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  1. Very dissapointed

    Hi all ,,Just thought I would let you know. Even if you Know you think you know a person you don't ,, I was so I thought friends with Infect, infection Cyrus ,,we all went to WTF together with a team. I loaned him my char cause he was better at tanking ,I was going through a divorce with my husband and had little time to play .Let alone 2 chars , so I let him play on my high ad char .while ,I was dealing with RL problems ,,I moved away and to another province and getting settled in .I tried to log into my char and low and behold he changed the pass ,,I have been trying to contact him but he will not respond ,, He sent me a Mercator saying that in other words that I lost my char he was keeping it. Now not only that I have to deal with RL stuff and in a new Province he pulls this on me ...... Now tell me I should not be down all over again , Thanks for letting me vent
  2. Very dissapointed

    Yes he does but I am still not getting any contact from him ,,, And Thank you Infect ,,That is all you had to do ,, She was not empty Infect all the coin from the instances you did you put on your other chars ,, so you did not have to take all ,you could have left what you started with ,,but so be it ,
  3. Very dissapointed

    This is what I said on Skype infect ,, Brandon .are you really taking my char ? Are teachers not supposed to be honest ? Then I again I skyped yet again saying .Really Infect I am on my own, my husband takes me for a ride now you do. please do not do this to me .. I beg of you . I did not bad mouth you ,, I tried 5 times ,and your Skype was on,, all you had to do was say a short , hey meow , I did not take her .. Instead as you said I uninstalled Skype .Also I was online with Meow ,you logged in .then off right away ,, instead of giving me a pm .. Yes I was afraid you took her because of the Mercator mesg you sent quoting Rule #4 and # 10 ,,what else would ,someone think ,in receiving a mesg like that ,plus change of pass ,, We agreed that I could log on to her so I could play her once in a while ,until I was ready and settled in to my new home .
  4. Very dissapointed

    Yes ,I admitted I loaned him the char ,,he also promised he would never Take or Change the pass on me ,,and seeing that we were going to WTF !!!! with my guildies ,, as I said I would let him go on her ,,, ,,then he asked to change Mhysa to a male so seeing that he was on her most of the time I agreed ,,again we were friends ,,and he had promised that I would have access to her when he was not using the char., also he is a music teacher ,,so I thought he had values and integrity ,, ,,but we all were shocked that he did this ,,we as my guildies ,,,and I . I did try to get the pass from Radu ,, and I was not honest about it ,,cause of rule 4,and 10 ,,I'm sure others would have tried the same ,,I did not think I was doing wrong in saying a little white lie ,,it is my char after all,, I have tried to mesg Infect via Skype and e-mail ..He has yet to respond .I am sure ,I am not the first to trust others with our char ,,especially If you thought they were friends .Ok maybe if he is on holidays he is not getting my mesg , But why did he change the pass ,, ?
  5. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion .I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10000, Amber 1200,and I have 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 50 and ,finally ,25 Orange of which I already have 14
  6. Auctioning Vegetal removal stone

  7. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Paid for" Tina " Your transaction ID for this payment is: 36D723215R496351A. New Owner ( Meow )
  8. I think , that is a great suggestion,,<<
  9. Dragon armor suit, bid

    $85 usd
  10. Change Hulda exit

    I think That is a great idea ,that radu did that,, It is like jumping from the fry pan into the fire LOL
  11. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    I think 150
  12. Celebration

    Gratz!!! to both !!! U 2 make a great couple ))
  13. IP Banned

    Hi ,,I,am visiting in Ontario ,from BC and joined my mothers network ,,,And tryed to log into my EL acct and was told that this IP add was banned . My mother whos is 82 and brother who is 42 have never played EL in there life ,, My question is how can this IP be banned ,,and if so what can we do to fix this problem ,,Thank Xavia
  14. IP Banned

    Sorry ,for the spam , but I did not know I was whitelisted ,, I was just told why the IP could have been banned ..,, I thank you for the whitelisting <<<
  15. IP Banned

    When a troublesome user on a dynamic IP causes problems, sometimes a range of IP addresses gets banned. At one time Entropy even banned all of AT&T to reduce problems. So ,how can we get this resolved ,so I can log into my acct ..Thanks
  16. Video card OpenGL version

    Video card: GeForce GT 220/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.3.0
  17. *** HUGE STORAE SALE ***

    MyLann PM Xavia ingame plz Thanks
  18. Selling sto

    Selling My Sto, fair offers on items please, pm me ingame or post here, Thanks Flowers: 2999 Blue Lupine 1223 White Asiatic Lilly 604 Yarrow 584 Black Rose 5337 Mullein 297 Impatiens 436 Wheat 486 Rue 1189 Blue Star Flower 1629 White Chanterelle STO soldThanks all Ores: 74 Honey Comb Minerals: 213 Emerald 231 Turqoise 1351 Ruby Weapons: 1 Wooden Staff 1 Bronze Sword 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 1 Fire arrows 57 Pking bolts 2 Iron Battle Hammer 3 Iron Broad Sword 2 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 1 Cutlass 68 Wood Branches 1 Iron Axe 1 Frying Pan 1 Orc Slayer Magic: 11 Moon Medallion 5 Ring of Iscarlith 7 A/D Indicator 1 Harvester Medallion 1 Red Dragon Scale 3 Ring of Naralik 22 Stars Medallion 10 Ring of Power 1 Ring of Irinveron Potions 61 Potion of Minor Healing 34 Potion of Summoning 1 Potion of Crafting 1 Potion of Harvesting 2 Potion of Heat Protection Animal 823 Polar Bear Fur 34 Cockatrice Feather 34 Rat tail 1 Small Dragon Scale 536 White rabbit fur 462 Puma Fur 20 Brown rabbit fur Clothes: 2 Excavator Cape 2 Blue Tricorn hat 9 Fur Cloak 3 Brown Tricorn Ha 4 Racoon hat 11 Skunk hat 1 Black Tricorn Hat 22 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Black Robe Skirt 1 Body Piercing Cloak Misc 126 Wood Logs 32 Leather 4 Phoenix Glyph 1 Skeleton key 2 Black Horse Whistle 4715 Thread 3 Skull key 68 Wood Branches 2 RC Mine 2 RC Mine Detonator Jewelry: 3 Polished Sapphire 56 Polished Emerald 29 Polished Ruby
  19. Selling sto

    Thanks all Sto is sold
  20. Selling sto

    Ok !!
  21. Selling sto

  22. Selling sto

    Ok yours !!
  23. Selling sto

    Raistlin Yes ok but bones are sold Make me descent offer Koddy