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  1. Coord stone auction

    1k ^_^
  2. Name changes

    I would LOVE if we had name changes If there is some limit or regulation thats fine. I seemed to have made a name that was taken on the main server without knowing it and I am desperate for a name change. Not to mention we bought my brother a character and now he won't even play but I highly doubt anyone will want to buy it with the name it has.... ~KeLSeY~
  3. harvesting

    4k liliac / impatien as well Eendo
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    2k diamonds / 2k silver too please
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    2k silver ore / 2k emeralds too please Eendo
  6. Signature Practice :)

    I want a sig with pink and black, with stars, to say Kelsey_KiLLeR and girly with meanness
  7. Place Your Orders

    5k coal when you have a chance please Eendo
  8. My shoop

    I will take 2k iron ore when you get the chance please Eendo
  9. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    Thank you!! I'll take 2k more iron please Eendo
  10. What is it about alch....

    I love alchemy <3 I think it gets levels like crazy fast...not to mention gold coinage Yes, harvesting does suck sometimes but not too bad. My alch level is more than 2x all of my others so I'd say it's pretty easy. Then again, I don't really do anything else but alch. ~KeLSey~
  11. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    2k iron ore please (6k) Eendo
  12. Alch Pr0

    Ok I will have him add you to the list when he wakes up ~KeLSeY~