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  1. Enhanced Iron Set

    Greaves, Plate, Cuisses! Starting Bid: 30k Min. Increment: 1k Buy Now: 50k Auction ends: 6 days from this post, or when I like the offer. Pm me or post here , have right not to sell if bloobleeblah
  2. Storage clearance

    35k for the two rostos?
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    6k diamonds please = 19.2kgc ingame name is same
  4. ELG Harvest Shop

    6k diamonds = 19.2k please ingame name same
  5. auction: dragonblade and bronze swords

    16k for other bronze sword
  6. Storage Sale.

    18k for rosto?
  7. 20k turquoise

  8. Encyclopedia Errata

    If it hasn't been already mentioned, on the rc2 update, the encyc says ring of power with same exact info in crafting section twice. EDIT: oh and ranging isn't mentioned in the attributes section of encyc
  9. =Selling all of my storage =)

    offer 2050gc for the thread and 3k for the mercury if they aren't already sold please.
  10. cool ranging/magic idea

    Really like the idea Miiks got from warangel, would give added incentive to hunt down birds and make the arrows. Definitely would add 2 more nexus to arti if this were implemented. Also like the concept of a poison arrow, gives a new element to ranging. PK arrows/bolts could have a chance when made to become a poison arrow. And healing arrows would be neat.
  11. Random sto sale

    Feel like feeling busy so selling: 3.9k dandelions @ 1.4gc ea 1k mullein @ 1.2gc ea 1.5k vegetables @ 0.5gc ea 2.8k nightshade @ 1.5gc ea 8k sunflowers @ 0.5gc ea 100 deer fur @ 6gc ea 72 falcon feathers @ 11gc ea 21 hawk feathers @ 14gc ea 200 feran horns @ 14gc ea 10 fur cloaks @ 35gc ea 125 snow leopard furs @ 14gc ea 330 harvest/degrade indicators @ 30gc ea 370 augmented leather pants @ 80gc ea 1 iron cuisses @ 6k 1 iron greave @ 6k 51 ghps @ 100gc ea 2 potions of alchemy @ 80gc ea Pm me ingame or post here. I offer delivery for purchases over 6kgc . Ty for looking.
  12. Random sto sale

    Pm me when you guys can get the chance please and sorry private, forgot to remove them 'cause I decided to keep them instead.
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    HeYo, I'd like to order 2k emeralds, 4k sapphires Total: 18800gc In-game name is same.
  14. 1k Silver Medallions!

    Hey, selling 1k silver meds to get rost money back >_<. Starting Bid: 100k Minimum Increments: 2k Buy Now: 140k Auction will end 3 days from the time of this post if Buy Now Price is not reached. Pm me in-game or post here, ty.
  15. 1k Silver Medallions!

    SOLD at buy now price. Tyvm to everyone who bidded!
  16. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I'd like to order 2k sapphires @ 3.2 ea totalling 6400 gc please. In-game name is the same.
  17. Storage sell

    I'll buy the steel plate mail as soon as I finish and sell this project , much appreciated if it can be reserved for me.
  18. Make bethel cave single combat.

    Make the cave un-TINF-able or just take whatever extra feros they have when other spawns are occupied and ignore any lame remarks.
  19. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    During bag mixing at Arius gypsum, forgot antidotes and he's for nasty shroomies so tried "rushing" back before I died but figured I'm definitely going to die anyway and I wasn;t going to lose a rost for stupid poison so dropped rost and died and also dropped black drag greaves, col, ti cuisses and some other crap. Got them back though , losing stuff in quiet times is awesome. And lost rost during seizure shroomie deaths on NDD and another rost on shrooms from reading up stuff from the encyc for a friend. Forever a shroomhead though ^^.
  20. storage sale

    100k for steel set
  21. Veiks Little Order Shop!

    If this ordering service is still existing, I'd like to buy 30k wine please for a total of 36k.
  22. ELG Harvest Shop

    I'll order 5k turquoise @ 5gc for a total of 25k if possible. In game name is the same .
  23. summoning advice needed

    If you're not able to make stones yet or don't want to spend the pp's I would say to summon wolves.
  24. NMT cape

    Starting Bid: 330k Min Increments: 2k Buy Now Price: 400k Pm me in-game or post here . Auction will end in 3 days or when/if buy now price is reached. I have right to not sell blah blah.