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  1. Small Storage Sale

    Flowers: 1 Lilacs 1 Poppies 910 Nightshade 29 Black Rose 7756 Mullein 847 Toadstool 1 Cactus 10944 Wormwood 2112 Red Rose 2 Cotton 595 White Asiatic Lilly 198 Blue Star Flower Ores: 199 Iron Ore Metals: 18 Steel Bar Minerals: 1 Turqoise 1000 Diamond 66 Rose Quartz 3260 Coal Tools: 1 Saw 1 Carving Knife 1 Gemstone hammer & chisel 10 Needle Weapons: 1187 Wood Branches 786 Bones 3 Ice arrows 2 Fire arrows 2 Steel Long Sword 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword Armor: 2 Leather Boots 22 Leather Gloves 50 Augmented Leather Armor 50 Augmented Leather Pants 6 Iron Helm 1 Leather Helm 4 Steel Shield Animal: 2 White rabbit fur 56 Bear Fur 5 Green Snake Skin 786 Bones 12 Tiger fur 9 Beaver fur 16 Deer Fur 14 Cockatrice Feather 6 Puma Fur 7 Feran Horn 13 White Tiger fur 67 Wolf Fur 967 Raw Meat 76 Hawk Feather 14 Leopard fur 2 Polar Bear Fur 21 Brown rabbit fur 4 Rat tail 6 Red Snake Skin Clothes: 1 Warm Fur Gloves 6 Fur Boots 1 Blue Cavalier Hat 37 Skunk hat 1 Fox Scarf 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 30 Racoon hat 1 Fur Cloak Misc: 1187 Wood Branches 20 Mule Glyph 1 Thread Jewelry: 1 Polished Ruby Books: 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Book of Steel long sword of ice 2 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 5 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice 10 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic Or will trade anything for Health ess @ 7gc each, and/or toadstool at .7gc each I will be in votd or MM all day. PM me in-game as Fancy
  2. Guess the player name!

    close, but this player was on not that long ago bkc Hint to everyone else: bkc said the name in that name
  3. Guess the player name!

    nopes Hint #2 They play on the Pk server, but there is a name on main as well
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    Mirror? D:
  5. Felix Felicis

    Harry Potter ftw and as said b4, only if it is not too overpowered
  6. Guess the player name!

    omg!!!! wrong :/
  7. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    haze, no no bj kk?
  8. Guess the player name!

    ok, this shouldnt be too hard...
  9. Guess the player name!

    _scareglow_? Bightme? justmental? or maybe Anthony? he would look like that after dropping everything that he did to Bowser in NCA :/
  10. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    tyvm learner
  11. Instance Team

    I would like to do the 60-80 instance. If you would like to sign up to go with me, that would be awesome. Remember to tell me what time you can do it: I am free almost all week from 12-9PM EST
  12. Instance Team

    would everyone be ready tomorrow or possibly sunday? i should be free from 3-9:30 PM EST on both days
  13. Bigger buddy list

    But everyone can use it, even the strong players against the weak players. And the fact of the matter is, from my observations, it is not widely used. EVERYone uses bronze swords... there hasnt been a time when i have been in kf that someone or multiple people have used bronze swords on me. someone with 90's a/d can kill someone in the 120's with a bronze sword and some pots. Just being on skype with mario and bowser, they were having 6 people on them with bronze swords at once.
  14. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    You can always turn #privacy_on to stop people from viewing it, just like you have it on main. But for others who dont care it would be nice to have open.
  15. [ Buying ] [ Selling ]

    PM me in-game, i have a halberd
  16. Lenny / Invasions channel

    I think it should stay. It doesnt hurt anything, but it doesnt help anythig either. You can see that all of the posts here are by people who dont PK (with the exception of Korrode) and im pretty sure that is what the PK Central was for, the PKers. None of you should complain anyway, Ch6 is off-topic 99% of the time anyway. btw the only reason why dilly wants it moved to ch4 is because no one goes on that channel anyway (ch6 is used for general chat)
  17. Instance Team

    Gizz says he will join us, so now it is Senzon(me)/Gizz/Hailee/Grim for fighters, and bkc/spike for mules @DarkCleric, can hannibal come? as a fighter or mule @RotationZ, you want to come? And if anyone could donate armor/weps/cloaks(Mirror/BP)
  18. Instance Team

    ok, so spike and bkc will be mules, and so far it is me/grim/hailee for fighters. maybe we can get rotationz to go. then we will need one more fighter. perhaps darkcleric can use hannibal.
  19. 1v1 arena to the death

    interesting idea
  20. Who the hell are you?

    can a mod clean up thhis thread? like all of the soultaker stuff, and move it to the soultaker thread? tytytyty
  21. PK Character Contest

    I will be giving away two Pk server character (both under 20's a/d, and 35 harv for both) to someone that would like to try and play on the pk server. It will be a hide and seek type of contest, where you will have to bring items to each person, at each spot. The first two people to go through ALL of the places, and give the correct items, win a Pk server character. For example: I give you a hint, and your bring the hinted item to the hinted location to exchange with the person that you find at that location. If your wrong, then just keep trying. I plan to start the event in 3 days (Tuesday, July 21) I will be posting the clues here, in this topic when the event starts, and i will be giving a new hint every 5 minutes. @Moderators or anyone else: If you could/would help with this event (i.e. sitting at the places to recieve the items, and then PMing me there names), please post or PM me. So please, sign up here if you would wish to participate. TYVM Everyone, and Good Luck! EDIT: Please only post if you do not already have a Pk server character, and only if you plan to use it. After all, this is to try and get more players into the Pk server. EDIT# People who have signed up: TigerClaw SirAlland Minion07 Cyprom Garnoo Daiske1
  22. PK Character Contest

    well, beings cyprom actually was one away from my number (69 ) he gets one of the characters, and i will give the other to Garnoo... beings he actually cared enough to post
  23. PK Character Contest

  24. PK Character Contest

    stfu norm, your not even in the damn contest...
  25. PK Character Contest

    ok, now the contest will start, and ONLY the people who have signed up can say a number, between 0-100 (you can even use decimals). Read my previous post to see full details. Once everyone that is on my list picks a number, winners will be chosen!