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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Okay, I will. First, thanks to everyone who's helped harv RQs for me, I had a goal of being a top 50 potioner by the end of the year, and made it as of 2 days ago with this assistance. Gotta keep potting, but for now to focus more on alch again... GoodDay2Die - 10k emeralds (30k)
  2. Books counter.

    #know tells how many books you've read. At best. the count shown in #know might possibly be shown on the knowledge tab, but this seems too much.
  3. mining quest

    While some more quests, which have been suggested in other threads, would be welcome, I'm not seeing the point of this one. Pickaxes are being compared to leather here. However, leather is a mass-use item (3 per helm), whereas pickaxes are cheap as they are and only need replacing on breakage. With over 6 months of play here, I've spent less than 5kgc on pickaxes total. A very small drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of the game. At any rate, it would seem like a lot of work to do a quest for something that in the end is a very small-cost item.
  4. EL 180 RC

    It took quite a bit of adjusting to get this set to a more useable (as I use it) state. However, once done I think it's much better and easier to control the camera than before. So I think it's a positive in the end result, just needs a little getting used to when it comes to setting it.
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20k) Or as I call it, "The Usual"
  6. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    I've done nothing but explain the problem. I've not used any abusive language. I've not attacked anyone. I've not violated any forum rules. Just explained the problem, the exact same problem several other people have tried to tell you. I did nothing to deserve the rude response you gave, only showed my desire but inability to HELP you test, and despite your rude response to avoid addressing the issue, gave you a civil response. The only "path" I've "continued" on was one of trying to be civil, showing my desire to try and help you test. I won't apologize that when you "made the call", I was making dinner, and had no idea a test was even going on until your "I give up on it" message later. I went to the test server several times after that to see if I could possibly do anything that would allow me even a chance of surviving, to no avail. Yes, I have the levels, I haven't once said I didn't. I said, "I would never take the character I have on the test server into a high-level invasion on the real server. It was a 99% mixer at that time, with no concern for fighting. Things have changed drastically since then." The character from 2 months ago has no gear suitable for an invasion (er, instance), low p/c because I'd been mixing almost non-stop for 87 OAs (post-reset) to level up and needed Nexus more than p/c at the time. I did no real fighter training during that time, and have no idea what I can do with a character with those a/d/p/c levels. There's no way to get any real gear there either on top of that. Since that time, I drastically increased my p/c, only then got my a/d up, got real fighting gear, and am well aware of what I can/can't do, but only at my current levels. That doesn't help when the character on the test server is in a shape that makes it incapable of surviving even a few minutes. Is it really going to help in a test if I don't survive even part of the first round? If explaining my situation (and that similar of others) warrants a forum ban, so be it. I've done my best to be civil, to explain why I (and others) can't help with the test. If I've violated some forum rule in doing so, please let me know as I've always strived not to, just as I expect people to follow rules on my sites. Do unto others and all that.
  7. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Absolutely amazing. This is the response given for stating you WANT to take the time to HELP test but haven't been given the ability to do so. As stated above, 2 months is an incredibly long time at ogre training levels. The lower the levels get for these things, the more vital it is to have more updated characters to test with. Priorities and character development changes drastically during this period. I would never take the character I have on the test server into a high-level invasion on the real server. It was a 99% mixer at that time, with no concern for fighting. Things have changed drastically since then. When almost noone shows up, it's because we're stuck with being incapable of testing. Not because of lack of interest as keeps being claimed. If you don't want to actually listen to people, fine, but saying we're not interested for reasons that are completely out of our hands and telling us to f-off when we're just trying to explain this to you does noone any good.
  8. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Still interested, but still not going back to test for anything because of the horribly outdated character copy there that I can't possibly work with. Several other people stating above they can't because of the horribly outdated characters there. We gotta have something to test with to test at all.
  9. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    Yeah, sorry, seriously bad old char copy there makes it pointless to even try. With an updated char, I'd definitely try, been waiting for a 60-80.
  10. Experience Boosters

    Current situation: (1) Special days giving extra experience. (a bit off-balanced with one day for all skills, one for harvest, one for a/d, none specifically for other skills, but that's not the topic here.) * Rare, but benefit everyone giving noone an advantage over others. (2) Schools giving double experience or some ease in increasing skills like summoning. * Ings are lost due to no product, making them costly. (3) Gods giving 20% extra experience in up to 3 skills, which can be changed. * Require careful planning due to enemies. Available to everyone so noone has an advantage over others because of them. (Godless types don't count because they chose to be godless.) One of the big points in EL is to earn your levels. People have worked long and hard to reach their levels, making it easier would be a slap in the face to them. Yes, the above 3 things do help a bit, but their end result is only minor benefit. I don't see any game benefit in making any skill "faster" to level any more so than is already provided. (Yes, I suggested a Jack of all Trades Day, but the primary purpose of that was to encourage expanding gameplay, not faster leveling. I'm against anything that's added solely for the purpose of faster leveling, short of adding the currently missing gods/goddesses, as it would ruin gameplay in the end.)
  11. Calc Level bug

    Was doing some generic calcing out of harv-boredom, and stumbled on this. According to #calc: L148 = 411808272 L147 = 433102804 L148-L147 = -21294532 The L numbers seem okay up to 147, but at 148 it drops below 147 which would mean you'd reach level 148 before 147. Level counts above 148 would appear to be wrong relative to 148 being off. According to el-cel site, L148 should equal 454757944. Summary : #calc gives L148 as an incorrect amount, and higher L's are incorrect relative to that one.
  12. Calc Level bug

    Mmm, kay, guess it's been fixed already then. NM.
  13. Kusamura Jungle

    I'd question this even being a secret. Places where you have to click odd things or "use with" something, yes. But consider, you're taught on Isla Prima how to use boats. As you explore new maps, you click boats since you learned this. Some don't do anything, but others work just like the ones on IP. These boats being "used" are an established part of the game. This boat is used the same way, so I question it's being labeled a secret since it works no different than other boats. Unlike, well, no examples to give publicly, but other "real" secrets which require clicking on odd items or "use with" something that, in ordinary gameplay make not-so-much sense. May have been secret to the devs, but not to the average user when they explore the map and see, hey, it works/worked, just like any other boat.
  14. Kusamura Jungle

    Actually, Acelon (I think? Someone who "can" do it if not him, not 100% sure who said it) said somewhere else on the forum that they were wanting to move the PV storage because it was always so crowded in that small location. If that had happened already, this may have never become an issue as it would take storage away from the boat. (Er, and so it's not misinterpreted, this is not an attempt to attack or blame Acelon or whoever it was, as they never said it was going to happen soon or possibly at all. Just thought it relevant to mention since the issue of the location of the storage to the boat seems to be the big issue.)
  15. Kusamura Jungle

    If that's the case, then I'll ask you to be specific so that I can correct my error. As my previous posts were about the subject of the thread, not you, I'm having a hard time believing they were condescending to you. But I'll give you the benefit of a doubt, please tell me where stating my opinion on this issue was out of line in a general chat forum so that I can better word myself so the actual opinion on the subject gets through instead. My intention in those posts, however, was just to state my opinion and give something to discuss... whether we actually have any say or not. It's a General Chat, just because we can't have any say in the matter doesn't mean we can't discuss it anyway. That's chat.
  16. Kusamura Jungle

    (1) At what point did I yell? Please point to it specifically. I spent plenty of time and thought into ensuring my opinion got through rather than just another rant, and I find it incredibly insulting and condescending of you to respond in this manner just because I dared speak my mind on what is supposed to be a General Chat forum. (2) I've posted a whopping 4 times in this thread. 1 asking what KJ is good for now, 1 long post giving my opinion (this is General Chat, opinions are allowed, you've forgotten what forum you're on), and 2 followups directed at specific people who were misinterpreting my point. None were "yelling", and trying to explain something that was misinterpreted is not "repeating yourself", but clarifying. Huge difference. (3) Those followup clarification posts were shorter, not longer as you exaggerate here. And were hardly louder. Show me otherwise. (4) The "insta" argument needs to be killed, because holy goddess, it's so wrong. There was nothing "insta" about this boat. So much griping over the boat being next to storage, yet not a peep over the fact that the reason people were using it (iron/silver) was on the other side of KJ. Put that boat back in, haul 10-20k of iron, then talk about insta-anything. You won't be. Every single person posting here may not be a dev, but we're human beings, who have invested a lot of time here, and don't deserve this incredibly childish condescending attitude just because we dare speak an opinion. This is General Chat, that's what this forum is for. It's not Suggestions, it's not bugs, it's not "condescension central", it's general chat. Your attempt to overexaggerate my behavior in this thread is insulting and unwarranted. This is a general chat, no rules were broken, and I would hope to goddess stating your opinion could be done on a GENERAL CHAT forum without a moderator behaving in such an inappropriately condescending manner in response. Condescension breeds nothing but ill will. Check it at the door, please.
  17. Kusamura Jungle

    These responses of picking on tiny details without reading the full message, or telling me "not to despair" are at best telling me "hey, don't state your opinion". That is all I'm doing, stating my opinion as I see things happening lately. I'm not "in despair" or crying or whatever the hell else people are thinking. I'm stating my opinion as I see it, based on SEVERAL changes of late, not just this one. You'd think as a player you'd want changes that are made after careful consideration and planning (the big "balance" mentioned by Roja) rather than random whim changes that are changed before any consideration is done. None of these changes of late was really necessary, and could well have been left alone until the time was taken to do this full balance. And we'd feel a bit less screwed with one big balance rather than the random-but-regular negative changes of late. (Yeah, suddenly now that I've stated my opinion the responses are against me, but the complaining on channels 4/6 when this was discovered tells me these responses aren't being honest, and I'm not alone in this opinion.) I have an opinion, and the willingness to speak it despite it being opposing the "powers that be", solely because I like and enjoy the game, and want to see it expand and improve in the best way possible. In this case I just happen to feel that such random changes, done without a "big picture balance" aren't improving the game in any way and get annoying when they happen regularly. Gameplay would be much better if these changes were saved for the "big picture balance" mentioned, limiting them to real bug fixes until then.
  18. Kusamura Jungle

    I specifically stated I'm not saying this one change is "completely ruining gameplay" for responses like yours. And it's incredibly hard to believe that it "got added" without SOMEONE planning to add it. These things weren't added by someone randomly typing code, they were intentionally added. Your response of "it wasn't planned to be there" is not physically possible. Someone had to plan it, and intentionally code it. The main point of the post is there. You missed it. Please don't ruin my attempt to state my opinion by going off on what was a minor tangent. It's been stated that a full overhaul balance is planned. It's not possible that any of these random whim changes will do anything to help that balance without taking time to plan every change, so they can't possibly provide any benefit or make things any more "balanced". Keeping things as-is until that's done, short of actual bugs, isn't much to ask. In fact, it would be beneficial as that's just more time to focus on all these new things like instances and horses and hey, there was rumor that we might get a Pot goddess soon. P.S. This usage of boats (use it, you go somewhere) is learned on Isla Prima at the boats there. Other boats behave the same way on various maps. The PV/KJ boat could not possibly be considered a "secret" since it behaves the exact same way as other boats in the game.
  19. Kusamura Jungle

    Howsabout, rather than these unannounced on-a-whim changes that keep happening that screw harvers over, we get things left as-is until this "balance" is actually done? "Things like this" don't need to be happening at all. Yes, there's always bitching with changes. However, of late every harv change: (1) significant as it is to harvers, goes completely unannounced in server update posts, while the tiniest of changes for other skills shows up. We're left to stumble on them on our own, then we get shot down with "deal with it" (quoted from above) messages when someone dares bring it up. We'd like to trust "the powers that be", but this doesn't help. Bronze armor wasn't made unmakeable (or re-added) without an announcement. New potions weren't added without an announcement. Chickens weren't moved to (and removed from) KJ without an announcement. Why are harvers deemed not deserving of the same when changes are made that seriously affect us? (2) is done on a whim with no attempts to try it to see if that whim is at least informed. We're told "trust his opinion" (quoted from above) but from our point of view it's uninformed. If it was "harved 10k like most everyone else does at a minimum, decided it was too easy, changed it" then it would at least be an informed whim. There was nothing easy about trying to stock silver or iron via the boat, and any attempts to say otherwise are just proof of being terribly uninformed. Ditto the gypsum (even more so). (3) is done in a way that screws harvers. To us regular players who are the ones who actually have to "deal with it", it does look like we're getting screwed on a regular basis (secretly, per #1) because not once are we ever tossed even the slightest possible positive bone. I gotta believe, despite these secret unannounced changes, that you don't want "making it harder" to turn into "completely ruining gameplay". The game hasn't been in development this long just to do that. And no, I'm not saying this one change is "completely ruining gameplay". The combination of recent changes, not one of which has been remotely positive, is heading that way though. If there's going to be a "big balance", please just leave things be until then. These secret unannounced whim changes that we're forced to stumble on (and cause threads like this) are gameplay ruiners, or at the least, annoying. They're not "interesting things to discover ourselves" because they're never things we smile about when they're found. There's really nothing about any harv as it currently is that is in such a desperate need of change that it further alienates players from the game by making further unnanounced whim changes. A little stability while other things are worked on is not a bad thing. Really!
  20. Kusamura Jungle

    The people bitching about the chickens have been ousted from KJ now. The boat kill served the same purpose as adding the chickens, made KJ no longer a viable harv location. The real question (seriously) is... KJ is now useful for ________ . - Yew? Granted, it's currently the only safe map for that. Dunno how many people actually are harving it there. - Lions? Only loc for them, yes. But due to being spread out most people don't hit so many of them on the way up the a/d ladder, not easy to train on. Two obscure uses. Otherwise KJ became a wasteland today.
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Back again (oh crap, not him again!) GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20k) [batch 1] GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20k) [batch 2] GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20k) [batch 3] Came into a bit more gc than I normally have, so may as well get a few orders out of the way at once, I'd just end up ordering them anyway.
  22. replacement for ogres...

    Lions? Much lower, spread out thinly over a single large map, and meat-bones-only drops. I don't think they'll work as a substitute. That's less experience per creature (much less since they're so spread out), and worse drops (better ways to get meat and bones, heh). Even combined with kicking leopards, black panthers, and pandas in KJ, the experience will be much lower, and none of those has good drops. There really isn't any other "good" way to level once you start the ogres. You'll spend a lot of time in various caves kicking them repeatedly... and dealing with the extreme number of spawn stealers and such that come with them due to so many people stuck on them and so few relative spawns. The long time on ogres makes people not-so-nice, or bright. (Now that I'm hitting clops and a handful of fluffies, I'm really not looking forward to feros since I've heard people are just as bad with them as with the ogre spots.)
  23. Invasion Token - Auction

    Trader in MM buys for 19k
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Guess who and what? GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc)
  25. Heavy minerals harvesting strategy...

    Yup, make indicators at the turqoise in glacmor. If you're stocking it at sto for sale or something, then only option is just like any other harvestable... back and forth to sto. Since a certain change to Arius, the best bet for turq is glacmor cave to AA sto via boat.