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  1. Design-a-cape contest

    Here's a cape I've made, based on the bluegray one. - With Freewebs, there's an option to optimize images on upload. I hope to have avoided that... I guess there could be a similar option with Photobucket? However, I could not for the life of me manage to link the image to be seen directly here. - Instead, please follow the link: Corlith Cape
  2. can't even log on before game crashes :/

    And Dogbreath's suggestion didn't help either? As that is about Windows it's beyond me, I'm on Mac myself.
  3. can't even log on before game crashes :/

    At the bottom here you can see two separate settings. One for resolution and one to turn off fullscreen if it's on. - Try setting the video mode for your desired resolution and turning off fullscreen (zero). video modes: 1 = 640x480 16bpp 2 = 640x480 32bpp 3 = 800x600 16bpp 4 = 800x600 32bpp 5 = 1024x768 16bpp 6 = 1024x768 32bpp 7 = 1152x864 16bpp 8 = 1152x864 32bpp 9 = 1280x1024 16bpp 10 = 1280x1024 32bpp 12 = 13 = 14 = 15 = 16 = full screen can be 0 (windowed) or 1 (full screen) if it is windowed, it will use the desktop BPP #video_mode= 4 #full_screen = 0
  4. can't even log on before game crashes :/

    Are you on PC or Mac? Are your graphics drivers updated? Did you change both settings in the ini file, one for resolution and one for windowed/fullscreen?
  5. petition for attributes cap

    Voted yes. Not that I'm close to such a level on any attribute, but still... sounds like a good idea to me.
  6. Democracy in EL

    As much as I would appreciate taking part in voting polls about things, I think that the most efficient way for an evolving game to go in the best directions with the least friction would be Entropy as leader of a council/advisory team. People hand-picked because they have experience, good judgement, see the whole picture of things, want the game to develop and so on. Who to be in this team would be up to Entropy, just a small group of people of all kinds really. And once in a while, replace these advisors just to be sure to keep things fresh and bringing in new thoughts and input. And if there are voting polls made, if say Entropy and advisors are split 50/50 on something, in my opinion anything from around 55% and up is a majority.
  7. A Rabbit's Tale

    (( I really like the story, it's like a blood-stained children's tale or something. You should get it illustrated for publishing, Peino. - It's the best explanation for the existence of the Fluffy that I can imagine. I don't have the experience to dive into a debate on EL theology, but my personal opinion is that when evil and selfish opportunist characters act just like you and me between themselves they become interesting. As long as they are glaring with gleaming eyes on their prey, laughing in hellish ways as they bring death and mayhem to their target while they take turns threatening each other they are kind of boring and predictable. So I would say I like Mortos and Selain's private ending conversation. Think of it like this; how would this person be around his own mother, around his friends and allies or around those that he might need the assistance of for some purpose in the nearby future? Maybe he would be... human, just like you and me? That would be fascinating and gives even more depth to the fantasy genre, I think, that evil can be more than just a tormented soul yearning to inflict destruction on all that is not tormented from within. Which you aswell describe, Peino, with Mortos' thoughts on Aluwen not being better than anyone else. Explaining evil reasoning is the not so easily done, but this one is short and great. A tale of balancing the powers that be. ))
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Gravity of Love - Enigma Killed by Death - Motorhead Red star - Birthday massacre
  9. Danger? Don't be 'daft!

    (( Hey, me likes! Hope it's ok that I post here. Well written and once I got into it, the story held me captive. You can present portraits and build up tension with only a few words, impressive as I like short and to-the-point descriptions. My only opinion otherwise is that I like larger paragraphs instead of so many line spaces in the text, but that's just me. Keep it up! ))
  10. Curious about Role Playing, but just asking...

    I was thinking, that funny as it may sound, some of Eternal Lands' best features also makes it sort of confusing as far as roleplaying goes. We have the local talk on location, the different chat channels that are both in and out of character, along with the direct PM system. These are great features and really makes the game better. But at the same time it becomes a mix of roleplaying and players talking about anything. The only downside to an otherwise complete client I guess. Another thought is the multicombat maps. Like in Naralik, I can fight a goblin and someone else joins in. Looking to the game and one's exp, I could be like 'what are you doing messing with my monster, my exp and my loot?' Or I can choose to roleplay, and in that sense my character would be welcoming any help he can get in battling the raging monsters of this world. Even further, with some good loot he (my character that is) might be wanting to share it with his fellow combatant. Like Aphistolas I have done some roleplaying and writing on other forums, not here yet though. Eternal Lands to me is a fascinating world with many sides to it that I feel I wish to know more in depth before I make any attempt at writing. I sometimes miss the roleplaying board games too, with pen, paper and dice. Although being comfortable, I do enjoy the computer games that do all the dice rolling and math for me. I agree with Peino as in choosing attributes, nexuses and perks that fits the character. My only debate with myself (!) so far has been whether to enlist with some gods or get the Godless perk. I finally chose to serve gods that fit my character and his views, which gives an extra dimension to the game. I also have an alt, that I feel like roleplaying very differently. But he quickly felt sort of flat compared to my main, so he aswell is sitting somewhere until I get a better grip on who he is or will be. I guess my split personalities ability is limited? The way it sounds, have you ever tried being a game master, Enly? Or set up stories for others to GM? Might suit you very well. Anyway, I know that I for one will be applying to participate in Thyralax' roleplaying thread here. Hmm, and hey, how about we start frequenting channel 5 some? I too am usually on there, but I just don't know where to start should I choose to initiate something. No big speeches required, how about just some in-character talk or whatever?
  11. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    Draegox, EL 1.4 worked fine for me too under Panther but as stated above it seems as if this update requires Tiger.
  12. the update

    - The game runs smoother. - The characters look great, they are so beautiful. - The targeting and changing of directions is responding better and more accurately. - The fighting is great. - Although it looks and runs better, the FPS seems to stay the same or even with a slight increase for me. - And it comes with a notepad. - We also got a counter for Mother nature getting pissed off, so cool. And still supporting not only the Mac but also the PPC. What to say... Great! Thanks everyone for your work!
  13. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    I used Entropy's links and have tried with the approved of PPC version only. It does not run under Panther but requires Tiger as stated. Also, I did as suggested and disabled sound since I crashed on my first attempt. I have only tried the game a little so far, but hey - it's working! I walk, I fight, I harvest. Oh day of joy! Thanks for your efforts Fedora.
  14. Curious about Role Playing, but just asking...

    Do we talk to the puppet or the puppeteer - and do we talk as our own puppet or as ourselves being puppeteers? Perhaps start all PMing as in character roleplaying and see where they lead? Should one or both switch to real life issues or whatever, then nothing's stopping you as long as both are in on it. PMing in character sounds tempting, since it's easy to get things clearly stated and discussed through that excellent tool. I think you're right about channel 4, it does switch back and forth a lot between different topics and during invasions it seems to be in character. Who knows, maybe someday we will get channel 5 going aswell? Further on, roleplaying does raise a few other questions or thoughts I think: - If I play a truly good person, I should always do the right thing. Sounds easy enough, but might not always be. You are perhaps soon expected to be the perfect hero in all situations, one to never be selfish and always helping others in need. - If I play an evil or selfish person, could I choose to bagjump even at harvesting teleports and such - aswell as steal away death bags to keep? My character would be all over the outlaws section, but what if he/she really is supposed to be an outlaw and a thief? - If my character is a loner, someone to seldom talk and not easy to get to know, I as a player might miss out on a lot of fun things as I stay in character. So, is the roleplaying of some personality types and traits worth it? I mean, expect to be judged as a person by your roleplaying but try not to judge other people based on what their characters do. Or are "bad" characters just a poor excuse to be rude, dishonest and mean to others? As far as EL goes, I have been in character and gained rewarding experiences from it - but I know that so far I have also lost out on some fun interactions for me as a player. So it's a balance there sometimes perhaps, between enjoying roleplaying staying true to your character's character () and just having fun with others in any kind of situations? Oh and yea, about the language - I stick to plain english too. But if someone approaches me with too much "chat talk" my character might not understand them. He would tell them that - or he might not respond at all.
  15. Curious about Role Playing, but just asking...

    My way of approaching and playing Eternal Lands is this: - My character’s actions and talk on location is always in character. Those are never me talking, but my proud and sometimes blunt elf. I like using small action descriptions as "grins", "whistles a merry tune" and so on. I do this even when alone actually, to always keep myself actively roleplaying. - In the chat channels, I am myself - the player of the game. Especially in channels like 1, 2 but also 4 since one often talks about game mechanics that would be beyond the world of the character. The exception is channel 5, but that one seems rather quiet? - To me the PMs are the tricky part. I am pretty much myself there, since it seems most realistic that instant messaging across the lands are done by us communicating as players and not our characters using super fast carrier pigeons. / Corlith