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  1. =hc=

    can u handle it?
  2. =hc=

    only the worthy of them all can apply
  3. Koddy Scammer

    ah shit m8, i didn't know this was going on in PM, thats why you guys had a fit on @6 maybe we can all gather up money and buy you a new NMT i kick in 15k =) all i have
  4. Split KF in Half

    make 5v5 pvp arenas where errbody is capped at 100, and enter queue with team no item drops, but you gain ranking for top list gogo
  5. lom!

    lom! opening the gates after 3 years and one lucky person who will find the golden ticket will be allowed to join!
  6. works same here well done! always wanted a chat client like this for my phone, too bad i dont play EL as much
  7. Anybody feeling nostalgic?

    Hehe nice, but some of these date back to 8-10 years ago not sure if you already posted this one;
  8. Boxed in At EVTR Iron

    why would you harvest on a place thats shittier? just add more ores, wtf :/
  9. You may ask yourself ..

    What is this exactly? glitch or updated DP map for official release?
  10. Wing Guild

    And this is why you and #Nu suck. they didn't even had to tell you, you just proved your own point
  11. very old players

    not that old, it still had the new behavior chat in the corner as you can see, for the rest its too hard to know when it was shot
  12. Sarah Connor ?

  13. very old players

  14. Mapmaker problem?

    Don' t know if you ever fixed your problem, but you are missing the Font image (this doesn't come with the recent download off the editor) download this and save it in your Texture folder http://www.eternal-lands.com/misc/font.bmp Enjoy
  15. Timezone Confusion

    bitte, sehr gut
  16. very old players

  17. Removal/modification of rule 5

    Bad idea, make the rules more stricter
  18. very old players

    you should keep rocking the nazi outfit.
  19. very old players

    Awww.. So you say, you gave up that scammer business years ago or wasn't that you but the other person? To be honest, some of the scams Monoceros did were pretty cool and gave me a good laugh Piper its the same guy with his partner in crime, Glaubenmacht aka End
  20. Mage/healer 'class'

    nice very nice original idea!!
  21. Netherlands / Holland

    Oh ik had iets gewonnen? lol
  22. ^v^ "Vikings" are back in action!

    nah, he was being secret about it
  23. ^v^ "Vikings" are back in action!

    he was back since like '09 lol
  24. New invance rules discussion

    Remove the whole gate keep thing, it is lame and makes people sit doing nothing for the whole invance why not add a gate with a life bar that the mobs must destroy to make you lose, like in those tower defense games. edit: hi villek