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  1. Obituary: Looter

    Really sad to hear this, he was a great guy. My thoughts are with you LL. Ragz
  2. Nexus removal from NPC

    This would make instance and WTF instance pretty much obsolete
  3. Hello GenX Would like to place an order for 100k Sunflowers (5x20k@15kgc) 75kgc total. Thanks RagZ ingame
  4. KF Clash

    Keep it at the cape, if you wan't to run the risk of not using NMT cape and using a mirror cape instead that's entirely up to you, People who have the NMT perk are not going to be disqualified, that was there decision. But no, mirror greaves shouldn't be allowed in my opinion. The same goes for the perk, if someone has it, that is there decision also.
  5. KF Clash

    Ragz will join
  6. Most fun I had in invances was in 100-120 on rabbitman and 40-60 on theseus. They were challenging but that is what made them fun. Idk how many people are left in the 100-120 range but it is definitely doable with 5-6 players. The 120-145 invance can be fun as well..you might have better luck if ypu try to go to that range. @RagZ: I agree that the 140-160 a/d range is pretty neglected atm. Basically that range is trapped on the cusp of having a lot of fun in uncap invasion/invances, but months/years away from actually getting there. However, I dont think EL can afford to split the invance range on uncap again. Perhaps make 2 versions of 120-179 instance? One as is and one with less bosses but lower power creatures? I.e. a version with no little blues, big blues, milf, and last wave is either 1 mb or 1 bula or 2 bula? Same level caps so players could choose to go to either...but wpuld give a lower risk/lower reward option. Invances are fine, they are the only group activity i go to on a regular basis even if I don't feel i'm doing much to help we're all working towards that xp at the end. But 80% of the time i miss them because i'm cooking dinner.. It's the invasions that are getting me down about the game. High level character just come in, farm the lower mobs then work on the higher ones which leaves people in my tier absolutely nothing else to do, hence my rosto becoming worthless or lost. I just plain don't go to instances because i can kill acw/giant ingame already and there are nasps in the invance for me, the only other possible mob there is a regular bula which i would have a good time tanking, and probably still die. If there was an instance that suited my levels i'd roll it all day, and go kill RD's to do it again(another problem right here though), probably lose 10 times as many rosto's but at least i'd be having the same fun the top a/d people had when they were my levels. The game has moved with the top players and neglected the lower ones, yet we still pay the same price to play. THIS, nail on the head. The higher a/d are still farming the same mobs because the new ones afaik just aren't worth it for them. If it's not worth a 140's going against a 170's then why would it work the opposite? But i guess it's the same as some people like being held back at school or something idk, broken logic to me. As for the caps and combat level caps I'm happy either way, I could argue for and against for both. With this yeah that's all true, but it goes back to the ole carrot in a stick argument again, I would be fine doing the old invasions and old instances, but as players have got stronger, so have the mobs and now most of us have been out leveled. The only people who can tank an instance/invasion are ones with bought pp's, I'd love to spend my gc on those like they did when they were my levels, but it cost 300-350k for a nex rem back then and that was a lot, now they cost up to 2mil gc, and that just isn't feasible for someone my levels to invest in, so once again we don't get to have the same chance at fun as you guys did when you were our levels. I see your point and it probably does have it's pro's, but I'm happy with the price of the rosto staying as it is aslong as there is more fun for us using them. I think lowering the cost could just hurt the game more than anything else though.
  7. There are many mobs that present real challenge to us(red dragons, bula, little blues) that i wish i could fight against in invasions or where ever without having to worry that the last # of minutes of my time aren't going to be taken off me because someone else can just come and kill it faster. In uncapped all these mobs get killed by higher a/d first because they can just farm them, and it ruins any fun for us. Honestly the same players who farmed these mobs six years ago still do the same today, but with higher stats which causes players who've just got there characters up to the level where they can start fighting these just don't get to do it. Yes i agree with this, in the sense that if your going to put caps in game then put caps for all.. or none at all.. My build is actually built around fighting and all the nexus i have for other stuff is from hydro but this does not mean i can take on an icey at my levels. I do agree with everything rabbitman has said also, those mobs he mentioned aren't in invasions because they could be farmed too easy by higher a/d no? so why do they get to farm the mobs that players my levels would have fun teaming up with to take down?
  8. Pairing 140's against 170's = sitting drinking spirit pots all day and no actual fighting(fun). If i just wanted to drink SR's all day I'd train magic.. For the past 3 years the game has catered for certain people and not all. Well I'm just bored of that now, I know you can't please everyone in this world i really do, I've tried. But to continually please every other cap while being oblivious to the wants of others has surely pushed more people than myself away from this game. And for the record I'm not pushing easy mode(dailys did that just fine) I just thought it would be fun for guys around my levels to be able to team up together and fight stuff too, because there really isn't anything in the game other than farming yati/acw for us. This is supposed to be a 'play how you want to play mmorpg' well that just isn't the case anymore. I want to play this game and I want to carry on buying rosto's from the shop, but if all that means is getting attacked by mobs 30-40 levels above myself then I'm out, cause like I said, filling mana is boring and that isnt worth the $5 risk, for me anyway. I can't comment on the lower invances/instances ect as I've never done them, so I'm going to retire the RagZ character and make a new one to try these, maybe I'll have more fun ingame then.
  9. I believe Fun > Addiction, but at the moment it goes like this.. Every level cap other than the one I've been part of has had capped this and capped that. Not ours. YES I have tanked a casty at 140's a/d and it was fun even if i finished at a loss. So why has every other level had there fun other than mine? Sick of paying $5 a pop to get no reward, no satisfaction and left feeling let down more than anything due to supporting this game over the last 10+ years out of love. I'm Sorry For Ranting but.... edit And if any clever.... says so why don't you train blah blah, read the questions again. Why don't we get anything for our cap? I'm out the county most of the time doing charity work for people I've never even met, so this means i have less fun in a game? LOL then ok i choose real life, I don't feel like I'm wasting time/money doing that. So anyone who's said that what have you done for the world other than greed?
  10. Auction: 100k sunflowers

    90K RagZ ingame
  11. YAY

    Happy Birthday Bro!
  12. 10k Silver ore (25k) 10k Diamonds (34k) 59k RagZ ingame
  13. I'm above this proposed bracket but i 100% agree with what your saying. 120-135 a/d are loosing out and its not really fair, and under 120 have no incentive to train 20 more levels. would like to see something done so ALL players can anjoy the game equaly.