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  1. HI 4k Emeralds =12k gcs Thanks woo
  2. Hey X'ers 2k Emeralds = 6k gcs thank you woo
  3. Christmas Pics

    Christmas 07 http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj138/w...elscreen003.png
  4. Hi 2k Emeralds = 6kgcs ty woo
  5. Hi 2k emerald = 6kgcs thanks woo
  6. Hey Gen X 2k emeralds = 6k gcs ty woo
  7. Democracy in EL

    Perhaps allow each guild 1 vote how they decide is up to them, no guild your in the hands of god anyways.
  8. Tailoring Trade Bot

    ok ty Learner
  9. Tailoring Trade Bot

    VOTD or TG
  10. @well have been told by 2 different players wearing hoods and robes that this stuff is for sale please tell me this is wrong. If goods are for sale then why bother to have the skill? @for newer players like myself a new skill was a god send so to speak. A chance to get in on ground floor be ready to make whatever someone wants when it is makeable. but if stuff for sale before it can be made then anyone who can afford will haev what they want before we can make to sell to them. @this effectily nulls anything anyone has done in the skill. ty woo
  11. Selling of Tailoring stuff?

    thats why i asked a question ty and now i have an answer.
  12. Selling of Tailoring stuff?

    @yes i am well aware of the money aspect required. but let me post part of chat log. [16:28:56] woo: hey jowwow where you get them fine duds? [16:29:22] [misstinkerbellx @ guild]: there's probably an npc selling them some where [16:29:26] [woo @ guild]: no these are black robes i know the difference [16:30:06] woo: are the robes and hoods for sale somewhere? [16:30:12] jowwow: radu ...... [16:49:02] You entered the Nordcarn storage [16:49:05] jowwow: get red or black, then u can be ebul looking like us [16:49:15] Scorpius: hehehe its a universal hood =) [16:49:22] SavannahJade: [16:49:22] Scorpius: the color is depending on what cloak you wear =D [16:49:29] SavannahJade: nice [16:49:29] jowwow: duh scon44b [16:49:36] jowwow: tunic/skirt ur forgetting? [16:49:41] Scorpius: and? >_> [16:49:42] woo: jowwow are they available now through Radu? [16:50:02] jowwow: yup sorry for any confusion.
  13. Once again ty for great service. 2k Emeralds = 6kgcs ty woo
  14. Some advice please

    I have made lvl 24 with leather helms what would be next product to produce for xp and profit? Your advice and reasons are appreicated. woo
  15. Great service once again 2k Iron = 6kgcs 2k sulphur = 4kgcs thanks woo
  16. Hi 2k Sulphur = 4kgcs 2k Silver ore = 4k gcs Thank You woo
  17. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    Hello again 2k Iron ore = 6kgcs please woo
  18. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    once again very nice service 2k iron ore = 6k gcs woo
  19. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    Thanks for great service iron ore 2k = 6k gcs More if you allowed thanks woo
  20. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    As long as your willing 5k Iron Ore =15k gcs Woo
  21. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    >insert praise here< 5k Iron ore =15kgcs thanks woo
  22. **Generation X **Harvesting**

    2k Iron Ore = 6k gcs please woo
  23. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    To the best, comes the orders. 5k Iron Ore = 15kgcs please Woo
  24. Some advice please

    Thanks everyone woo