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  1. Really like the idea Miiks got from warangel, would give added incentive to hunt down birds and make the arrows. Definitely would add 2 more nexus to arti if this were implemented. Also like the concept of a poison arrow, gives a new element to ranging. PK arrows/bolts could have a chance when made to become a poison arrow. And healing arrows would be neat.

  2. Feel like feeling busy so selling:


    3.9k dandelions @ 1.4gc ea

    1k mullein @ 1.2gc ea

    1.5k vegetables @ 0.5gc ea

    2.8k nightshade @ 1.5gc ea

    8k sunflowers @ 0.5gc ea


    100 deer fur @ 6gc ea

    72 falcon feathers @ 11gc ea

    21 hawk feathers @ 14gc ea

    200 feran horns @ 14gc ea

    10 fur cloaks @ 35gc ea

    125 snow leopard furs @ 14gc ea


    330 harvest/degrade indicators @ 30gc ea


    370 augmented leather pants @ 80gc ea

    1 iron cuisses @ 6k

    1 iron greave @ 6k


    51 ghps @ 100gc ea

    2 potions of alchemy @ 80gc ea


    Pm me ingame or post here. I offer delivery for purchases over 6kgc :). Ty for looking.

  3. During bag mixing at Arius gypsum, forgot antidotes and he's for nasty shroomies so tried "rushing" back before I died but figured I'm definitely going to die anyway and I wasn;t going to lose a rost for stupid poison so dropped rost and died and also dropped black drag greaves, col, ti cuisses and some other crap. Got them back though :D, losing stuff in quiet times is awesome.


    And lost rost during seizure shroomie deaths on NDD and another rost on shrooms from reading up stuff from the encyc for a friend. Forever a shroomhead though ^^.