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  1. Map Editor Download

    If you want to make your own guild map then you need to download the newest map editor. Download it and install it directly into your Eternal Lands directory. Do not let your unzip program create a new folder for it to go in. Instead, when you download it save it directly into your EL folder and choose "extract here". if you're on windows the default path would be here: C:/Program Files/Eternal Lands/ Map Editor Download Link for Windows Linux map editor? If you can compile it and give me one I'll post a link for that here *Notes on some changes: -Now all maps are saved as .elm.gz which the map editor can open/save to. -If you want to delete ground tiles, you can now hold down shift in delete tile mode and "paint" delete them, making it easier/faster **There is a bug if you delete tiles in the m minimap mode-it will delete the height map as well! So do not use this unless you want a null height map!
  2. It looks like the use animation program problem is the same problem that was discovered in the past by Scmurk that he managed to fix for some other things: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56161 If anyone knows how to fix it here for these heads & eyes it would be appreciated
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  9. Art programs! :)

    I use Blender3d, Adobe Photoshop & Corel painter(for 2d), to make stuff for Eternal Lands. Here are links to free & paid for programs: Completely Free: Gimp - 2D photoshop type program http://www.gimp.org Download the windows version here: http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html Blender - 3d modeling, animation, etc. http://www.Blender.org Wings 3D - 3d modeling only program http://www.wings3d.com Daz studio - a "poser" based 3d program(Poser is a program itself, not free however). http://www.daz3d.com/program/studio/index.php Artrage - 2d, traditional media simulation paint program(also has a $20 paid version) http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html Inkscape - 2d vector drawing program http://www.inkscape.org/ Dogwaffle - 2d painter type program(has both a commercial and free version 1.2) http://www.squirreldome.com/cyberop.htm BuzzMachines - a free music making program (I have not tried it out fully so I don't know how good it is, but it looks like there's a lot of player made content & plugins) www.buzzmachines.com/ OpenOffice - a free word processing suite (similar to microsoft word & excell) www.openoffice.org/ Height Map Editor (HME) - a free program made by entropy Easy to make height maps. http://hme.sourceforge.net/ The Font thing - a windows font manager, really GREAT way to easily see all the fonts on your computer! Highly recommended! http://members.ozemail.com.au/~scef/tft.html ---------------------- Non Free programs that I've tried, and recommend: Pixel - a $32 Photoshop like 2d program http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=12 Milkshape3D - 3d modeling/animation, only a 30day trial, but afterwards it's only like $30 to purchase, it's well worth it for the beginner. However if you want to get into more complex animations and 3d stuff, Blender's the way to go. But Milkshape is good for starters. http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ Corel Draw Suite - Contains many usefull programs(vector, paint, 2d animation) for a low price compared to the Adobe products. Full version about $400(upgrade ~$180), but you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Contains: -Corel Draw, a vector based drawing program which I HIGHLY recommend anyday above Adobe Illustrator! I have used Illustrator, and I find corel draw to be much easier to hand, faster to use, and over all a better program. -Photopaint, a 2d paint program very comparable to Photoshop. It is the closest thing to photoshop you can get, and I have only found it lacking in very minor areas. -Corel Trace, converting bitmap images into vectors. -Corel Rave, a 2d animation program(I have never had a need to use it so i haven't tested it really). http://www.corel.com Paint Shop Pro - a 2d paint program, also comparable to Photoshop and Photopaint, however, I have found some things to be QUITE annoying, like for instance how the layers palette has to be extremely wide in order to access all of it's functions However if you're a newbie or looking for a program relatively cheap it's not bad at all! Costs about $130 retail. http://www.corel.com Corel Painter - a 2d traditional painting simulation program. Really REALLY cool if you like to paint a lot Pretty expensive though.. $420 retail :/ Many of the other programs mentioned have traditional painting simulation brushes, however none are as good or really have the "feel" that Painter does...but they do their job, especially Art Rage. But if you've got the money, go for Painter! http://www.corel.com Wacom Tablets - If you want to be a digital painter artist...this is pretty much necessary! I can't recommend it highly enough, although they are expensive, they are worth every penny if you're goign to use it often. Wacom is the best when it comes to digital tablets. I've had the Intuos 1 tablet for 5 YEARS, I dropped the pen on the floor at LEAST 100 times, it never stopped working. If you're going to invest the money in a graphics tablet, save up and get a wacom. http://www.wacom.com/ *I will add more here if I ever find more
  10. Artwork Updates

    Hey guys, I'm making this a permanent post where I can post screenshots or pictures of new artwork you can expect for the game! Basically, it is to replace those status reports I post every so often. I usually make new art every week, and I have a lot of it just sitting on my computer, so I figure that if I can show people it'll at least have more of a use. ------------------------ 12/12/08 Mage Robes Screenshot 12/10/08 New Bronze Helm 12/04/08 Horses 1 Horses 2 10/24/08 Puma 10/20/08 New Bears! 10/4/08 New Gargoyles! 9/26/08 And the ugly Orcs! 9/13/08 And here's the ugliest guy yet(imo anyway) Ogre Before & After 9/4/08 And here's the next one! Troll Before & After 8/26/08 Here's the first of the artwork improvements that I will be working on for the rest of the year: Cyclops Before & After 5/16/08 White Dragon Armor http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...=si&img=609 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...=si&img=608 3/1/2008 Here's another new pet http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...=si&img=440 2/11/2008 And here is the harvesting pet! Brown, Black, and Gray. Mules 2/1/2008 Here's the first look at some pets for the game. These pets will be p2p, meaning there'll be some other default pets. Pet screenshot Pets 1/28/08 Quivers: Regular, Magic, Fire, Ice, Explosive(top row is for regular bows, bottom are bolts for crossbows) Bows: Long, Short, Recurve, Elven, Crossbow 1/23/08 White Dragon Concept Drawing 1/5/08 First test of them in the game: Bows & Arrows 10/25/07 And the last art update before The Update...Black Dragon Armor! Now, before you ask why "where are the dragon scales?!?", let me tell you. There will be many different dragons of different colors, and if I was to make dragon scale armor each time, it'd get pretty redundant fast-there's only so many variations of that I can do. So I thought I'd go with making a different style of armor for each dragon color. The scales are ground up and mixed into the metal High Resolution texture pic In Game Screenshot (also, not sure if those "gloves" are going in or not, so I left them outta the screenshot). 9/10/07 Some more new hats: 3 new hats Screenshot 9/6/07 More new clothing outfits! New outfits -4 new pairs of pants, and 9 shirts! Note that the boots in the image above are the same color as your default boots, even though the shape changes a bit. hardy har har! -and another new "hat". Comes in black, read, and skull & crossbones 8/30/07 Robes *If you're wondering why the rope belt doesn't hang down, it's because then I would have had to made a separate texture for a skirt without a rope belt, and I didn't want to do that. These "robes" are actually 2 separate items: the shirt and the skirt. All "skirts" will look the same as these. 8/24/07 Some more clothing: Skirts There will be other colors, this is light blue. Other colors are: white, black, red, green, blue, brown, gray, purple. 8/17/07 Some new clothing! Tunics 6/23/2007 Since after the updated I started to work on fixing up the character models. Mainly this was to fix buggy things that made it difficult for me to create new stuff for them. And secondly it was to just overall make them look better, more realistic and natural, without adding too many more polygons. So here's the result of almost a month of work...as you can see they're a lot less blocky now, and the staff is held properly too Before & After 1 Before & After 2 Before & After 3 Before & After 5 4/26/07 One last creature in before the update! A Cockatrice Read about it here: Wikipedia-Cockatrice 4/16/07 The Black Dragon 4/6/07 I didn't care for the mace I made earlier, and since I highly doubt we'll have more than one mace in the game, I decided to redo it and make a cool looking one. So here is the Golden Star Mace. 3/16/07 A Night Vision mask. I picked the owl design because they have great night vision. This you can wear to increase your night time visibility. Night Vision 3/10/07 A new animal! And yes, I'll more than likely make a lioness too, just don't have time right now. Lion 3/1/07 A new set of armor! Made from the scales of a red dragon! Red Dragon Armor 2/23/07 A couple new weapon types: a spear, halberd, and a mace. New Weapons 2/17/07 The first items in the EL clothing line! We've got bandanas, Adventurer's caps, tiaras, and crowns. These items won't have any stats, and they will only be available from the EL Shop when the get in game. Hats 2/14/07 Since I was thoroughly disgusted with how the wolf looked, I decided to redo it: New Wolf *Note that the texture shown in the image above is high-res..it will be much lower in the game. And here's a before/after pic(with actual game res texture shown): Wolf Before/After 2/13/07 Another bird Falcon 2/8/07 Flying birds! Hawk Hawk Screenshot 1/29/07 Penguins! Penguins 12/17/06 Dun dun da daa....! Red Dragon 11/18/2006 Made a new monster, the Feros! Feros 10/26/2006 A new armor set! Bronze Armor And before making the armor I was working a lot on maps. Finished North Redmoon for the update, got the outsides of Willowvine ready. Also worked on the website a bit and other misc. things. 10/7/2006 Lately I've been doing a lot of map fixing and object fixing work, so nothing too exciting. The new maps & map retouching work will continue on until the update almost, so I will mainly be working on that. But I do have a few new cool things that I will do inbetween all that. And here's one of them, a Bronze sword: Bronze Sword 9/20/2006 Fixed up some more textures on the houses, also did some optimizations on some of the 3d models & textures. House fixes1 9/15/2006 Started to fix up the house textures that looked like crap. I can't really change the models for 2 reasons: 1. We'd have to fix up all the maps, and in some cases that means make big changes. 2. The only way to really fix them to look nicer is to add more polygons and MORE textures, and that's never a good idea in a game like this. So I just fixed up the existing textures to look nicer: House fixes2 9/12/2006 Updated the races page finally with pics of all the playable characters! http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/races.php 9/10/2006 A new ground tile for WSC. I didn't really like the old one, it was one of my first ground tiles ever made and it looked kinda crappy. So this is the start of fixing up some of those old textures. Hope you like it! New WSC tile 9/4/2006 A new draegoni skin, white horns/scales: White Draegoni Skin 9/4/2006 Made 7 new hair colors: dark brown, strawberry blond, light blond, dirty blond, brownish-gray, dark gray, dark red New Hair 9/3/2006 Today I made the first normal map for EL, well, hopefully for EL anyway We need a programmer to make it happen in the game! The normal texture is on the left, normal map is on the right. Normal Map Here's info on what normal maps are and what they do: Normal_mapping 9/2/2006 I worked this week on fixing up the tree textures, and some of the models. Here are a few samples of Before(on the left), and After pictures: Trees-before/after1 Trees-before/after2 8/27/2006 A willow tree! I finally got one made that looks decent. It'll be put in new maps with the next client update. Willow Tree
  11. Artwork Updates

    Here's a screenshot of the new eyes on humans: http://www.eternal-l...lery&image=1610 There will be 12 eye colors to choose from. Also I added some more polygons to the heads to make them smoother looking, and new hair textures Big thanks to Sir Odie for doing the programming for the eyes!
  12. Avatar Eyes

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can do a little bit of programming to add an extra texture to the avatar texture-block that would be used for eyes. This would make it so you can select eye color for your avatar. I'm also making it so the avatars will be able to blink, to add some more realism(that's in the animations though, so no extra programming needed for that). The spot in the 512x512 texture block is 24x24, and it is directly below the head texture, and directly to the right of the hand texture in the block. If more info is needed I can send a texture to show you. The option to choose eye color would also have to be added to the character creation screen.
  13. EL videos

    Here you can make a post whenever you want to share a video you've made about the game. How can you make a video you ask? Well one semi-free video capture program is called Fraps. Make a video with it, then you can upload it to you tube, photobucket, or any other video hosting site for others to see. Post the link here Here is an EL you tube group that you can add your videos to and join: http://www.youtube.com/group/eternallands
  14. Avatar Eyes

    Yeah, finally time to update the avatars a little bit In addition to the eyes, I'll be adding some more polygons in the faces and hair to look nicer. Here's a screenshot of a test with the eyes: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=1609
  15. Avatar Eyes

    Thank you Sir Odie! Grort: most likely color stone, as I doubt there's any way to "reset" everyone so they can choose it :/
  16. Mapmaker problem?

    Is it in your EL directory? Where the el.exe is?
  17. Translating Objects

    There's no way. With the new map editor, you'll be able to do that however You can show grid- g key- which helps with positioning objects.
  18. Artwork Updates

    Helping Xaphier test the map editor so we can have 3d terrain in game finally! Hopefully will be able to show some screenshots in a few weeks
  19. Challenge at Gallery: I can not upload new pictures

    Ok I think I solved the problem, looks like it was limited to 20 images in an album, see if you can upload now.
  20. Tel to loc problem

    Actually it was the other way around. The spell was supposed to be only 20 steps, so all the maps were made based on that.
  21. new EL forums theme

    Glad you guys are happy with it Groomsh, yes some text colors aren't quite right..the problem is that some text is used in 2 or more different places where the backgrounds are different colors, so I can't separate them. The only option would be to make the backgrounds the same, but then that messes with the theme..so..have to find a happy medium
  22. You can always use the Custom clothes service to get any look you want >> http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55867
  23. Hi, Can someone post instructions on how to compile this? Would be much appreciated, Thanks!