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  1. 8th Annual Raffle

    Just wanted to say a big TY to Wolfie, *PR* Guild, and her team for organising a wonderful raffle. Gratz to all those that won a prize.
  2. Yethq - an update

    Get well soon YethQ. *KA* and EL community are thinking of you.
  3. Cleaning sto

    Flowers: Mullein 6165 White Chantrelle 677 Dandelion 1111 Tulip 1715 Wormwood 467 Daffs 1309 Red Current 1491 Valerian 1310 Ogre Toes 1001 Blue Berry 1582 Pois Ivy 1137 Mugwort 472 All at 1.5gc ea = 27640gc
  4. Youre too far away get closer

    I agree, make the distance to mele shorter, PLEASE It is bad enough to get the too far away message, but when it happens when you are CLEARLY CLOSE ENOUGH but the distance of the tiles deem you too far away......aaarrggghhh! annoying, then spend another bit of time chasing the damn thing. I also remember being atkd by MiLF in WTF instance recently, that mob was a lot further away than I would even attempt to atk but yet IT was able to engage me, do special mobs have a different rule? If the mele distance cannot/will not be changed then at least let the char move to the tile where the mob was, I don't understand why you don't walk to the tile anyway. But PLEASE lets have the mele distance shorter, it will not make it easier, it will make it more obvious that a mob SHOULD be atkd at a further distance. Thank you
  5. I have CoS perk and it took me ages to get it, (not too mention a lot of gc worth of mixing). I love it for the no neg astro on Make Rare/Fail but the no neg astro on harvesting is VERY BAD! I have broken way too many Harvest Meds since taking this perk (and only trying to use meds on neutral days). As already said harvesting on red astro days was very good, especially with Harvest Med. I have voted. Would be great to get rid of no neg astro for harvesting with CoS perk!!!
  6. I think that a lot of the problem is the fact that some low level players do not have the necessary equipment to go which equates to a lot of gc for low lvl players. Especially in the Noob Instance (60-80) as it explains in the wiki the recommended stuff to go is a lot of gc for low lvl. Forgive me if my prices are wrong but: Steel armour or better = 88k (plate) 39k (cuisses) 31k (greave) 740gc (shield) Col or RDHLM = 110k/80k Several rosts (lets say 2 minimum) = 116k Great Sword (lets say OS) = 40k NMT Cape = 270k Look at the gc costs before you even enter, it would take for ages to raise that kind of gc for low lvl player!
  7. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for bot Lice annual fee Your transaction ID for this payment is: 8VN54811WY1683942.
  8. Such sad sad news. RIP Candi. You will be missed but never forgot.
  9. New and updated trade bot list

    Hello all. . I am now the owner of KnightA_Stall.
  10. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for KnightA_Stall Your transaction ID for this payment is: 95089771HJ4118036.
  11. You may ask yourself ..

    Regardless of which map it is or looks like or what map it may become. How do you get from the Northern to the Southern part? Did you place the bridge in the wrong location? Or forget to place a bridge?
  12. The EL First Naked Contest:

    Me, i will give it a try, never PKd before but up for fun
  13. Book of Magic S2E

    Keep trying, i have been in game and will keep trying to get you Hi, just wanted to say have been trying to contact you in game without success, i have been able to get the book elsewhere now so no longer need the one you are selling. Thankyou
  14. Book of Magic S2E

  15. Book of Magic S2E