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  1. Yet another fire sword book from an ant :)


    Starting Bid: 15k

    Min Increment: 1k

    BIN: 60k


    PM me in game, posting here is preferable, ty


    EDIT: as always forgot a deadline... we'll go for this saturday same time as post or when BIN is reached.

  2. Pinning is basically only thing that makes ranging useful apart from rank and the rare times you team bula and 60 AP costs a crap load of gc nvm the arrows/bolts to kill. There's still risk trying to pin or getting bags/getting to bethel cliffs when ACW are in the invasion and without bags no profit. Also doesn't work when you farmed drags with pinning then for "some reason" you want it removed. If pinning gone, I'd like my ~1mill gc of AP back since all you can do with that w/o pin is shoot things and have them run up to you and pwn your ass. I like the idea you can kill big mobs without spending a lifetime on a/d just like mages except you rarely profit.