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  1. Bot expiration

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  2. Gate to Ida graveyard

    many thanks for the link Fairy : ) that helps alot : ) but to a new player, and ive been playing 10 years+, useless unless u know its there now I do ty: ) I did put" i think" Glacmor lol !! it was a ship from Ida, with 5hp I was glad to get to port and ship lol
  3. Gate to Ida graveyard

    I think this is an excellent idea from Rip Tide, I logged on, think it was Sunday with Burns invasion, and surrounded by giants and god knows what at Arius stor. straight to underworld lol, trying to exit spent nearly 2 hours to get to a storage, but once id exited underworld, many times a dragon, giant or other creature outside, fair enough, but there was nowhere I could go back in2 that was safe, so gave up for the night as pity would of enjoyed the different range of critters : ) Just one thing if I may ask, is saying where the invasion is or what type (ie Burns Portal) something that might be an idea when you log on, just new players will probably not be in guilds so cant ask them, and they may not know about Channel 6! just a thought. For the record I got as far as glacmor I think, as Ida no chance, and bloody cold killed me as by then wearing nothing but a harv cape lol, if u found it congratz : )
  4. Hall of Outhouses

    Been there a few times mainly to save a ring and tele to a c2 map. Seems a waste as Ive never seen anyone there, just a thought maybe add a % harv bonus there for dung, or even add a few flowers, with again % harv bonus so lower level players can harv and then dung teleporter becomes a part of game !!
  5. Hall of Outhouses

    my bad never knew it was a special place that the potion questers could use, can see the use for it now lol
  6. Human Removal Stone

    selling one Human Removal stone, starting price 1000000 (million) gold coin, increments of min 10k gc only will be accepted. Happy bidding : ) starts now finishes Monday 11pm GMT
  7. Human Removal Stone

  8. Human Removal Stone

    oh well, no longer for sale ,
  9. Expiring bots

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  10. Crafting update?

    agreed Maxine, but I did also put from lev ??, by time they had got an alt there(and ive no idea of how long to get to level say 60) u would of hopefully made some: )
  11. Crafting update?

    Maybe the way to stop the market being flooded,, would be to make the hydro ring as a special when mixing with an artificer cape!! Cape becomes popular again, the crafter has paid in pp to human 10, and from lev ?? to stop tons of low lev alts creating them. Just a thought
  12. I'll miss you all ...

    sorry to read this, wishing u all the best for the future: ) take care
  13. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    66 yes votes and u need max 4 more! for what, just intrigued. even 70 people is less than a quarter of EL players.. anyway just seems to be another way of fighters getting what they want and making it harder for all round players to enjoy invances/invasions as monsters will be changed to cope with their change..Invasions use to be fun for all levels now left for a few, as heaven help u intefere with a player whos on a monster they are doing solo..... players use to be fun on invasions now very few are !!! oh and a no : )
  14. Expiring bots

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  15. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Brutus what u say and Maxine makes sense: ) and would make players give it a go imo : )
  16. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    him being what level a/d?
  17. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    fairytail do u really know this game, from oa 1 you can harvest, so chance of getting a nexus removal same as highest level harvester as its luck!!! |The cost to fight!!! well if u cant make money in this game lol, as for salt salt salty ive no idea what you are going on about, is it what u get every day!!!
  18. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    lol fairy tail never seen a NMT, mirror or any cloak from a plant or ore!! yep fighters get from drops along with eles, efes ect from drops plus serp stones. everyone can harv so luck on the draw as to what stone u could get, u want it so much its a no from me : )
  19. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    why should the fighters get all the best,, haidir x 2 with white tigers I cant fathom the xp top fighters get, now u want another area u can monopolize. The game is for everyone not just a few,
  20. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    would the monsters be the same all the time or change based on your a/d level when u enter! 6 hours well up to the player!!! well after last invasion I went on when a player complained because he was solo on a monster (thought invasions were for all !! but thats gone out the window) yes give them this just to shut them up.
  21. Initially I thought this a good idea Manny, however, if rostos can be made in game from these splints no one would buy from Radu and as thats his main ££ ! Maybe, and only just though of it have rostos that cover human levels, therefore higher human lev normally means higher armour and gives people a choice of what to wear given how much gc they have! damn and again a problem those with that those with arti cape !! sometimes there is no solution, prices go up and down
  22. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    no problem with this Stouxy, if anything well played, glad some player got his comeuppance : )

    one thought, have a rosto of mine protection? maybe 1 x rosto x amount of eng pots makes it!! You lose rosto but still alive and its stackable , then up2 players if they want to use it for pk, hydro runs!!
  24. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Bot Muppet renewal, Ref 67S4402872798372F owner Jaraxle
  25. Bring back the fun

    When I started playing about 8/9 (might be longer) years ago, one of my first recolections of EL and events was sitting in a stand watching Guild teams of 4/5 fight waves of monsters, plus think it was a HAVN player who peaded to change his COL as broke in first wave, think it was trolls lol. But being low level then it was great watching the higher lev players : ) Maybe a thought? I also use to go on invasions, really enjoyed them even if I died, but not any more, way too overpowered for me. Problem is since the intro of dailys and hydro for nexus, the gap imo has widened greatly from top fighters to mid fighters plus with price of Rostogol players wont risk it at lower level, hence the top fighters have fun and lower ones dont bother.. The Mods have their own RL same as we do they cant be on beck and call but a list of Mods and what they are willing to help with might help, as some might be willing to do PK events, invasion ect, just a thought as Ive no idea who most are and then see what they have done, so players cant complain they have done nothing, as with different time zones we all miss something : ) again just a though