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  1. Help logging in

    recently got a new computer and although the video card and everything is good enough Every time I try to log in it says the eternal lands client has stopped working and boots me out i have tried to reinstal but nothing works please help me solve this issue so that i may play this game again. you can reply here or email me at colej50@yahoo.com also you can contact my wife at onecutekrys@yahoo.com to help solve this issue tyvm
  2. Looking For A Guild

    PB&J is recruiting check out our thread or pm Davania, M_X, or Colej in game.
  3. Harvesting service!

    thank you ^^
  4. Harvesting service!

    Congrats on the baby. Please pm me or gossip tell me in game when you are taking orders again. I am hungry for steel bars. as soon as we do I will deffinately pm/gossip you Nathan
  5. Harvesting service!

    Thank you ever so much Im sorry to inform you that we have temporarilly closed the Service because of the addition to our family. Im sorry for any inconvience. Im sorry to inform you that the Harvest Service is temporarilly closed due to the addition to our family. Sorry for any inconvience.
  6. Harvesting service!

    Very exciting hope everything goes well and congratulations Thank you. we have now brought our daughter home http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n466/Co...milypics195.jpg http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n466/Co...milypics146.jpg http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n466/Co...milypics196.jpg
  7. Harvesting service!

    Ok everyone, PB&J shop is officially closed until further notice . For those that have orders placed they will be fill as fast as elvenly possible, so please be patient with us . For those that havent placed any orders yet Im sorry for the inconvience of the closure . This closure is due to Davania giving birth to our little girl on this coming thursday and us needing to make sure the house is in order before she comes . We will open as soon as we can . To all our friends out there I shall edit this post to notify everyone how it all went. I hope you all well
  8. Harvesting service!

    Darkness and marnicks orders are up for resale now and will be used to fill other orders
  9. Harvesting service!

    last call for marnick and darkness please pick upi your orders by tomorrow
  10. Auction - 10,000 Bones.

  11. LVL^ Recruiting

    LVL^ kicks butt!!!! GL DS:D
  12. Harvesting service!

    Darkness, your order will be filled and ready by Sunday the 28th of June, please pm me in game or leave a message here. In 1 week the order will be put up for re-sale.
  13. Coin for invasions

    very interesting thought
  14. A mystery

    I will give it a shot sign me up!!
  15. PB&J is recruiting

    I thank you all for the great support and kind words hope we all can have as much fun as we have in the past, in our long future here in the Eternal Lands