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  1. Just Want Say Something

    Or just low bandwidth brain -> paper... When the brain works faster than you write, you tend to miss letters or even words. Lol yea that is my actual problem I try to remember that next time.
  2. Just Want Say Something

    visit mywebsite and you shall see(the www button)
  3. Stop The Price Complaints

    Well actual reason price go down I believe is because no one buy it cause you can get most stuff npc or monster drops.
  4. Autoloot

    oh get all it is very useful because never know when going to need 10,000 bones
  5. Just Want Say Something

    Congrats! \o/ And is that just the plain CVS, or a modded version? it is the modded version of client I add few patched to it from cvs patches. Like manu shortcut. There other patches I add to it I just don't remember what they are and don't feel like open the file that has them in it. Cicero no offense taken by your question.
  6. Just Want Say Something

    here image of me in portal room ty Roja
  7. [patch #239 Shortcuts For The Manu Window]

    Sorry don't have that much space on freewebs site to do that.
  8. [patch #239 Shortcuts For The Manu Window]

    look previsous post I it has what has to be added
  9. Animation While Harvesting

    cool I am add to my client
  10. Harvest And Teleports

    That not going get to change at all. You need reason why think better without beside saying no fun at all. Like that it does not change price at all with or with out it. But think put in there to try to stop people total macro for harvest stuff.
  11. Request

    Actually, hosting brought to you by quell, client brought to you by me, but anyway... I think page on my site for all place there client that you can download.
  12. Request

    lol no problem you were click on el.exe and that was not file that had update in it. click elc.exe and it should work with my files.
  13. Rare teleport rings...

    on teh banned 0n3na oringal idea why make this enriched ring have so much charge to it. so that has recharge after so many usages, but must bring enriched magic essece to person turn magice essence to recharged the ring. So that way useing it will not cause breack but recharge enriched ring does have chance to break.
  14. Request

    are sure cause my has it on and it same one copy into it and line in el.ini has #show_stats_in_hud = 1 that in it and did click elc.exe cause that what unpack into it
  15. Tracking Patches

    yea but some don't description in them or some don't have where part patch is that iclede in files in https://developer.berlios.de/patch/?group_id=1256 so nice if did and said what they do.
  16. Request

    yw it does not have good encyclopedia in it by way andedit( if want more patch into it tell me ant put in it as long as not patch against el rules)
  17. Request

    goto http://www.freewebs.com/alphaomaga/el.zip automatical pop download window and unzip into el folder.
  18. Water In Latest Cvs...

    try in widows,cvs client
  19. Water In Latest Cvs...

    copy tiles/tile231.bmp rename it tiles/tile232.bmp edit:nvm does not worked
  20. Even More Letters In The Water

    copy tiles/tile231.bmp and rename tiles/tile232.bmp that should take care of it
  21. Attack/defence Exp Per Creature

    need to add extern Uint32 K_TMPSTAT; to key.h also I add addition option to patch in elconfig.c to function void init_vars() add_var(BOOL,"show_tmpstat","sp",&show_tmpstat,change_int,1); so that you can have on by default by defined el.ini #show_tmpstat = 1 so it always on
  22. [patch #239 Shortcuts For The Manu Window]

    you patch need in int.c->void init_stuff() to add read_manu(); in int.c ( i put in line 610) in function other wise no image are showing in int.h no sign that there should be in void read_manu(); but have not figure out how to adjust text window because show in new area of window instead of space.
  23. Can't Find Something

    Where world is one program allow you downlad latest cvs source code and merge into your own code(also can be use to submit patch to i think0
  24. Can't Find Something

    Yea finnaly some one found what wanted thanks wytter.
  25. Help

    someone stole all gold coins & tit stuff too and all bar except 10 tit bars.