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  1. New rule about bagsitting/mules

    You know if made cappcity amount carry stuff(emu) a skill then might be more fair to people.
  2. Could please have all books name change little so started with Book of so that one all has do "#storage Book of" to get all books he has
  3. lol would nice but want suggest simple that would not take lot time for them to do
  4. Missing books

    so just someone forgot to delete it when compile the instaler
  5. Missing books

    yes are 2 in el direct one main are then other in languages/en subdir
  6. Encyclopedia Work

    you rock grum now all need bug report to come in ps add link to download to encyclopedia voluteering also
  7. Encyclopedia Work

    oops so much for that hope try fle attactet that did not work.so another one but don't if go throught
  8. Encyclopedia Work

    for latest work download .rar at https://developer.berlios.de/patch/index.ph...2&group_id=1256 unzip in el director to replace old but do not use if are not use latest cvs client
  9. Encyclopedia Work

  10. idea for books

    how about this book need to be able make stuffor summon anamal or monster you can't forgetted but when come book that just increase chance sussesfuld do something or increase def and att rattake against some monster or animal you can forgetting kind of stuff
  11. Encyclopedia Work

    also note all info on change variable in el.ini will create html file and simply say in encyclopedia go to elinfo on change variable in el.ini
  12. Duel feature implementation

    they can't because why would need to do that?
  13. Duel feature implementation

    why use fight icon for this.(because can't fighter player in non pk area)so non pk it start process to duel someone.
  14. Interface icon problem

    No, they wouldn't. Since the Help and Encyclopedia are already in one window with two tabs, an extra layer of tabs would only be confusing. oh though within want change names in it bu agreed with grum it would confusse stuff lot more if did that way
  15. Interface icon problem

    ok will try do that formatted that way last part I would appreciate that
  16. Encyclopedia Work

    ok guys so tell simply terms what this mean for me oh Malaclypse actual plan I do that right after finish help section because that lot do other stuff you guys need to do
  17. Encyclopedia Work

    But they're not going to fit all on one page, so how do you plan to do that? rembmer how harvestion section before it was changes that how also I had another idea maybe also convert encyclopedia and help file into html so that has use el client to look at help and encyclpedia stuff.(maybe i just use fed_penner website with modification to it)
  18. Books/Research window

    ok will do roja
  19. Encyclopedia Work

    I will be formatting all encyclopedia page so back button is at bottom. Perk page all those so short that feel to me that never going get any biggier so would be ok if i merge definated each perk together.What do yous think?
  20. Keyboard handling

    no not I do that lot time when walk different place
  21. chat window

    actual there is way can think of make seperate program for chat window that just read info form file or maybe some way from main client.
  22. Draughts, Droughts And Rain

    lol I know that but though fun quest that chance might has redo step to completely While idea for why not actual add time mix so not just once get person you able to talk to them
  23. I need every1's help on this one!

    oh this make great additon for encyclopedia to have dictonary section
  24. Normalizing the root window

    cool floating window within client window.
  25. Interface icon problem

    I now work on help tag right now.