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  1. Critters: "Trainable" aggressives on that map are very low-level (gargs, fem gobs), and are much more easily trained on other maps even if EVTR were a multi map. And they're decently spread out from what I can tell so multi training would be difficult.


    The Map: Map itself has nothing that would be affected if it were multi (no PK arenas or such).


    Future: There are no major changes to that map coming in 1.9.5, so no surprises.




    Conclusion: I personally think it would be fine to be multi.




    Just needs Radu's approval... I have to get higher approval to make map changes that heavily affect gameplay.

  2. Wow, okay... This is definitely one of the more hard-to-find spots. Out of all the easier ones I picked, it had to go to this hard one first.



    One more clue then:



    3- There's Ice, Ice baby... (and no, you don't have to deal with a stivy-alt, one question I'm getting asked too often)

  3. Still going...


    Just think, you'll be the only person to know any of the new Joker locations. Be the envy of... one or two people!


    I gotta admit, this was one of the handful of more difficult spots to find him. Most are a lot easier, hehe.


    And who knows, maybe you'll get the new rare reward from Joker that radu added (no, I dunno what that is).

  4. At the time of this post, Joker is sitting on one of 200 new spawn locations. Being brand new locations, everyone is on equal footing.


    Be the first to find him, and win a rosto.*


    And be the first to know any of his new 200 locations. ;-)



    Your ONLY clues:

    1- His current location is on a map that is part of C2. (Yes, I know where he is.)

    2- He is NOT in a secret location, but it's not a spot people would accidentally run into him while doing other things.

    3- There's Ice, Ice baby (and no, you don't have to deal with a stivy-alt, one question I'm getting asked too often)



    Remember that Joker spawn locations are secrets, so if you find him don't blurt out the loc in chat. Plus it'll be info only you know.







    *I tend to be afk or offline a lot, but I'll get it to you as quickly as possible.

    If I'm not online when he's found, make sure the Mercator Page shows the announcement that you found it, or at least one moderator can confirm it if mercator missed it (uncommon).

  5. C3 "not happening" boils down to one simple thing: low player count.



    The count is too low even for the current number of maps, leading to an (M)MORPG where you could technically spend days playing and not necessarily even see another player in the game.



    More maps would just mean even more spreading out of players, which is not desired. Neither Radu nor Ace would approve adding new maps that would do that. Well, I can't speak for them, but I'd imagine...








    [Disclaimer: While I've been handling the map work these days, approval of new stuff is still required from others... Ace for maps, radu for spawn and other server-related things, roja for graphics, Ace/Roja for storyline continuity.

    What I post here is what I know based on prior discussions. I don't personally make final decisions of any kind, so that's not what this post is.]

  6. The flag itself (in Thelinor going to PV) is the actual problem here, as it's a bit further into the map than it should be.


    Mines for that should be placed near the actual entrance, between the edge of the map and the rock that the flag is at.



    Best thing to remember is the flag is not the actual exit, but the path itself.




    (In 1.9.5, I already have that flag moved to be directly at the exit, so it'll be less confusing whenever that version is ready. Along with several other poorly placed flags on multiple maps. Maps sometimes need tweaks to be more relevant to newer things like this.)

  7. I know essentially nothing about Windows, but...


    Try renaming the el.cfg and el.ini files to something else. When you start the client after that it should force the client to create new files with the default settings. And if it can create them, it can change them.


    That'll mean changing your settings again, of course.



    (I can't begin to guess why the current files aren't updating though, don't know how Win permissions work.)

  8. Particularly: needing someone aware of the changes to the Blender plugin system and may be able to rewrite some old (2.49-era) python import/export plugins for Blender into versions that will work in a modern Blender version (2.7).


    It's not enough just to "know Python", as I'm sure there's more than a few here who do, but to be familiar with the specifics of Blender's plugin system and how those need to be set up as that's where the biggest issues are.




    This is for EL, of course.


    While it's not absolutely necessary, it would be nice if we could get some old import/export Blender plugins for EL working on a current Blender build, as old Blender builds are getting more difficult to install.

    And unfortunately the original creator of the plugins is long gone.


    For now it's working, but getting these plugins to work in modern Blender would help "future-proof" them.





    PM me if you think you know enough about Blender and its current plugin system to give this a try.

  9. One that I'd like to see you put back in is the Gamma adjustment. I was boosting this setting in the Android client before it was removed. During EL night, depending on room lighting and device, the screen can become almost black, without differentiation between objects. In these cases, boosting the gamma can make the game playable.


    The only other one I really miss is the ability to turn on time stamps.



    The night time is a particular issue in general. IP has lighting on it making it a bad map to night test on. The majority of maps don't have lighting except around very specific locations. Walking through woods areas in WS, and even Naralik in the middle of the night I could only walk around because I actually know the maps inside out, and still had to mostly use the "tab" map to walk.


    It's way too dark, hard to see anything even on a 10.1" tablet screen. I'd pull my hair out trying to use it on a phone screen.


    A default "brighter" night setting (without changing perception of course) is going to be an absolute necessity for this to be playable at all.



    Realizing just how map-dependent I am in the normal client, most walking is done using the tab map for long distances or the minimap for shorter ones, only clicking the ground to walk when close to a critter or harv or door or such. Android makes ground clicking more the norm, so it feels "slower". (Could also be I'm used to being speed-haxed, and I'm testing with a normal-speed alt on top of that.)




    Oh, and agree on Time Stamps.




    Things are generally working okay here though (on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 2016 tablet), still been too busy IRL and not even worked on maps in a week, but should have time to more thoroughly test and continue map work by mid-week.

  10. Some random notes should anyone in the future be doing def files:



    1- Use `back-ticks` around text lines, always.



    map_name: `Isla Prima`

    and any text lines in use_area, location_info, etc. such as

    wrong_object_text: `Nothing happens.`


    Just lines that are supposed to be text input. Numbers don't need them.


    Text, particularly if it includes apostrophe's or "quotes" will not show correctly without the backticks. (And of course, don't put backticks in the text itself, ever.)



    2- Use // double slashes at the start of every comment line.


    The server specifically reads those as comments and ignores there.

    It will generally treat any lines outside of markup as comments, but these will be more easily spotted and assure less chance the server will mangle your def file.


    (I'm told /* */ around several lines will also work, but if you're commenting that much you're doing something wrong.)



    3- Don't spare on the comments.


    With few exceptions, there should be at least one comment above each markup entry explaining what the markup is for, especially on larger maps.

  11. Would it be possible to remove all the rules translations for the next client?



    Looks like Odie has handled this.



    Yes, you can see them in the file \textures\Achievements01.dds.. I talked with Radu about it months ago, and he said the only thing holding it up was some file change that had to be made during a client update. They are Harvesting, Engineering and Tailoring tutorials... and I don't remember off the top of my head what the 4th one is.


    Achievements are being set up, should be available in 1.9.5.






    Quite a few new inventory/storage images have been done as well. No more carrot for a vial mold, no more cabbage for a conglomerate, big chickens get their own feather instead of sharing hawk's... and you can guess what this is...





    Many others also getting unique images.

  12. As mentioned, it's happening on Test as well, which hasn't been updated since the release.


    Irin has a couple major changes, the most noticeable being the new "no-magic" PK arena. If it were an old map on the server, that arena area would cause issues as well.


    Actually, the whole map would be a disaster, as I did some massive tweaking to the height tiling all over the map as (thanks to the snow making it difficult to see) the tiling was very, very bad in places.


    An old server map would be 1.9.3, and would be showing *much* worse than this single location.