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  1. =hc=

  2. =hc=

    BUMP After more then a year with out anyone posting in this epic thread. Anyone interested to join this legendary guild can pm me in game, or scarr.
  3. very old players

    man, where r u ? u alive ? WTF
  4. very old players

    the word on the street is that zaer is about 84 years old...so i think he would be the oldest el player
  5. =hc=

    The only really cool guild left in el is recruiting.For more info come visit our forums http://z3.invisionfree.com/hcsite
  6. =hc=

    yes,u can villek
  7. Netherlands / Holland

    hi,can i join netherlands?
  8. =hc=

    =Hc= is still recruiting
  9. cool review

    You should do more cool reviews like this! I showed your videos to all of my rl friends ( 2 of em to be exact), and after that they all started to play el and have a lots of fun. If u dont do it i will start a petition!!!!!
  10. cool review

    Great review! I think this video should be on main el site,so we can get more ppl to join this uber game gj scarr
  11. =hc=

    =hc= still recruiting.if u want a real pk guild,that doesnt have allies,if u want to be hated,flamed then pm in game to oldschool,zorro or me to join or visit ur forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/hcsite
  12. Best Male PKer

    male or female,there is 1 name,1 legend...she had more fights then all the top pkers 2ghtere. she died more time in kf then any1 else,but she kept coming back and showing balls bigger then most guys have. yes,its Ant_Queen http://game.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Ant_Queen
  13. PK Goddess of EL

    tyrannis aint just the best female pker,she is also one of the best pkers nowdays.
  14. =hc=

    the only real pk guild which was always here,and will be,the legendary guild hardcore is recruiting. The guild URL is: http://z3.invisionfree.com/hcsite
  15. selling some stuff

    350k jsoc