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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Hmmm, kay. I'm on Firefox, no problem here.
  2. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    It opens a popup showing a list of the files in the zip? If so, when it does that: at top of the screen in the center of the black bar there's a down-pointing arrow, that's for downloading.
  3. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    They work in EL, only thing that matters to me. Would seem to be a Gimp-DDS plugin issue. They're edited in GIMP, the conversion to DDS is only done after they're ready for a release, via a non-GIMP mass convert script using the "convert" command (part of ImageMagick).
  4. Game Client License?

    Well, radu or roja would have to be specific on that. But there's quite a few separately distributing them. Myself included via OpenSUSE RPMs. As for the hosting above, that's bluap's server, who is currently the primary client maintainer (and also separately distributes the files via his ubuntu/debian builds). That package was used for creating the installers on the Download page. The data is technically available in the Macintosh zip (in EternalLands.app/Contents/Resources/data) though yeah, having the plain data available on the DL page for source compilers would be a good idea.
  5. Game Client License?

    (Eh, side note about that thread: I haven't been a moderator for well over a year now. I'm only part of the map editing team... me and Ace, heh. And SUSE builds are just done by me voluntarily.) Besides compiling the GIT code, this data pack linked below is needed. The datafiles extracted, the compiled binary placed in the top directory of that (where el.ini is), and any installer should change the el.ini #data_dir path to the path where said binary is placed. http://twinmoons.org.uk/el/rel/194/EL-1.9.4-all-datafiles.zip It includes a license.txt file that should be read. Basically it's free to distribute but there's limitations on artwork usage and such that may not make it "free enough" for some distros. It's not "free enough" for OpenSUSE official repositories for example, thus the use of my unofficial repository for my builds. Bluap runs his own repositories for ubuntu and debian. But if the only issue is "can it be redistributed" as the dev in your thread is questioning, yes it can (per the license.txt file). The license has not changed so if they were doing it before, they can continue to do it. Just grab the zip pack above.
  6. Answers to several questions/issues that keep popping up in 6, in my PMs, and so on... 1) I'm only seeing the official client tab maps. What happened to my Olivine/BS/unofficial maps? If you installed them using the instructions on EL-wiki, ( http://el-wiki.net/Custom_maps) into a 1_9_3/maps/ folder, rename 1_9_3 to 1_9_4. If you installed them directly into client's maps folder (which includes the elm.gz files)... don't do that, updates will overwrite them. Go to the wiki link above, download the unoff maps of your choice, and install them per the instructions you find there. 2) Will I see new 1.9.4 locations on the TAB maps? Only if those tab maps are updated. See the wiki link above for details. 3) When wil the BS/Olivine/(unoff) maps be updated? Only the creator of those maps know. They're unofficial and player-made. 4) I keep falling into holes everywhere! This means you have a bad installation, and somehow the maps on your system are still the 1.9.3 maps. Thus far this has only happened to those who have compiled the GIT client themselves. Compiling for the client update is not enough. You also need the new data files. Download those here: http://twinmoons.org.uk/el/rel/194/EL-1.9.4-all-datafiles.zip Unzip that data pack where you want the install to be. Place your self-compiled binary in the top directory of that folder (same directory that has el.ini) Open el.ini and set the data path to where your binary is. 5) Where's all the new stuff? For starters, there's a new fenced-in arena on the main Irinveron map. As well, somewhere in Irinveron is a *huge* new cave. Irsis, Melinis, and Sedi are other maps you may find new buildings and/or caves. There's more on other maps as well. In fact, one of the largest additions is on none of the above maps. Seek and ye shall find. ;-)
  7. Some places you can look for are shown here: http://imgur.com/GK5K68f No locations given, they're up to you to find. ;-)
  8. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Cabman (and everyone else for that matter): http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59975
  9. Fixed Maps to add to your installed EL

    For OpenSUSE users of my RPM repository, updating from the repository will give you these fixes.
  10. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    DP rock, PV FCW cave, and TG magic school library fixes have now been implemented.
  11. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    That... is a quest issue, not a map issue.
  12. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Nothing was changed in that area. Height (walkable) tiling looks fine. Nothing I can fix. This happens in general in areas that are higher than the norm, as that area is. Before and now. Perhaps you used it with a camera angle looking "more downward" than before. The higher your camera angle, the less issues in situations like that. (In Ctrl+O -> Camera -> Minimum Tilt Angle I recommend making sure that's set to 20, the lowest number possible for it. That'll allow for higher viewing if not already set to that.)
  13. Map Editor Download

    (Linux users: "You could try this for 32-bit and this for 64-bit Linux." bluap's static build should still work. If not, try compile. Download and skip to step 3 below.) All: You can compile the map editor yourself from GIT source code. 1) Download the GIT source and extract. Go into the "map_editor" directory. 2) Make the code there in command-line based on your OS... make -f Makefile.Linux make -f Makefile.win (Mac: I dunno) 3) Move the created (or downloaded) executable to the same directory that your EL client's binary is in. 4) From the "map_editor" directory in the GIT source, grab the buttons.bmp and mapedit.ini files and place those in the same directory as step 3. (There's also a mapeditor.ico in the same directory for if you want to make a desktop button or such for it.) 5) Open mapedit.ini and change the "#data_dir = " line to the path that lead to where your binary is located (and anything else in there you wish to adjust, though only the data_dir change is required). And run the binary, which *should* work. At least, it works for me this way.
  14. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Reported missing walkable tiles in PV FCW cave, lava area. Fix sent. If you're going to the FCWs in PV in the meantime, have some spare tele-to-range essies to pass one specific spot in the lava area of that cave.
  15. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    There's more to the forum than this one thread. ;-) Here I'm needing stuff that needs an immediate fix, though, that can't wait almost a year until 1.9.5. (Though as for the "location" info, I already have planned to spend some time cleaning that up for the next release.)
  16. maps in the client/server have always been lowercase only. Olivine's maps were the mistaken ones by adding caps. (There were complaints about that in Olivine's thread here on forum way back when those maps were released about that.)
  17. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    The fixes I sent have been confirmed to work on the Test server, so above issues concerning DP rock and TG MS library entry should be resolved whenever radu updates the server. (I also just sent a fix for the WS summon arena where a few tiles west of the ladder didn't give summon mana bonus, though that's apparently been an issue before as I didn't change that arena.)
  18. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    No tweaks at this time. I've stared at these maps for months on end and need a break for a month or three. (And that's a couple weeks' work.) Please limit this to potential game breakers of the need-to-fix-quick variety.
  19. Bloodsucker Maps

    "Deleted maps in EL maps folder" Including the elm.gz files? You can't delete those nor change them. Valid cause for game to "not work". If you did, reinstall. Don't extract unoff maps to the official maps folder. Follow instructions on wiki instead. http://el-wiki.net/Custom_maps
  20. tar file

    If you're on debian / Ubuntu, you can get packages here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EternalLands And if you're on OpenSUSE, see my sig for one-click install.
  21. No, arrow keys won't work like that except in map view. Conflicts with using them to type. Or I'd imagine that's why it changed.
  22. tar file

    Hmm. You can try the static binaries: http://twinmoons.org.uk/el/rel/194/ You'll need to download the correct binary for your system, and the "all-datafiles.zip" package. Unzip the all-datafiles to where you want the install to be at. Place the binary in the top directory of that (where el.ini and other files will be.) Open el.ini and look for the data path, change it to where your binary is located.
  23. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Very bad. :-/ Fix sent to radu. Broken until the server gets restarted again.
  24. If you have the minimap open, set Ctrl-O -> HUD -> rotate minimap to on, and you can still rotate in chat or map view. (By rotating the minimap itself.) Also, there's a new setting to turn off rain. Ctrl-O -> GFX -> "Show Weather Effects" unmarked will turn off rain and other weather graphics. Though if you do that, keep in mind that special days like Acid Rain can still affect you even though you can't see the rain.
  25. Um, actually it is. What are you finding that's not being supported? The Download page has a general installer for any Linux system. As well, Ubuntu/Debian packages are available (see bluap's post above) OpenSUSE RPMs are available (see my sig).