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  1. Draughts, Droughts And Rain

    I was saying cloud seeding has not been scientifickly poved to work actual and time that it been use it has work 50% of time. and kindy relate talk in thread so that why put it in this threads
  2. Draughts, Droughts And Rain

    hey did mention not scietificly proved that actuall work at most 50% time to work if was. Result can be none or reslult to be giant flood kill every body but as said that actual sciefical proved work. time use on cloud and did work but becausle no one cloud same can not if made different in cloud. So all saying at least quest make 50% chane give ingrendient again.
  3. In most profeesional program shortcut key can defined while running. If notice option does not all diferent varaible that can turn off and on from there. It need made so all different feature turn off and on for it.(make when true or false varble automaticly is add it. Goes along line of try make lot easy change like if want stat hub on.
  4. odd end need fix

    basical yes
  5. Interface icon problem

    Search stuff that add and not there but as said need wait roja tell what next. In your picture, in the text under the heading "Game clock". I can't see what talk in screenshot I took or search in general.xml can't find it but oh well
  6. Interface icon problem

    Search stuff that add and not there but as said need wait roja tell what next.
  7. Interface icon problem

    yea post here so they tell what I missing or need changed then get back to work encyclopedia and help files
  8. Encyclopedia Work

    Was going do that but you then has click once more and I had space to have all there . But want see what roja say about before go futher with it changes to it.
  9. Interface icon problem

    hey what with some new stuff adding encyclopedia that was to add stuff image display last post at http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...opic=8409&st=80
  10. Encyclopedia Work

    here image of what work new section http://img187.exs.cx/img187/2440/channelcommand4hw.jpg so what do think
  11. new update

    I think afk_land would be cool idea.
  12. any thing Should add to it or change(keep mind need to be short
  13. Encyclopedia Work

    site use no longer support downloading files so quess i has send it to you roja.
  14. Newbie Section of common question for encyclopedia

    I get rid this for I do not want encoure people in local chat asking can have blank So instead it will be If you do not have fire essence you can make some or buy some form the magic shop(15 gc) or buy from market channel #jc 3 also deleted cause it already said in map mode
  15. reason said that because remember someone post link that in offtopic and they got in trouble for it.
  16. Newbie Section of common question for encyclopedia

    LOL ok i add it and there space for it too
  17. Newbie Section of common question for encyclopedia

    This can not in encyclopedia for it ruin fun in how to make fire. Only way include if nh said that they think need to be in it.
  18. Encyclopedia Work

    I realized that platyna but have way around it.
  19. not allow to say what website your project at.
  20. Server - source code

    i do not know that much just enough play around client source code and I am kindy busy work encyclopedia.
  21. Server - source code

    Well answer to question still no. For several reason important reasion 1. If release sever code then how could charge for pay to pay version and then what stop steal it charged money to people without pay Entroy. 2. no sever code release and to those have our been intrusty with keeping it secrect and they have contribute code to clint side first and they done great dell code add to it.
  22. Encyclopedia Work

    hey what do think put image on main site in encyclopedia(this one)
  23. Server - source code

    There sorce code for client which all info know for that is at http://elc.berlios.de/build.php But sever code has never been released and never will be and next time use search feture before post because some one else ask same question like this one. What thought try say was wroung Was not tell get lost and only said because that why people make own game so can have what they invision for games.
  24. Server - source code

    No it is not and never will be. Note go learn how make own game if want do those stuff.
  25. storage bug

    got too many books and look storage not made to handle all them in window