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  1. openSUSE 13.2 no sound

    I went ahead and updated the repo to 1.9.4 since we should be hopefully seeing the server update today. Give my RPMs a try and see if they do any better. Try with a clean install though. (Easiest way is to just rename your ~/.elc/ directory to ~/.elcOLD/ or such, then move the files back properly after you determine the working status of the client.) That'll guarantee avoiding any settings you have trying to access old data on your system.
  2. My OpenSUSE repo is now updated to 1.9.4. (Was gonna wait till server update, but radu hinted last night's invasion was the last one before update so may as well get it over with.) Available for 13.1, 13.2 and Factory, in both 32 and 64-bit formats. Post if any issues. I'm not personally finding any on my 13.2 64-bit system, and am unable to test any of the others.
  3. This is only gathering info for possible cleaning up of some maps for a future release (not the coming 1.9.4), so please don't expect any instant results. I'm looking for people with "slower/older" computers who, when walking around on certain maps, your FPS drops significantly, by at least 10 or more. What I need: What maps do you lag on, and where (coordinates)? What is your FPS normally, and what does it drop to in each area? Some maps, like Morcraven, Kusa, and WVF are well-known to have this issue. For those, specify coordinates where you notice it's the "worst". A couple spots only is needed, I'm needing example areas, not detailed info. For other maps, specify the map and what area (provide coordinates of one spot where you definitely notice the FPS drop). EVTR red forest? Zirak forest area? Somewhere on WS? DP woods? This is a long-term gathering of info, so there's no need to immediately go there and check. But keep this in mind, and when you happen to be in or near an area you're aware of, check it then and provide info when you can. I am looking to attempt to clear up some of this for a later 1.9.5 release, but can't guarantee anything as the general map design may prevent it. Some I may be able to fix, others I may just be able to reduce the FPS drop at best. It depends on the map and what The Powers That Be (mostly Acelon in this case, hehe) will agree to for map changes.
  4. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    I get called worse. You get used to it. ;-)
  5. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    browser: That's a second issue you're having on 13.2 that I don't... Should be firefox, not FireFox btw, Linux is very caps-specific. Which means in this case and your previous Mozilla, you've had crashes with an incorrect browser name. Try the correct spelling. (Mine doesn't crash with a bad entry, but we don't know as yet if yours does with a good one.) And again, I'll have RPMs for OpenSUSE out as soon as the server's updated, perhaps those will work better. I've had none of the issues you've reported. The max servers isn't really a bug, it's actually the fix of a bug. You get that you don't really need a different entry for every alt, right? If you do, you're doing something really weird. (I have one full-function settings for my main account, and a second with lower settings and smaller window for alts.)
  6. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    Actually, https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/blob/master/servers.c Line 8 limits servers to 10. The commit history for it shows that number has not changed. However an error trap was set to shut it down if it was exceeded since 1.9.3 (the most recent commit to that file), which may be what you're seeing here, the limit has always been there, it's just enforced now.
  7. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    Only use <10 here, but confirmed it won't work with more than 10. (OpenSUSE here, so it's not a Win issue.) Just confirming, bluap would have to comment on changes though I don't recall when making the change log anything done to this.
  8. For OpenSUSE users, this repo will be updated to the 1.9.4 client after the server update. Immediately if I'm online, maybe a few hours after as radu likes to do stuff when I'm asleep. ;-) But I have files prepped and ready.
  9. openSUSE 13.2 no sound

    Just noting: I'll be updating OpenSUSE RPMs to 1.9.4 as soon as the server update happens. Sound/Music packages are included. Maybe those will work better for you. Sound seems to "just work" for me on them, though I actually had to just check since I never use it. (Disturbs my 80's hair metal...) See my sig for installing those.
  10. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    [radu @ 6]: very soon, will update the download page today with all the binaries [radu @ 6]: then maybe the day after tomorrow we shpuld have the update [radu @ 6]: kk, I updated the download page [radu @ 6]: it would be a good idea to download the installer for your specific OS now [radu @ 6]: you might want to postpone actually installing it though until the server update (Posted last night... about 18 or so hours ago)
  11. *without rain* I can't do anything about rain, just the maps themselves, so try and check when it's clear skies. ;-)
  12. While making RPMs for OpenSUSE, I considered making "official 1.9.3 release" ones but decided not to on realizing just how much has been added/changed since that release. Since the gl2 client isn't progressing as was hoped, and 1.9.3 is from Feb. 2012, perhaps an interim 1.9.4 release is warranted, considering the very high number of fixes, additions and updates/tweaks that have been done since then. Those of us using more recent GIT-compiled clients are seeing a lot of benefit over those just using the official 1.9.3 release. Not an issue for me since I'm doing/using git builds, but those who can't compile and new players may find the changes useful. I've attempted a list of all that's changed in the GIT repository since 1.9.3 was released. Just new features and bug fixes. There's of course been various code cleanup, and the list is based almost entirely on commit messages so there may be more fixes and changes that weren't documented when done. (Those who actually did the fixes, bluap, Odie, etc. - I interpreted your commit comments as best I could, but lemme know if you see something wrong or I left an "interesting one" off, hehe.) Improvements and New Features: * Summoning filter, option to ignore "(name) summoned a (critter)" mesages (Mar 31, 2012) * When using just @ to post to active channel, channel gets underlined (Apr 01, 2012) * Various improvements to the Manu window Recipe saving (Apr 04, 2012 and later) * Added video modes for 1366x768 (Apr 10, 2012) * #research command ETA adjusted to take fast reading into account (May 04, 2012) * Added actions to desktop icon for easy access to test/pk servers (Jun 02, 2012) * Various improvements to the Item List window (Jun 05, 2012 and later) * Sound when opening a dialogue added (Jun 05, 2012) * Accelerated zooming when holding CTRL while using mouse wheel (Jun 05, 2012) * Astro window: Option to always print details to console (Jun 26, 2012) * Show Ranging stats with right-click option on right-side HUD (Jun 26, 2012) * Option on "Item Lst" button right-click to set Item List to open left of inventory instead of right (Jul 04, 2012) * "repeat spell" works everywhere, not just in game window (Jul 07, 2012) * "your position" on map view made more visible (Jul 15, 2012) * No longer stop mapwalking if you click on the HUD (Oct 27, 2012) * Found Pears added to the Events counters (Nov 12, 2012) * User-defined channel colors (Dec 04, 2012) * Option for darker channel-text color on bright maps (Jan 01, 2013) * Customizable icon window (Jan 01-02, 2013) * Various improvements and fixes to the Quest Log window (Jan 11, 2013 and later) * Added command #reload_icons for customizable icon window (Feb 11, 2013) * Added Trade Logging (Feb 11, 2013) * Option to disable weather special effects (Feb 14, 2013) * Print Counters to console (Feb 28, 2013) * #session_counters command, prints all session counts to console (Mar 03, 2013) * #save is triggered automatically if no save done in the past 5000 seconds (Apr 11, 2013) * Item descriptions added to items quickbar (Jun 26, 2013) * Additional storage window sounds (Jun 27, 2013) * New option on NPC dialogue, set a map mark using the NPC name (Jun 27, 2013) * Named Color support, configured in xml data file (Jun 29, 2013) * Holding Ctrl/Alt while hovering over inv items shows larger quantity text (Jul 21, 2013) * Max/Last experience added to session window, including row highlighting with mouse click (Jul 25, 2013) * Mouse-click highlighting added to other windows such as Knowledge, Counters... (Jul 28, 2013) * Disable Ranging Lock when fighting option (Aug 18, 2013) * HUD countdown/stopwatch timer added (Aug 26, 2013) * Auto-remove extra spaces between name and start of message for PMs and such (Nov 01, 2013) * Added context menu to control hud timer, minor refracting. (Nov 23, 2013) * Suppress *You are too far away. Get closer* messages within a 5 second window, but highlight the actor with an orange cross. (Dec 22, 2013) * Option to not display console messages for mixed items when other windows are closed (Dec 29, 2013) * Add ctrl/alt zoom for storage item numbers. (Dec 30, 2013) * Added keys #K_COUNTERS #K_HELPSKILLS but unassigned to keyboard by default. Unassigned keys can be assigned in keys.ini and using #keypress. (Dec 30, 2013) * Add minimal status indicators window to hud. For day, harvesting and poison states. (Jan 3, 2014) * Added 'Heal Allies' to spells.xml (Jan 7, 2014) * Do not auto-save while fighting to prevent lags (Feb 1, 2014) * Allow full game window keys for #keypress and Icon window simulated key presses. (Feb 2, 2014) * Forum #56640 and #59274: Option for ctrl/alt click actions in inventory window. (Mar 10, 2014) * Add 'Mother Nature taking a dump' to the events counters. (May 7, 2014) * Added server specified spell/buff durations. You can now see how long a spell will last. (May 30, 2014) * Added invisibility poisoning to buff count trigger. (Jun 20 2014) * Add option to storage title menu, to disable item filter. (Jul 13 2014) * Added item description filter within storage category. Type text, filter items. Non matching items are grayed out. (Jul 6 2014) * Added HUD tab option to always enlarge text where pressing ctrl or alt would be the only trigger previously. (Aug 1 2014) * Add enlarge text option to ground bag quantities. (Aug 1 2014) * Add enlarge text option to trade window quantities. (Aug 1 2014) * Add enlarge text option to quickbar window quantities. (Aug 1 2014) * Client version based on git labels (Aug 10 2014) * Add a *distance* measure to the session window. Just counts changes of x,y coordinates. (Aug 18 2014) * Add hud timer option to keep the time and running state of the timer when changing mode. (Aug 18 2014) * Add non MC message *...already fighting with someone...* to spam suppression list. (Sep 20 2014) * Move Clear button to the left side of the manu window. (Oct 20 2014) * Support for different eye-colors. (Oct 31 2014) * Add #relogin command: tests server connection and moves to disconnected state if the test fails. (Dec 22 2014) * Zoom-in increased to allow to better see eyes (Jan 20 2015) * Use the same selected/hightlighed colours for storage category as elsewhere in the UI. (Feb 12 2015) * The "You'd need to use binoculars" server message when you've opened a book and switch maps won't show anymore if the book is closed. (Feb 24 2015) * Heavily updated (English) Encyclopedia and book/knowledge list Bug Fixes and internal tweaks (sampling of the "big ones", there are many more): * Sound crash due to incorrect array indices (Mar 13, 2012) * Fix for offline buddies in buddy list (Apr 11, 2012) * Many memory leak fixes (Jun 15, 2012 and later - Feb 2013 had many) * Various map editor fixes (Jun 28, 2012 and later) * Fixes to console text, "dead lines" in the console (Jun 28, 2012) * Tweak to work with next Cal3D version (Jul 01, 2012) * chat log rotation tweaks (Jul 04, 2012) * Kill count improvements (Jul 07, 2012) * Fixes to Eye Candy handling (Oct 14, 2012) * Only rotate camera/advance/turn when in game window (Jan 23 & Feb 10, 2013) * Check if Ency exists in selected language, fallback to English if not (Jan 26, 2013) * Fix of spell regeant confusion on non-unique images (#item_uid issue) (Feb 16, 2013) * Improvements to hover-over descriptions of items (Feb 17, 2013) * Support use of libxml2 > 2.8.x (Mar 08, 2013) * number of cache-items added to the #mem command (Mar 14, 2013) * Add handling of when max number of mapmarks is reached (Mar 23, 2013) * Counter window fix to reset scrollbar when new entries added (May 18, 2013) * Fix to handling of missing anims to prevent speedups/resyncs (May 30, 2013) * Fix crashing when encyclopedia fails to load (Jun 26, 2013) * Fix custom download and update stack smashing issues (Aug 07, 2013) * Fixed missing weather sounds (Aug 07, 2013) * Initialize new notepad storage when reallocated. (Dec 22, 2013) * Fix for Mesa 10.0.1 changed gl.h header (Dec 25, 2013) * Fix uninitialized value on EC lamp effect. (Dec 27, 2013) * Fix use of inventory mix button before manufacture window has been opened. (Dec 29, 2013) * Fixes for sound system. Initialization, thread safety, memory access issues. Can now reliably turn on/of etc. (Jan 6, 2014) * Fix various compiler warnings (Jan 6, 2014) * More memory cleanup, valgrind complaints (Jan 15, 2014) * Fix log-message in #unmark command (Jan 15, 2014) * Properly shut down the network on client exit (Jan 19, 2014) * Fix middle mouse button handling on Windows and Mac (Feb 2, 2014) * Fix truncated user menu help text (Feb 2, 2014) * Fix OPT_INT_INI usage (Mar 10, 2014) * Trap exceeding MAX_SERVERS reading servers.lst (Mar 13, 2014) * Added -lz needed for newer compiler. (Mar 29, 2014) * Map editor bug and compiler fixes (Mar/Apr 2014) * Linux launcher, work around for Zenity bugs. (Apr 11, 2014) * Fix missing last char in a line due to rounding issues with 'strange' zoom factors. (Apr 27, 2014) * More than one update thread can cause severe lags on some computers. (Apr 27, 2014) * Prevent NPCs wearing custom clothes by accident (May 26, 2014) * Move local #save text to Translate module (May 27, 2014) * Fix find_var() matching substrings of wanted variable name, leading to unsaved variables. (May 29, 2014) * NULL terminate the dark_channeltext config options which should fix a crash on opening the options window. (Jul 6 2014) * Fixed missing last page of encyclopedia when using context menu. Fixed other occurrences of not looping over all the pages. (Jul 28 2014) * Players with Overall Level 179 won't gain any OA exp anymore, so the stats window will show exp/min 0.0. (Aug 6 2014) * Put *Equipment* text to background in inventory windows. (Aug 10 2014) * Fix opacity setting from manu window title menu. (Aug 30 2014) * Fix crash when leaving buggy maps. (Sep 4 2014) * Change invance channels to current 120-145 and 145-200 (Oct 18 2014) * New character: Fixed missing character animations when race or gender changed. (Nov 2 2014) * Fix parse_2d0() for NEW_TEXTURES - ground items like skeletons are visible again. (Nov 22 2014) * Remove use of Learner's server version of item_info.txt, will be included directly in the client. (Feb 27 2015) * Various compiler warning fixes including use of CLANG compiler, memory init fixes, and fixes to new features. Maps There are quite a few new caves and buildings, some benign and some designed to be useful. (Won't be discussed as there may be contests to find them and such.) Some old locations that were "removed" have also been tweaked or redesigned to fix the problems and re-added. A couple were just deleted, deemed beyond hope of repair. A couple big changes to current maps as well. Every single map in the game has been gone over with a careful eye multiple times, tweaked and adjusted to be as correct as possible. This includes: - Fixing where you can walk. Areas that shouldn't be walkable like under rocks and such have been removed, while areas that should be walkable (you click but you can't go there) are. - General design fixes (floating objects, items just poorly placed or stuck in other items they shouldn't be stuck in, etc.) - An incredible amount of work has been done to reduce flickering of items seen when the camera is moved. (May never be 100%, but a good chunk of it's fixed.) - Enter locations fixed that cause you to walk in odd directions when you click to use them. Exit drop locations fixed where you end up in an odd corner instead of directly at the entrance door/cave/etc. - Most all harvestables that are in a harvestable area are now actually reachable, where design allowed. (Some placed as decor-only and are not allowed to be harved on that map remain that way.) - Some harvestables stuck inside cave walls and such brought out. (This being a very time-consuming and difficult task, it was not done 100%, but I got to what I could.) This will be why when you visit some harv spots you know, there may be more ores or minerals or such there than were before. Those were always there, just hidden in the walls. (While most work done of this nature on current maps won't be visibly noticeable, it will be in some areas. Nothing drastic in these cases, so I call them "easter eggs". ;-) ) And of course, all reported bugs fixed. Some minor points that can be discussed (these only go into effect when 1.9.4 is released, not before): - Palon Vertas main map will be multi-combat (currently single) - The Whitestone crafting school will work - Both Zirakinbar schools (manu school on the east side near docks, craft school area near EP exit) work - Trassian Manufacturing school (southwest corner of Trassian) works - The entire inside-the-stands area of the KJ temple arena will be PK, not just an unmarked square in the middle of it. - Mount Sorrow in SRM is harvestable. - The dung portal room has had flags placed above each outhouse indicating where they lead. You can "eye" the flags for specific info, or if you don't know the map flags (shame on you)
  13. No. Even if you log off on a specific tile that's no longer walkable, it'll set you to the nearest walkable one within a certain area. (Just like if you log off at PL storage next to NPC during off-peak hours with only 1-2 others in there, and log back in later when it's packed during prime time Joule day you'll have moved to the nearest available position.) As no currently accessible large areas were completely removed, there should be no problem with that.
  14. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    Note: Except instance and guild maps, every single map in the game is guaranteed to have holes, tons of them, and attempts to mapwalk will result in constant stopping. The amount of mapwork done is extensive and very incompatible with current main server maps. There really is no way whatsoever to play normally on the main server with this until after the server update. It'll work fine map-wise on Test server though, and I highly recommend going there to do your testing. Be prepared to return to 1.9.3 to play normally again, and always backup your data files before testing. (But please, do test the client so we can finally let this see the light of day. It's the client that needs testing, not the maps.)
  15. Installed the game but ....

    (Actually, that data pack includes the new 1.9.4 maps so can't be used on Main until the official update.)
  16. **** No longer available ****
  17. 1.9.4-RC2: invalid read

    The code was only just changed to include eye support by default on building because we're about to release the new client (up to radu, but per his last post on it should be in about one week). So this won't be an issue very shortly. If still having issues, open the make.defaults file, find the line FEATURES += NEW_EYES, comment it out (put a # in front of it) and rebuild.
  18. 1.9.4-RC2: invalid read

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59642 Try grabbing the eyes data from the first post in this thread, as there's no new data packs until the official release.
  19. Minimap Mule Mote Miscolorization

    A PKable mule is possible, if one of the top mods makes that particular player PKable, and for some reason they're a mule, or phoenix. There's Total War as well, though that is currently shut down and has been for a long time, unknown if it'll return. (However, it's been years since I've seen someone made PKable, possibly before even mules were added. So it's just "technically" possible.)
  20. Minimap Mule Mote Miscolorization

    Bonus stealth factor. Someone stalking players in pk maps will be looking for white dots. (Yeah, I'm making shit up, but could be true if phoenix for example were deemed useful in some way.)
  21. Info please on the new invisible dragon

    Highest gc drop I've gotten is 26,603 gc, so possibly up to 30k. (And lowest and only other was 11,662gc.) I don't think the tele relates to his health or being ranged, but is more likely a random thing. It tele'd on one of the other players who had to hunt it again, but didn't for me on my two full-health kills. Luck. Respawn... radu hinted at 20-30 minutes, and my first kill's corpse disappeared somewhere in that time frame. It could be very random so I wouldn't try to be specific with that for now. As for maps, I'm not sure C1 can be ruled out yet. Until the second is killed while the first's corpse is still around, we don't even know if we're only killing the same one. It being invisible and non-aggressive, it could even be safe to show up on IP. Training arrows do nothing to it (or if they do anything, it's minimal, I got two hits on him with them and 0 damage). PK arrow minimum.
  22. Below are links to download the RELEASE CANDIDATE for the 1.9.4 client. (Win/Mac builds are by Sir_Odie, Linux static builds done by bluap) EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY. If you don't know what you're doing, you could screw up your el data or installation. MAC USERS: Mac Download: http://www.eternal-lands.com/EL-MAC-1.9.4-RC.zip and install. It should not have any effect on your current client, and when run it will take you directly to the Test server. LINUX / WINDOWS users: Please follow instructions very carefully. 1. DO NOT use these builds on the main server, or PK server. Use them on the Test Server only! (In the same respect, it's best not to use your current client on Test server.) 2. Make a backup copy of both your current EL client folder, and the EL data folder (which contains your screenshots, counters, chat logs, etc.) If you don't know where to find these, you didn't pass the "experienced users only" requirement at the top. ;-) 3. Download the correct package for your computer (Right-click > Save as...): Windows users: http://www.eternal-lands.com/EL-1.9.4-RC.zip Linux 32-bit (i686): http://www.eternal-lands.com/EL-1.9.4RC-i686.tar.gz Linux 64-bit (x86_64): http://www.eternal-lands.com/EL-1.9.4RC-x86_64.tar.gz 4. Overwrite your current client with this client. (Did you do step 2? You *must* backup your current client? You will need that backup to return to the main or PK servers.) 5. Run the command you'd use to access the Test server. (The binary followed by the word test, i.e. "c:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\el.exe" test ) For the moment, we are primarily testing that the client works. Spend some time exploring, mixing, kicking critters, whatever on test. Yes, the new buildings, caves, and other things are on the Test server, and yes, you can access them on the Test server with this release candidate. No, I'm not directly telling where they are. It's up to radu if/when those get posted. I'll say that all new locations (barring one small returned house in WS) are on C2 insides for now. The majority is not "secret", but for the moment some may wish to try and find new stuff on their own. Some server updates (spawn changes, NPC changes, and such) are not done yet. Once the client is deemed workable, radu will update Test with those changes. They mostly affect new or re-added locations. TO RETURN TO THE MAIN SERVER: Backup the above-installed RC client to another directory (so you can just copy it back when you want to try the RC again later). Replace it with your current client which you backed up in step 2, and as well overwrite your data files with the backups you made of those. Data files are very sensitive, keep the ones you use on Main backed up and separate. And again, do not use this RC on the main server. They have very different data files, particularly maps, and will cause you many problems. SUPPORT/ISSUES: If there's a definite issue with the client, please post it here. Channel 6 on Test server will be monitored for general discussion, and if you find new locs you don't necessarily need to keep them secret yourself. You can bring up an issue on the channel as well, however any real issues should be posted here so they won't get lost in chat there. INVADERS: There are a handful of invaders. They are located in a new spot, and you'll be safe from them even if you enter, so don't worry about running into them.
  23. As you have probably seen, we're prepping a new client release. With it will come updated maps. The maps coming with the new client have all been heavily gone through to fix walkability issues. In the majority of cases, this has meant adding walkable tiles, however in others it's meant removing walk tiles, be it because they shouldn't have been walkable in the first place, or slight changes to spots now may have a rock or something on the spot. If you use hyperbags, it's important to keep this in mind. If a tile is no longer accessible when the client is finally updated, and you have a hyperbag on it, that bag is gone forever. Being the one that did the majority of this type of map work, I can say there's a 99.999999999% chance this won't affect you, as I always aimed towards adding walkable tiles instead of removing them whenever possible. But no map should be considered safe for this. A ton of work has been done throughout all of the maps, inside and out. If you were using a "bugged" location (hidden under a rock or such where a player shouldn't actually be able to walk) you should definitely be concerned, as I've eliminated over 120 such locations, likely all of them. What to do? For the time being, you can continue using hyperbags as you have been. This is just an early warning. (It's recommended to go ahead and start clearing out any bags you're not actively using.) Keep an eye out here, I'll post an update at least a week in advance before the client update*. Once I do, you're highly recommended to clear out any hyperbags you're using. While it's almost certain it won't be a problem, should you have your bag on a no-longer-valid tile you'll likely never see it again (unless radu chooses to offer an option of course). ( *We have no date set for the update, though the time is coming very soon as most everything is ready for testing.)
  24. Using hyperbags? Important Notice

    Instance AFAIK invance (Isca) map should be thought of as any other game map in this case. Post corrected.
  25. Using hyperbags? Important Notice

    Last last last last call. ;-) Any hyperbags in instance maps after the client update (which should hopefully be any day now) will be lost. If you have a bag on a normal game map, one way to determine if your bag is safe is install the Release Candidate, go to the Test server using it, and see if you can walk on the coordinates where your bag is. The maps there are as they will be on 1.9.4 release. (Any bags on guild maps will be okay, those have not changed.) Otherwise, it's your risk to not empty it before the client update.