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  1. PaulB bad bad scammer man. :)


    But really, i would trust paulb with my character (i even did once) and would never think of him stealing anything from me. he is very trustworthy, and the fact that someone is spreading sladerous filth about him deeply upsets me. :(

  2. Fancy, it is called a rosto. You shouldn't train with expensive eqiupment that you dont want to lose without it. Either man up and invest in a rosto, or continue to act childish about this. It is YOUR fault for losing the items, not TURK's problem if you fail to CYA (cover your ass). You are in a guild that many other guilds don't like. You need to think about things like this when wearing 200k in items without rosto.


    Lesson learned. Buy a brick and donate it to Ent when you die :)


    really? thank you Captain Obvious... stfu and go train

  3. I died in the Feros cave a few days ago loosing TI plate/cuisses, and an iron sword. AMAR picked them up, and would not give them back, he said he would give them to ATA who would then return them to me. Of course when i talk to ATA, he says he is not giving them back.


    Earlier today i died again dropping only my Col/Serp sword/Mol and kafasakil picked them up, and then logged out.


    Yes i know, i should have had a rosto, but i didnt think i would need one. Both times the Feros crit me to death. (YES, I RESET, THAT IS THE REASON WHY I DIED... ALONG WITH NOT PAYING ATTENTION).


    So, if you ever die around a TURK member, dont expect to get your things back, they will only keep them, and say stupid insults to you.



  4. Im looking to join a guild


    I reset because my character was a pure fighter, and I want to do all skills. I went to visit wWw (GoW), but seems everything anyone ever does is PK, which stirs up drama :) So want a guild that PKs and other skills.


    My stats are:


    120's a/d

    75 harv

    72 alch

    68 potion

    26 manu

    30 summon


    PM me in-game if you have a guild i might like


    P.S. Active and talkative members are a must.