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  1. Vitality Removal Stone

    Auction has ended! Ty to all that bidded and congratz Goodday2die! please pm me in-game when you get the chance. Close thread please.
  2. Vitality Removal Stone

    Private bid for 18k
  3. I have 153 brown rabbit hides. pm me #EDIT: found a bot buying the rat tails at 7gc
  4. Potions!

    I'm not going to wait so everything has been SOLD/put in sto. Close thread please.
  5. Potions!

    Ending in one day then it will be all sold to NPC
  6. Potions!

    #EDIT: Invis pot, extracts, Br's, Sr's, Manu pots, GHP's prices lowered.
  7. Potions!

  8. Buying Lots of Manu Books

    5k good? Sorry nvm, I already sold it for 12k.
  9. SOLD and I'm guessing no one wanted the Ti Axe Constr Books Adversary has them for the price they can be sold at the npc anyway....
  10. Buying Lots of Manu Books

    I have Ti Long Sword of Magic book, pm me your offer have right to blah blah.
  11. Mod Mule for an hour!

    Hey, err I'm not sure if this is legal but I guess I'll be the first to know. Starting Price: 1kgc Minimum Increment: 1k Post here or bid in-game, enjoy! Auction Ends: In 4 days from now. #EDIT: forgot to put auction deadline xD
  12. Mod Mule for an hour!

    Hi again, Yes I realized shortly after making the new topic I should've informed Thyralax first that's why I messaged him through gossip afterwards. I know I should've done it before, I'm not sure what came over me maybe just the fact I was curious as to see if this would work. Also thought it might be amusing, after all its just a game. Not like consideration is excluded however, again I should've asked Thyralax first. Sorry about this whole ordeal and drama people and because originally it was Thyralax's kindness to serve as a mod mule, I'll give all the money raised from this auction to the GIWS fund. I never cared for the money. And no I was not selling him, merely his services and since his services were being given away I thought they could be traded as well. Just for the record. And Wizzy: yea it would be very nice but It's not very helpful when your mod mule is never on when you are, so I thought why not give someone else the helpful service? Anyways have fun everyone and enjoy EL.
  13. Mod Mule for an hour!

    The mod's emu is 940 is my calcs are correct.
  14. Auction: Ti/Steel Short Sword of Thermal Books Starting Price: 4kgc Buy Now: 9kgc Increment: 500 gc Deadline: 3 days from now The two highest bids each get a book. Post here or pm me ingame, thanks .
  15. They were already sold in my later on book sale for 5kgc each :/, sorry for the inconvenience. Delete thread please.
  16. Books Sale!

    Decided it's about time to sell all these random books so here they are: Armour and Weapon Construction: 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction - 2500 gc 1 Book of Titanium Short Sword Construction - 800 gc 1 Book of Titanium Short Sword of Thermal - 5000 gc ea 1 Book of Steel Shield Construction - 800 gc 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction - 4000 gc 1 Book of Titanium Long Sword Construction - 1300 gc 1 Book of Titanium Chain Mail Construction - 5000 gc Ring & Medallion Building: 1 Book of Isla Prima Ring Building - 200 gc 1 Book of Portland Ring Building - 500 gc 1 Book of Disengagement Ring Building - 2500 gc 1 Book of Moon Medallion Building - 4000 gc Potion Making: 1 Books of Potion of Summoning - 200gc 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing - 800 gc 1 Book of Potion of Physique - 400 gc Molding, Mining, and Smelting: 1 Book of Titanium Smelting - 1800 gc 1 Book of Titanium Mining - 1800 gc 1 Book of Titanium Molding - 2500 gc Fighting Knowledge: 1 Book of Dwarf Fighting - 3000 gc PM me in-game or post here for buying
  17. Books Sale!

    SALE CLOSED. Delete please.
  18. Selling some stufffs

    Here's what I have for sale: 1 Iron Cuisses - 6 kgc 2.3k Ogre Toes - 1 kgc for all 5.7k Tree Mushrooms - 3 kgc for all PM me in game or post here
  19. Books Sale!

    6kgc for 1 of each? if so please put them on hold- gotta get some gold first ^^ No prob, pm me whenever
  20. Books Sale!

    SALE will end in 1 more day!
  21. Books Sale!

    Done, pm me whenever. I'll buy all of these for 15300gc Sure pm me
  22. Books Sale!

    Deal, pm me in game.
  23. Edit: Changed to an auction.
  24. Selling FE's

    Selling 10k FE's for 30kgc please pm me in game