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  1. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    It's finished, not tested. So no, has to be tested first.
  2. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    Those who actually answered the question seem fine with it, thanks for the input. I auto-assumed the same for the higher number of posts that went off-subject on tangents I already stated aren't relevant to the purpose of this thread and said nothing about the actual topic. So, it's done. (Literally done, I'm finished working on it.)
  3. A/D Indicators failing to work

    Save the files I indicated in my last post first, and make sure it's fully uninstalled (The aforementioned "eternal lands" directory with "main" in it fully deleted, the uninstaller may not delete that).
  4. A/D Indicators failing to work

    There's been no changes to the client that would do this. That it's not affecting others would indicate it's an issue on your end. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you switched to a smaller window size, which left the popup window somewhere off the screen. (Or you simply managed to drag it off the screen somehow.) The location of popup boxes is saved for use by all chars regardless of which you use. Try this: Change your Ctrl-O -> Video -> Video Mode to something huge... larger than your screen's max resolution. Windowed. Click an indicator, move the window around as needed to see if it appears anywhere (not sure how to move a window around in windoze, it's holding alt while clicking the mouse in linux KDE). If you see nothing, it must have gone way off. In that case, restore your video setting to your normal use state and close EL. my docs\<name>\eternal lands\main <- I'm copying this from another post as I don't have Win, but check there. (Your screenshots (in a folder), mapmarks (in a "maps" folder), and any files in there that have your name or your alt names are what you want to keep during a new install btw.) Look for a file named el.cfg (not el.ini) in that folder. Delete it. On restarting EL, you'll have lost a lot of your settings and need to adjust everything, but every popup window will be in default new install location. Try an a/d indicator.
  5. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    I'd imagine something to the effect of a "full topside c2 invasion" announced (not "portals" as currently gets announced). No main map location should be considered safe for that. Those tiny spots mentioned are too few and too out of the way to be any place you'd wanna be anyway. But it's pretty much up to whoever's doing the invasion. I only make maps. ;-) But at least with this, the portal room will be safe so it's an escape option.
  6. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    This particular scenario will have about 100 drop points, where a small area like Jandir Beach would get only 1 drop point, but there'd be 7 or 8 drop spots on a map like Ida main, all dropping at different locations for spreading them out. Smaller maps like Bethel/Sedi get maybe 2... pulling numbers out of my sun-don't-shine place atm, it's not fully decided. For now attempting to work with basic setups. The simpler it's done, the easier others can edit it later. (This won't be in the client, so it can be updated with any server update, by me, Acelon, or any invasion-maker that can edit a def file for a map. Less reliance on just one person... me, in this case.)
  7. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    Heh, this "map" will be able to have multiple types of invasions set up on it, which can be limited to specific maps. Anyone who does invasions can have a setup done for them for a specific type of invasion, limited to specific maps. But for this topic, only working on this one invasion type, which is the widespread "if you're on c2 topside you're in trouble" massive invasion. (Any other types will be generally up to the invasion-makers.)
  8. ^ I think that last opinion kinda threw it over the top. ;-) *on my to-do list*
  9. (Mapmaker comments) - As this would be something only a handful of people would need, it could be done at any time if desired as it wouldn't be part of the client. Those who do invasions would just need the latest elm file, and even then only if they want to go there themselves to watch or whatever. - Could be tweaked and changed as desired with any server update as to where the spawns drop. - Easily put together, I could do it once the current map testing is done for the new client.
  10. The list in the first post has been updated (thanks bluap). We're now hitting testing phase for the maps, which means barring no big issues we could have a new release in a couple of weeks! (My guess based on current status, don't hold me to it, I don't make the final decision on it, hehe.)
  11. I'm currently going through and adjusting bad walkable tiles and such on the maps, in preparation for the 1.9.4 client release which we're getting very close to testing. (Actually, the maps and some minor fixes to new eye work are all that's left.) I'm working my way through every map, looking for and fixing such issues, but that's a lot of maps and I can easily overlook something. Don't have a forum account? I'm not in game much atm between working on maps and real life, so prefer you send e-mail over mercator: flamesworld@gmail.com or ask someone else to post here. This is what I'm looking for: 1) Spots that you should be able to step/walk, but clicking on them does nothing. 2) Walking into trees, rocks, such. 3) Places you get stuck on hitting a tele nexus while harvesting. (Naralik bookseller location is already done.) 4) Floating objects... things like harvestable ores hanging in mid-air where they should be attached to a cave wall. 5) Height Issues - You find yourself *way* too high in a spot, or you find yourself falling into an invisible hole. (IotF area south of the igloos is already done.) 6) Very heavy flickering - This is an issue on most every map, and it would take months to fix them all. For these, please only report areas that are "really nasty" or they're in heavy traffic areas such as storages, near dailies, or on common walk-to-harvs paths. (I won't have time to deal with every tiny flicker in remote places.) Please provide: The map, coordinates on or as close to the issue as possible, and what the problem is. (i.e. "WS Tirnwood Underground at xxx,xxx there's an unwalkable spot) Fixed for next release: C2 - Aeth Aelfan: gloomy cave - 659,603 stuck position - Aeth Aelfan: You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [97,154] Can walk deep inside building through the wall - Aeth Aelfan: You can walk through some of the spikes/palisades at around [84,273] and [68,282] - Arius - Height issues throughout full path up to gypsum (due to design and heightmap limitations, this will never be perfect, but cleaned up a bit) - Bethel: You are in Bethel [70,169] You can walk completely inside rock - Bethel WE tree has a tele to a bad spot - Bethel trice cave you can stand inside the rock pillar in the middle of the double arch, at Bethel Insides [75,39] - EVTR - stuck on top of a rock @ 259,331 via teleport nexus - Glacmor - Waveneck caves narrow passages and possible-get-stuck tiles in multiple locations - Idaloran - FCW cave - walk into wall @ 70,28 - Imbroglio Islands [147,142] Can walk through the rock - Irsis [193,142] you can walk through the fence. - Irsis [51,85] (boat) feet disappear - Iscalrith [40,39] walkable tile issue - Iscalrith Dungeon [249,323] walk through snow bank - Kusa - trice cave - unwalkable tile issues - Kusa - unreachable harvestables (all possible height tiling adjusting done, by design not everything will necessarily be reachable on this map though more is now than before) - Kusa/WVF tit cave - harvestable cleanup - Kusa - Walk around when trying to enter temple - Melinis - [26,214] walk into arch - North Redmoon - volcano around 200,100 - some walkable tile issues - North Redmoon - [260,47] Walk into rock - Palon Vertas - blacksmith cave walkable tile issues - Palon Vertas - messy water fountains by Morton - Palon Vertas - at 350, 154 - near Valerian of daily quest (Xaque); you get stuck on hitting a tele nexus while harvesting. - Palon Vertas - flowers around 270,24 out of reach - Palon Vertas - dandelion stuck in tree - 358,162 - Palon Vertas - unwalkable tiles in 360,286 and 304,152 areas - Palon Vertas - [307,224] Flowers are too far away for harvesting. (Some cleanup done, should be reachable but due to design no guarantees.) - Palon Vertas - south cave - floating obsidian, coal in wall - Palon Vertas - insides [383,42]: corridor 'behind' Thom's tavern -- you can walk 1 step through the door - Sedicolis - Bad tele nexus landing location near sulfur - Thelinor [337,40] several ugly see-through rocks (exp: 3D models for the rocks weren't designed to be used upside down or sideways, mapmaker made one go sideways and spammed it around... removed all I could find, difficult to see in editor as they can be invisible at certain angles. Replaced where deemed necessary for aesthetics or map function.) - Willowvine Forest - [253,172] walk through a tree - Zirakinbar - large unwalkable area at the piers C1 - Desert Pines - recheck tent where monsters can get stuck on invasion spawn - 179,107 178,107 177,108 - Isla Prima - rocks @ 93,67 and 54,88 - Isla Prima - Levitation on rocks near Tut NPC - Morcraven Marsh - All walkability issues and "holes" seem to be due to the server and client elm files not being the same. Will be fixed by default with client update. (Regardless, much work has been done on the walkable tiles on this map) - Naralik - Spider spawning in house due to conflicting files in the client and server, fixed by default with client update. - Naralik - Ardur platform gets steps going up to it again (fixed by Ace) - Nordcarn [170,156] no walkable tiles (wall) - Ruins of Tirnym - entire map has had a thorough walkable-tile cleanup - Southern Kilaran: You are in Carmien Manor [145,131] rather ugly mid-air floating rock - Tahraji - issue near fruit - Tirnym Past - [101,60] when you click on the door you walk around the house before entering. - VotD gold cave - blocked-off gold - VotD gold cave 2 - 313,134 unwalkable - 256,276 walk through rock - Whitestone - beach unwalkable area between [522,16] and [515,14] - Whitestone - Lakeside Village [707,118] to [717,118] walk through bushes - Whitestone [431,753] walk into mountain - Whitestone - WSC Arena [41,44] can walk into the bench - Whitestone - You are in White Stone City Sewers [40,281] (not part of sewer, loc info fix) - Whitestone - room in castle that leads to sewer (with Gwen in it) - running around when clicking on ladder and sewer grate - Whitestone - 259,686 house could be walked into, wood logs stuck in back wall Other Maps - Dung Portal Room: Add flags to outhouses to indicate where they go To Check: (Oh my...) On Hold: Won't/Can't fix: - Iscalrith - difficult walking on parts of fort wall (would require additional building) - Was told not to change the fort, so no permission to do this - Palon Vertas - "no water" in fountain @ 300,216 - layout makes it impossible without heavy redesign, no time for heavy redesign
  12. Bleh, real life had me away from the computer and too busy for a while. Back and wrapping things up... Dung Portal Room - I cannot do anything about the size of the map that it's on. Besides requiring a new map (need permission), would require fully rebuilding it. It now has flags on the outhouses indicating the map each goes to, and can also be "eyed" for info that distinguishes one from the other for maps that have multiple landing spots (i.e. 2 in PV, 2 in Zirak, 2 in Melinis...) You are in Idaloran [595,262] This place would make a very nice pvp arena - Can't do. Believe this was intended to be a safe (excluding Lenny/Invasions) map. [The marketplace] map4_xxxx: You get stuck while harvesting - not saying which map - I don't have time to play search-for-it games. You are in North Redmoon - Inside the Volcano [182,99] - The click-from-distance is a camera angle issue that I can't do anything about. I've been through the map and cleaned up walkable tiles throughout it so that may help some, but can't do anything more. Everything else is done. Time's up. I need to get these into the testing phase and any time I have left will be focused on new locations.
  13. (If you're a child of the 80's, I just got a song stuck in your head with that title. *ebul*) As seen with True Sight: Stats: Same as Fox, just invisible (in the same manner as invisible rats are just rats) Availability: Daytime hours (opposite of Lenny) Location: Any map, changes maps occasionally (can be c1 or c2, invisible so even IP could be used) Coding Requirements: Should be fairly simple, as most everything is already technically coded. Map jumping already done in Lenny code (though c1 can be added), reverse the time Lenny is available to show fox (fox can appear when Lenny goes to sleep and vice versa), and hopefully the invisible part is simple enough to implement, as was done on rats. Purpose: Like Lenny hunting, but most anyone can participate. Requires True Sight to find so gives more use to those potions and magic. Provides a regular "hunt" people can participate in that most anyone can do so long as they can afford the TS, as it's a low-level creature. Reward: a standard drop, and a rare drop (think similar to Joker) - Standard drop should be good, considering the amount spent on TS and time it would take to hunt. Though not enough to make it "farmable" or worth hunting in itself. The hope should be to get the rare drop. Standard would just be "partial compensation" for the time and TS. - Rare drop should be something also available by other means (not exclusive to fox), but valuable. (Like Joker has rare chance of a nexus stone.) * I provide no suggestions on what should be dropped as this may need to be tweaked to ensure it doesn't become a game distraction or farmable. Except: - An addition: Maybe a 1/50 chance it'll drop a grape along with the standard or rare drop. (If it's determined more grapes are needed.) Reasoning: - "Hunting" things in the game is fairly limited, so this would provide something that could be regularly hunted. It takes time for Lenny hunters to find him, so an invisible fox that can possibly be on either continent would prove even more of a hunting challenge. (Much more so... being non-agressive there'll be no tell-tale creature drop bags lying around hinting he may be on the map like happens with Lenny.) - Being a low-level creature, the only necessity being True Sight, this opens the hunt to a large amount of the EL population. - Chose fox instead of the already-made rats as those already exist regularly in-game and this should be distinct both from those and invisible rat invasions. - Daytime only as he has an unnatural Fear of the Dark. (See how I tossed an Iron Maiden reference in there? ;-) ) -- More practically, this separates it from Lenny hunting so Lenny hunters don't also become the de facto primary fox finders - Provides a regular use for True Sight - C1, even IP, can be included as he's invisible and non-agressive, so newbies will be none the wiser if he's nearby. Thus, he also won't be a distraction to regular gameplay regardless of the map he's on. - Could be something for people leveling Phoenix to do while getting it leveled, with its regular True Sight.
  14. Non-walkable places are avoided where possible. High walls such as castles are exceptions, as well as places intentionally meant for TTR magic use or have ladders or such to access. While there are some changes on that front done, they're very minor, as in I wouldn't even bother mentioning them on a change list. Most castle walls and such weren't designed to be walked on, and I don't have the time to both get permission to change them and as well rebuild them. This client update list will only include stuff that's in the GIT. No map changes can be made until the official client release so none will be listed here.
  15. Visual anomaly

    What exactly are we supposed to be seeing in a 100x100 thumbnail image?
  16. That's common for a lot of people. Not sure what the problem is, but if you close the game after turning the program on (and your chars vanish) and log back in they should be there, with the program on.
  17. While that's a "radu" question, considering you select eye color along with all other character options in the same dialog, pretty much assured a yes.
  18. With permission granted, outhouses in the Dung Portal Room have been given flags. Incredibly close to "last call" for this, so report anything now while there's still time!
  19. Kusamura Temple

    Fixed for next release. Full arena circle area (not the seating) will be pk instead of a square area in the middle of it, with clear marking.
  20. Dunno... this sounds too much like making a change specifically caused by the Ants, and adding to the "profitability" of sitting an alt at the anthills collecting stuff, as some are already doing. Ants should not cause game changes.
  21. 6) Very heavy flickering - This is an issue on most every map, and it would take months to fix them all. For these, please only report areas that are "really nasty" or they're in heavy traffic/near dailies. (I won't have time to deal with every tiny flicker in remote places.) I've added this to the first post... Flickering being those little nasties you sometimes see on things like road paths and such when you rotate camera angle. There's way too much of it to deal with it everywhere, but I can handle areas it's most noticeable.
  22. DP teleport bug (cactus near sto)

    Fixed for next release.
  23. votd tele nexus spot

    Fixed in next release (by Acelon).
  24. WS Sewers, getting damaged

    No fix... can be explained by fumes. ;-) There's supposed to be some danger even outside of the water, though outside is "mostly safe".