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  1. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    1k diamonds please!
  2. Raw Meat Auction

  3. 25k diamonds

  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k sapphires for 64k please!
  5. storage sale

    wine 1.2ea, crossbow training bolts 9.5ea, vials 5ea, black robe skirt 5k?
  6. Pin Poll

    Pinning is basically only thing that makes ranging useful apart from rank and the rare times you team bula and 60 AP costs a crap load of gc nvm the arrows/bolts to kill. There's still risk trying to pin or getting bags/getting to bethel cliffs when ACW are in the invasion and without bags no profit. Also doesn't work when you farmed drags with pinning then for "some reason" you want it removed. If pinning gone, I'd like my ~1mill gc of AP back since all you can do with that w/o pin is shoot things and have them run up to you and pwn your ass. I like the idea you can kill big mobs without spending a lifetime on a/d just like mages except you rarely profit.
  7. auction

  8. auction

    4ea for the raw meat
  9. Storage sale!

    WTF for 70ea?
  10. Storage Sale

    arrow/bolt head 19k, training arrows 9.5ea, square vials 17ea, turq 4ea, sapphs 3.1ea, racoon furs 10ea, falcon feathers 16ea, crossbow 7k, yew 1ea?
  11. Book of Magic Sword

    Hey ppls, finally auctioning this book. Start Bid: 15k Min Increment: 1k Buy Now: 40k Post here or PM me ingame but risk a spammy afk message #EDIT: thought of BIN after hitting post >.>
  12. Book of Magic Sword

    Thanks to everyone who participated in bidding and ty nicktehbrick!
  13. Book of Magic Sword

    Anonymous bid of 16k
  14. Book of Magic Sword

    In game bid of 15k
  15. auction for some essies

    127k for le's
  16. auction for some essies

    122k for LEs
  17. Storage Sale

    bones 2ea, used iron cuisses 3k, and used tit greave 15k?
  18. Selling stuff

    wtf and hawk feathers please, 16 for the feathers
  19. Selling titanium set, capes, stuff...

    cotu 6k and used tit shield 18k?
  20. Diamonds

  21. Small sto sell

    sunflowers 0.6ea, sapphires 3ea, hawk and falcon feathers 16ea
  22. small sto sale

    snow leo furs 15 and turquoise 4ea? and square vials 15ea?
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, is it possible to replace my last order of shrooms for 10k cactus for 5kgc? Thanks!
  24. selling some stuff

    Bronze shield 29k?
  25. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order 5x10k toadies please! 15kgc each batch and ty!