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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k BQ please total 20kgc
  2. EL Depot Grand Opening :]

    5k diamonds, 5k sapphires and 1k steel bars please total of 70kgc please!
  3. HUGE Storage Sale

    white asiatic lillies and blue star flowers 0.5ea, raw meat 4ea, wine 1ea, BQ 2ea, fruits and veggies 0.5ea, sapphires 3ea, wolframite 580ea, and empty vials 5ea? total 88132gc
  4. Storage for sale

    9.5ea for xbow training bolts?
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    just FYI, my order of 20k sunflowers for 10kgc should be an order of 20k blue star flowers (BSF) for 10kgc. ty
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k BSF = 10kgc and 10k BQ = 20kgc please!
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k WALs for 5kgc please!
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k veggies = 6kgc please!
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, can you cancel my last batch (5) order of 20k crysanthemums please? tyvm
  10. Storage On For Sale!

    5ea for vials and 6kea for damaged iron cuisses and greaves?
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hii! I'd like to order 20k BSF=10kgc, 10k tiger lillies=5kgc, and 20k x 3 batches of crysanthemums = 10kgc each batch. TYVM
  12. Auction LEs & ELEs

  13. Auction LEs & ELEs

    250kgc for le's
  14. storage clean

    hawk and falcon feathers 16ea, empty vials 5ea, training arrows and bolts 9.5ea, archery arena ticket 3k?
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, is it possible to change my last 2 batches of toadstools to 2x10k fruit for 6k per batch instead? thanks
  16. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5x10k shrooms again please 15kgc per batch!
  17. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k sunflowers and 20k BSF please and ty!
  18. 5k Fire Ess and 1k raw meats

    I'll buy both
  19. Services what i can do for you!

    5k quartz please!
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    8k wheat and 4k daffs, 12k in total please! and 4 more batches of 10k toads for 15kgc each batch
  21. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    5x2k batches of toadstool please! total of 9kgc, 1.8k per batch
  22. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    1k more diamonds please
  23. Fire Sword Book Auction!

    Yet another fire sword book from an ant Starting Bid: 15k Min Increment: 1k BIN: 60k PM me in game, posting here is preferable, ty EDIT: as always forgot a deadline... we'll go for this saturday same time as post or when BIN is reached.
  24. Fire Sword Book Auction!

    gnewbie won the auction! gratz! and thanks for everyone who showed interest/bidded!
  25. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    another 1k diamonds please if possible!