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    @Kingpin/Multani/Locuas You are well aware that you earned the “scammer” title very much prior to what you did to Vio, and for good reason. You stole my character back when I naively trusted you, and then while playing my char you would either taunt me or show fake remorse while refusing to return the char. This incident with Vio is a perfect example of how easily you reverted to being shady. So making sure players are informed as to what kind of player you are is important. I don’t want to keep recounting this, especially since it’s very embarrassing for me. However, with a thread like this, especially if Radu is considering this like you stated, then of course I have to speak up. You’ve made destructive choices and have to deal with the consequences of that.
  2. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I also voted on the question asked, and “would you like to raise attribute cap to 60” was exactly what I interpreted it to be. However, this question was posed based on the current state of the game rather than possible future scenarios or changes, and at the current time there is no cap on the attribute total. Therefore, as it stands unless there is a guarantee that there will be a limit on total pps into attributes to put a cap on pp buying then I stand firm with my “no” vote based on the current state of the game and current poll. I would have voted “Yes – if a total attribute cap was implemented” if that had been an option, but am not going to add fuel to the “Yes” fire since I am concerned radu would raise to 60 cap before serious consideration of the total attribute cap occurs based on this particular poll, since at that point there might not be any guarantees as to whether it’d be implemented. This is just my reasoning behind the current "no" vote. My character has 133 bought pps. My two best friends in EL have chars with more than 72 bought pps. I personally know more than a dozen different people/chars with more than 72 bought pps (a couple also with 130+). Yes, there are almost no people that would do this all in one go (perhaps one or two tbh – but that certainly doesn’t make them stupid if they enjoy spending their recreation $ that way) but the bigger issue is that it CAN be done over time. If there are currently a bunch of chars that have managed to become so overpowered via p2w then why encourage a system that would continue to amplify that? Is the mentality that if a person doesn’t max to all 60s within a month, that makes it okay? It took a few years for many of these chars to get 72+ pps but it happened, and look at how unfair that p2w element has made many aspects of the game that involve them. I wouldn’t want to see a handful of characters in say a couple years time dominate the game even moreso by maxing to 60s due to the unfairness of extreme p2w. There should be a limit at some point, and I think it’s about time to really draw that line. Good job summarizing many of the posts on this thread, I hope people really give it some thought.
  3. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    The reason why some people wouldn’t want this is because of the pp buying issue and the overpoweredness of maxing out again as I said in my previous post. As is stands, this poll is pushing for an even greater cap without limitations thus increasing the disparity between players even more, the advantage to the ones that can p2w. Whether it’s having an easier time with mobs or being able to get the drop or PK etc. It would be lame if over time a handful of p2w players can dominate the game in every respect even moreso than now by maxing to 60s in every category. It also defeats the purpose of putting thought into one’s build and considering how to best specialize your character for some slight but interesting differences between players. I am all for increasing the cap if it’s contingent on having a cap for the total number of pps that can be allotted into attributes (like 288). And several people agree with this but are voting yes without understanding the poll is solely about raising the attribute cap to 60 and is not specifying the limitation factor that they also happen to support. This is why I voted “no” to this particular poll since I am concerned that the change will be made before serious discussion can be had on limits. It would be a mistake to raise the caps before making clear whether or not there will be limits on the total pps that should be put on attributes (which is actually just a cap on pp buying). Maybe the poll should be adjusted or there should be a separate poll on whether there should be a cap on total pps that can be put into attributes. But these sort of consequences need to be thought through before getting overexcited, and while I do like the idea for the 60 cap it needs to be contingent on a total attribute pps limit.
  4. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I vote no, unless something like revi's 288 attribute cap is implemented. I think the concept of buying pps and making the game so p2w has huge drawbacks for most of the community, but a lot of that is a bit too late to change. I do like the concept of raising the caps so that more thought can be put into different builds and slightly specialized characters based on your style of play. However, there should at least be some limit to the max number of pps one can spend on attributes so it doesn't devolve into players just spending $ to max attributes like before to become even more overpowered.
  5. Goodbye EL

    I'll never become as evil as you, but I'll work on it I wish you the best on your travels!

    Great thread. I completely agree that bombs are over-powered and there is no real defense to protect against them. PK often revolves way too much around bombing and trying to avoid getting bombed because of how over-powered they are, and many people I have spoken to also agree that it is has made PK significantly less enjoyable. I do not think bombs should be made completely ineffective but they certainly shouldn’t be this devastating in PK. I think utilizing the point defense possibly with action points as a form of protection against bombs is a great idea. Anything along these lines that involves a person choosing to bring/use some items/pots to protect against bombs would work really well imo. And as Talon suggested, perhaps there can also be adjustments such as adding a cooldown similar to how summoning stones have a brief cooldown and you can’t just twitch-spam them, and maybe cutting the base dmg roughly in half (but increasing significance of eng lvl by using /3 instead of /5). I’m glad this topic is being brought up and hope it will lead to some changes in bombing and protection against it.
  7. micah9 was scammed

  8. micah9 was scammed

  9. micah9 was scammed

  10. micah9 was scammed

  11. micah9 and mikehunt banned

  12. micah9 and mikehunt banned

  13. micah9 and mikehunt banned

  14. best pk drop ever

    Once got a COL and cutlass from someone that attacked me in TD. But I returned it back to him. No other drops :/