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  1. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    I died in the Feros cave a few days ago loosing TI plate/cuisses, and an iron sword. AMAR picked them up, and would not give them back, he said he would give them to ATA who would then return them to me. Of course when i talk to ATA, he says he is not giving them back. Earlier today i died again dropping only my Col/Serp sword/Mol and kafasakil picked them up, and then logged out. Yes i know, i should have had a rosto, but i didnt think i would need one. Both times the Feros crit me to death. (YES, I RESET, THAT IS THE REASON WHY I DIED... ALONG WITH NOT PAYING ATTENTION). So, if you ever die around a TURK member, dont expect to get your things back, they will only keep them, and say stupid insults to you. Beware
  2. (One More) Summon Suggestion

    its a good idea, but there are people (like lightlan) who are great at both. if what you say gets implimented, the Lightlan will own KF :/
  3. Storage Sale

  4. Shishio/Cathuga/wulfgar

    PaulB bad bad scammer man. But really, i would trust paulb with my character (i even did once) and would never think of him stealing anything from me. he is very trustworthy, and the fact that someone is spreading sladerous filth about him deeply upsets me.
  5. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    Darkguard and myself were talking earlier about the Pk server not having a ranking page seperate from main. So, i spoke with learner and he said he would be able to work on one (but doesn't know when), as long as everyone agrees to it. It would be a great way for everyone to check there progress in the rankings, and give a sort of goal to work to. So, do you want a PK Server Ranking page? and if so, what skills do you want to show up? I also spoke with Learner about our Players Online page, and when you click on it, only main server comes up. He told me that Radu hasnt made the stats for our characters public. Would you like that to be changed as well? Remember, Please vote only if you have a PK serv character, and please post here as well with your vote. I vote Yes to #1, All Skills to #2, and Yes to #3
  6. Storage Sale

    Forgot to say, will be in Votd for the trades most of the time
  7. The PK clash of the year

    idk about the demolition derby... im pretty sure woodeh or handyman could take on everyone at the same time, and kill us all Unless , maybe dis rings werent allowed?
  8. Buying & Selling

    how much for shield?
  9. buying bones

    i have about 30k i could sell you, 2gc each
  10. Selling/Buying

    Selling: Titanium Plate: Offer Titanium Cuisses: Offer Buying: Health Essence: 7-8gc Please post here or PM me in-game
  11. [ Buying ] [ Selling ]

    i buy the TS book if you still have it
  12. Nautilus

    AMAR is no better, he did the same thing... i guess i should change the name of the other thread about turk to "TURK are Bag Jumpers and Spawn Serpers"
  13. Nautilus

    he always does this, i tried to serp him back, but unfortunetaly on reset, he hits mroe than me I tried talking to him, but he wont listen :/
  14. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    really? thank you Captain Obvious... stfu and go train
  15. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    how was i a cheat? and wth are you? and the only no BJ'ing member is rajun from TURK
  16. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    o rly?
  17. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    yes, i have fish memory... whatever the hell that is.
  18. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    Sorry, but i have never said anything bad about ATA... ever. And my guildies (that i know of) didnt either. You send me a link to unoffic forums about "ATA BJ????????????" topic, and you thought i was exe, which did say bad things. lrn2read
  19. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    no, ATA said it was because i was in GoW, so i left. I go to a different guild, and it still happens. wtf?
  20. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    Well, i left Gow the first time to not get bag jumped again. But kafa Bj'ed me anyway, which proved they are bag jumpers.
  21. Looking For A Guild

    Im looking to join a guild I reset because my character was a pure fighter, and I want to do all skills. I went to visit wWw (GoW), but seems everything anyone ever does is PK, which stirs up drama So want a guild that PKs and other skills. My stats are: 120's a/d 75 harv 72 alch 68 potion 26 manu 30 summon PM me in-game if you have a guild i might like P.S. Active and talkative members are a must.
  22. Guess the player name!

    cyrpom wins
  23. The Harm Spell.

    agreed, that would be a lot more helpful knowing how muhc someone harms for in battle