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  1. Changing the map format

    If I knew enough proggraming then I would vouleteer to help with this. But don't and seen game problem with not enough proggramers to help out.
  2. I can't think how solve these error so could someone help me how solve them asc.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _libiconv_close referenced in function _my_UTF8Toisolat1 asc.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _libiconv referenced in function _my_UTF8Toisolat1 asc.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _libiconv_open referenced in function _my_UTF8Toisolat1 C:\cygwin\elc\Debug\elc.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 3 unresolved externals I am use Microsoft visual C++, and I have windows xp. I appreciat any help.
  3. help compile cvs latest version

    yaaaaaa it work ty now how come i did not think of that
  4. cumulatives effects

    +13 that quite big differents which why is way is because they don't want be able make be able make like tit long sword for example if was manu by potion and blessing.
  5. a scammer when few names

    monkeybone98 or Joeshorty or Joeshorty98 severly support this but what did me was gave guild and he suppose over time pay back 30,000 gc
  6. I think that if mine flower that types is mark on your map automaticaly(hints make like little bit exploration for it) yes know lot so maybe have layer that turn off /on.
  7. there should be a message

    or actual create unique for them so that you know differents
  8. About the update

    oops just had get clean copy and use some most update dll
  9. About the update

    i get same error to as this one and try compile my cvs sourde code and does not work oh and yes window xp
  10. is shift +click item would automatic do #storage seacrch for item and then ouput many have of it in storage
  11. Fearless Monsters

    maybe make if die with zombie you don't gain exp but lose some because after all zombie got rivied himself back former glory.
  12. [hc]

    I am in his guild Lord_nightmare unknown lawonda those all name i cn spell correct that see guild beside scarr
  13. Selling Steel Chain Armour

    sell steel chain armour for 1000 gc oh and have 30 in stock all my money for selling stuffing going toward porject help out with to make guilds just use only in war events so if all same can talk each other not have other spy conversion. oh those sell stuff also posted name to show that help the cause once get home.
  14. You Know Youve Played To Much El When...

    When wish college put el on their computer so play during class in college (I really wish could that)
  15. Platyna Got Owned

    satan did do after left lagg expenice when left wow but teh banned 0n3na can pawned me cause stat lower then hers
  16. Selling Guild

    yea but he try sell at least want every know he debt pay me plus come hand with me cause need gold coins.
  17. What Is A Bot Allowed To Do?

    Walk and talk is all non paid bots can do.
  18. You Know Youve Played To Much El When...

    12. When in sleep think of how get more experice points 13. When go sleep you think way impoved game until fall into deep sleep
  19. Selling Guild

    joeshorty you own me 30k still for guild
  20. Make A Book Open Up With Nice Gfx!

    oh yea silly me forgot books you just go next or pervous or close it does not need links.(my bad)
  21. Bots

    The price is $100 not $20. $100 usd is if want have lot emu with store bot and $20 usd is just be able have store bot in game.(because someone in el release storebot code so had be stricker on bots)
  22. Make A Book Open Up With Nice Gfx!

    hey would autowrap be able to be use with encycpedia so when like teh banned 0n3na or some one else will work on it would not has make sure each line does go over the window limit. Or was going whole encycpedia window look like it is in a book.
  23. Help Wanted

    I recent deceid help get going by level up Red_warlord Jade_warlord Pink_worlord Blue_warlord What need more 120k gc to create 4 guild each warlord. so if pitch some money it would help lots. why would better it would povide mod's with 4 guild to remove and accept players that are parcitipated in war events. all I to do get them level 20 then just have my character create guild and tranfer ownership to each warlord. idea of guild for war event was The_antiroot idea and I just get character up to level needed. those did transaction with to me which go toward help have money for creation of guild 2k for 3 steel chain ,unknown 160 for 40 le's ,eternal_ct 10 dis ring 2k ,sunney_moon 254 beaver fur for 616 gc ,cmesej 2549 fire essence from , lawonda<--guild meber 10k gc for tit armour , lawonda<--guild meber 10k for 100 diss rings ,emon2<--guild meber also note sometimes tend not know market price of stuff
  24. Help Wanted

    did mention for each 10k gc donate toward this get titanuim long sword. as gift for donate money.
  25. Help Wanted

    no idea I not one name character's