30k sulfur, for 65700gc total Thanks for your hard work !!!
  3. Potion of Speed Hax

    I'm using it since it's been reintroduced in-game ... and i used something like 5 potions to keep running all the time (most of the time i lost speedhax because of insane lag), i find it pretty doable to use it in the long term if you use toads/bones as food ... i use toads since bones are way too expensive for that usage (yes i have IEDP), and poison anti/srs/HEs ... Most of the time i get poisonned at maximum 2-3 times per trip from WS sto to MM silver, often only 1 time, which remains quite manageable with a COL and MOL ... (280HP), and 680 EMU right now, that's something like 30 toads per trip, and toads are not that hard to harvest in votd to restock ( 1 trip for toads = 10 trips to silver)
  4. Just curious

    You have read 130 of 361 books shown
  5. Rare book auction.

    I'll start : 30k
  6. My server is having problems

    Since it's 2 week that Labrat's server is down, i think most of you already found an alternative to your bots hosting, however, since i have a 24/7 up computer with a very good ping to EL server (<10ms, i'm in France, and the server is less than 500km far from me), plenty of hardware resources and bandwidth available, i can offer to those of you who are stuck hosting services for your bots. My bot code is trade only, can run in multiple instances, i can provide you with a password-protected (and even https is wished, startcom certificates) access to log files (simple or verbose at your discretion). It has full-pm configuration capabilities, can have multi-administrators, and (per-bot) price list, different from guildies and non-guildies. (my bot code heavily relies on deathadder - http://sourceforge.net/projects/deathadderelbot/) - you can pm my own bot "puppy" to have a quick look at the output "inv, wanted, loc" commands provides. You can contact me via forum pm or ingame if my offer can be of some interrest for you. Cheers, Dogg'
  7. New Gossip Translation Feature in Beta

    I'll be glad to help with french if you need more than 1 ppl (and if not too late !)
  8. Auction Book of thermal sword

    105 K
  9. Mini Harv Events

    Odd the way some people view something from an entirely different angle isnt it? The way I see it, the Harvesting Skill just became a "pay attention to your screen" skill, in exactly the same manner that ALL other skills already are. If you arent paying attention on other skills you dont get to continue doing it due to events which stop it going on auto. From fails/crit fails on mixing to the more extreme Death Message of the A/D player, there isnt a single skill now that is not a "stay and play" skill. Whats wrong with that, exactly? my opinion is that harvesting is the mandatory skill which is the basic of everything, but is the most boring one. making it boring + annoying is killing it. When i harvest, i usually chat, which i don't do when i a/d train or mix because i don't have time for that, i'm making as many actions as i can when i'm logged in (using keyboard shortcuts to minimize time for eating, and therefore mixing as many FEs/MEs/other essence as possible for example), and having my char doing nothing while chatting is a non-sense to me/ Adding annoying events to harvest also means more time to harvest ... therefore more boring time ... therefore, less fun game. my 2c./
  10. Mini Harv Events

    omg, I damnly *hate* these, i'm having the feeling i keep clicking since i logged in and started harvesting. This update needs major adjustment ... that's too boring to remain playable ... harvesting was difficult already ... too many events kills the skill
  11. For Sale - Book of Fire Sword (Generic)

    gah, i hate auctions that ends during the night my time
  12. Book of thermal sword + sale

  13. Book of thermal sword + sale

  14. Book of thermal sword + sale