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  1. 2 Questions about the coming client

    Ok tnx im useless when it comes to programming stuff but managed to open editor(looks way better that old one).. and thats it xD so i hope and wait for not smart people-map editor version to come out
  2. 2 Questions about the coming client

    So since guild maps wont be officially made into 3d is there an existing map editor program(windows) where i could make guild map from 2D to 3D myself?
  3. Those options you listed worked just fine but for clicking on 6th item on 5th row i got 3rd item in first row, didnt try much other options, also for some items it says 'You have not seen what you have in that category!' like i tried some cloaks.
  4. -when i write message too long it dc-s me; i don't know if its possible for you to limit the message length or not -cannot take certain items out of storage(was trying to get some cloaks out of storage) #edit1 -Also if it would be possible to Add green/red dot somewhere to see if we are logged in or not
  5. Quests

    I think he was refering to this video
  6. Eurovision Song Contest 2011

    Slovenia \o/ not that i liked song that much but i have to vote for my own country ofc xD and she looks good... ;D
  7. The Last Journey

    Will monuments be on same locations as they were on first attempt for the contest?
  8. Fuze_ - Luring to Zirka PK.

    Just to add to this and another thread in this part of forum.. fuze_ and str8jacket are very likely same person
  9. a/d gab

    Tnx Miix
  10. a/d gab

    Can some1 send me with what build do you get such a gap in a/d (def higher) please :)
  11. What should I fight?

    If you are using weapon to train, taking it off would help with training on deersxD
  12. Summoning 100 \o/

    Congratulations Fedora
  13. Will removal stone

    finished, mortek ull be PMed ingame
  14. Will removal stone

    will end in like 30 hours
  15. Will removal stone

    1 will removal stone starting price 35k happy bidding