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  1. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Hello Wizzy hey all, LE-team would like to start the contest on wednesday, nov 27th, at 8 pm CET (GMT +1) Im sorry for not telling this in other time zones, my friends know that this will just lead to a chaos! ­čśé
  2. IP banned

    hello there, after some years in real life, i thought about spending some time in the eternal lands again. but when i came back i noticed that my ip is still banned every other time. before i left i was told, that i havent done something nasty, the banning was because of someone else in my ip-range. so my main character "piiia" was unbanned. but my alts were not. would it be possible to unlock my alts as well? "spooky" + "knusperkeks" my main problem is my wardrobe! i definitely need more space in my storage. and spooky and knusper got so many free slots! thank you
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Mugwort = 15k gc i need 10k wormwood = 20k gc can i change this order please?
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ingame name: piiia 10k Blue Berries = 15k gc 10k Mugwort = 15k gc ohohoh happened again.. i need 10k wormwood = 20k gc 10k Poppies = 15k gc 10k Red Currents = 15k gc total amount: 65k gc can i change order, please?
  5. sorry lilla.. but i loled whatever.. i still prefer it to be level-based. but it may be because i composed this idea around the newbies. it should be something like the newbie storage and the dying without consequences till level 20. you get the feeling of growing up like the invances and instances do.
  6. thank you all for your posts! we know that its all a question of supply and demand. the more pink rostos can be found the less they cost! omg i so much wish they will be pink! like vanyel, i pick up the topic of invances: i gave up the wish that the prices of the current rostogols will go down, especially after there are invances, where many of them disappear. besides the training aspect, one of the reasons why i wanted a graduation for the rostos (e.g. white, blue, pink) is, as vanyel said, that there are rules to follow, e.g. "to enter with good armor". for a new player its as hard to lose a steel set like its for a highlevel player to lose their icy armor. so they want to protect it too, but cant afford a rosto. sure, you dont need to enter every single invance. but the invances are really fun, not just exp, and people love them. i would like to see that even new players can take part more often. i hope its possible to bind an item to someones levels. if not, maybe someone got a better idea!
  7. this morning i was searching the market for a rostogol stone. i dont need to tell the most of you that the price is at 57kgc atm. "ok!", i said to myself, "then you dont need to fight piiia, you will be stuck on your levels for another year!" im not comlaining, cause i dont need to level much more. my a/d is high enough to be ignored by most of the monsters. i just wanted to have that rosto to enter an invance, since there you meet some people you would'nt trust your nmt! but my mind was looking back at the times when i was struggeling hard to get my first CoL. it takes some time to earn the coins, when you are not able to farm chims, yetis or dragons! and OMG i was dying so many times training ogres or cyclops. back then the rostos were about 16kgc and way easier to find. i imagined how it would be when i started playing these days. if i was just able to get the gc's for a CoL, probably having harvested and mixed for 2 weeks, and got a rostogol stone after another week in the caves, and then died afterthe 5th ogre.. frustrating! would i buy another rosto, after 2 weeks of mixing? would i go back to train without rosto, risking losing my items? or would i just say no, i will look for another game? my idea is now to have some different rostos with different values. the usage could also be limited by a/d levels, so that high levels cant use the minor rostos. 1. white rosto: protects equipment and inventory (for invance, pk, instance), 120-200 a/d 2. blue rosto: protects equipment, 80-120 a/d 3. pink rosto: protects only parts of the equipment, 4 slots maybe, 0-80 a/d i hope you like the suggestion! it just came into my mind and i wanted to share the idea with you. i havent thought about the economy, pk or radu's point of view (shop) yet. and maybe also two different types are already enough. so there is lots of space for discussion. i found an interesting post from 2006 as well, that is a bit different from my idea, so i created a new post. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26204&st=0&p=275981&&do=findComment&comment=275981
  8. awesome Germans !

    so... jetzt m├╝ssen wir hier mal wirklich den thread wiederbeleben.. wie sieht das denn aus.. als w├Ąren wir alle nicht mehr da! das stimmt doch nicht! solange man harvestet hat man doch zeit hier nette witze hinzukritzeln, die mich zum lachen bringen.. also los leute..!!! ich warte! EDIT: ich hab nen preis f├╝r den besten witz w├Âlfin geht ins rennen mit: 1. [Woelfin @ 206]: kommt fritz um die ecke was fehlt? [vinolus @ 206]: die Pommes fehlen Woelfin [Woelfin @ 206]: nee der witz 2. [Woelfin @ 206]: was ist rot und hat zwei wei├če streifen? [The_Piper @ 206]: m├Âhre mit schlagsahne? [Woelfin @ 206]: nee ne tomate mit hosentr├Ągern 3. [Ghost30 @ 206]: Was macht ein Clown im B├╝ro? [Woelfin @ 206]: faxen 4. [Woelfin @ 206]: ein autofahrer steht aan einem stoppschild sagt ein anderer autofahrer:warum fahren sie denn nicht weiter?" "w├╝rde ich ja gerne aber erst wenn das stoppschild [Woelfin @ 206]: auf gr├╝n geschaltet ist 5. [darkii @ 206]: wareum haben elefanten rote augen? [darkii @ 206]: nein damit man sie nicht sieht wenn sich sich in einem kirschbaum verstecken xD 6. [vinolus @ 206]: wie bring man einen Elefant in nen K├╝hlschrank ? [darkii @ 206]: k├╝hlschrank auf elefant rein k├╝hlschrank zu [vinolus @ 206]: und wie bring man ne Kuh in nen K├╝hlschrank ? [darkii @ 206]: k├╝hlschrank auf elefant raus, kuh rein und k├╝hlschrank zu [vinolus @ 206]: und woran merkt man dass ein Elefant im K├╝hlschrnak war wenn die Kuh drinsteht ? [vinolus @ 206]: an den Fu├čstapen in der Butter 7. [Woelfin @ 206]: ein patient sagt zum artz" ich hab das gef├╝hl das meine sehkraft nachl├Ąsst"der artz:"was sind sie denn vom beruf?" "hellseher 8. [Ghost30 @ 206]: Stehen zwei Pilze vor nem rieeeeesigen Abgrund . [Ghost30 @ 206]: Sagt der eine : Wenn wir da runterspringen, sind wir tot [Ghost30 @ 206]: Sagt der andere: Halts Maul , Pilze k├Ânnen nicht reden. 9. [Woelfin @ 206]: zwei m├Ąnner gehen zur tanke der eine macht "blau licht blau licht" der andere brum brumm brumm sagen sie zum tankwart [Woelfin @ 206]: bitte volltanken bitte [Woelfin @ 206]: der tankwart macht den vogel und sie sagen ja scheibenwischen auch bitte 10. [Woelfin @ 206]: was gebe ich dir und es bleibt doch bei mir? [Woelfin @ 206]: die antwort ist ├╝brigens die hand 11. Marr mit: PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEP 12. The_Piper mit: die kleine piiia geht im wald spazieren und trifft nen wolf. sie fragt ihn: oh.. was hast du denn f├╝r gro├če augen? darauf der wolf: verdammt, nicht mal in ruhe kacken kann man hier! 13. [Woelfin @ 206]: ein sch├╝ler kommmt zu spat zur schule.trifft er auf den weg zum unterricht den direktor. er sagtv ganz ernst 10 minuten zu spat.der sch├╝ler nickt und sagt ich [Woelfin @ 206]: auch 14. [Ghost30 @ 206]: Was ist braun und fliegt durch die Nacht? -eine Ledermaus 15. [Woelfin @ 206]: was ist ein eisenhaltiges abf├╝hrmittel? [Woelfin @ 206]: handschellen
  9. Neno Hunting

    rofl kaddy really wanted to thank everyone that changed their plans for the evening to help us those who teled there, and those who just passed. i like this monster very much, since its only possible to catch it with big teamwork. <3 to all! NICE PICS CITY.. you are an artist
  10. who still makes invasionmeters

    hey all, i just reread this post and want to tell you that i have my own invasionmeter now for almost 2 years.. although i only use it on invasions with hidden monsters, when u usually have some hints where they could be, and lots of maps that already had been checked i gotta say that this meter lasted very long. they are not made for a daily use! the meter is a special item and i love to find the last dragon its nice to have one and i changed my mind: if it breaks i will definitely make a new meter.
  11. Simple contest

    ill be there.. even if i only live as long till i see you online \o/
  12. GODz

    for PATS its also a sad day! i dont know everyone of you but i think of the nice times i had with you! Tiger: since i met you, i love to chat with you, noone ever sent me such cute smileys. tigerclaw, i enjoyed every second we had been talking and you always had been one of my very best friends! stay as you are and please keep sending me pics of you, for my galery <3 Infamous: you made me laugh so often about your dry jokes, in game, on skype, and in your posts! i bet you dont even know how often you made me smile! your humor will be missed a lot! at least be me *knuffel* dont forget the flowers for tyra Tyrannis: Damn i was scared when i first met you in EVTR pk-cave! this name and you were in full armor! but when we started talking i always liked you! for you and all others in that guild, that will leave us, i wish all the best for your future! may we meet us again somewhere, sometimes, somehow! greetings also from the other PATS
  13. War against =HC=

    hi boedhi, ill help you with all i got... <3
  14. WinXP, Client crashes after logging on

    tried it.. is not working.. i will try to install the next driver in korrodes list.. maybe that helps
  15. WinXP, Client crashes after logging on

    hi korrode, first thx for the help, but it doesnt work.. when i run the setup it tells me that the setup cant find a driver for my laptop and closes now any suggestions? EDIT: ok i downloaded the second driver in the list korrode linked me too.. the first one was for the SiS 760 GX. but i needed the SiS M 760 GX setup worked, but EL-problem isnt solved: Log started at 2010-01-31 17:58:25 localtime (Westeurop├Ąische Normalzeit) [17:58:25] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el.exe". Failover to server: main. [17:58:25] Using the server profile: main [17:58:26] Warning: Didn't find your data_dir, using the current directory instead. Please correct this in your el.ini . Given data_dir was: "c:\Program Files\Eternal Lands". Using "C:\Programme\Eternal Lands". [17:58:26] Window size adjusted to 1018x736 [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_multitexture extension, not using it... [17:58:27] GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension found, using it. [17:58:27] GL_ARB_point_sprite extension found, using it. [17:58:27] GL_ARB_texture_compression extension found, using it. [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc extension, not using it... [17:58:27] GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension found, using it. [17:58:27] GL_ARB_shadow extension found, using it. [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension, not using it... [17:58:27] GL_EXT_draw_range_elements extension found, using it. [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_fragment_program extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_vertex_program extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_fragment_shader extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_vertex_shader extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_shader_objects extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_shading_language_100 extension, not using it... [17:58:27] GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat extension found, NOT using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle extension, not using it... [17:58:27] GL_EXT_fog_coord extension found, NOT using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extension, not using it... [17:58:27] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc extension, not using it... [17:58:30] Error opening sound configuration file [17:58:54] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [17:58:54] * server www.eternal-lands.com filename http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates180/files.lst [17:58:54] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates180/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [17:58:55] Error: Can't open file "alias.ini" [17:58:55] Finished downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates180/files.lst [17:58:56] * server www.eternal-lands.com filename http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst [17:58:56] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [17:58:56] Finished downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst [17:59:15] Language changed, was [en] now [en] [17:59:45] Bad light (number 3) when loading './maps/map2_cave.elm'; co-ords [-3.509648 35.421036 3.000000] colour [1.000000 1.000000 1.000000] [17:59:45] Error: Can't open file "spells_piiia.dat" this is the new error-log