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  1. Summoning Stones

    Yes, go for it Gambit
  2. Can we have a revote

    I voted #3 freedom of choice. Gambit
  3. A passive mail system on PK server

    voted yes will it be possible to send between servers? Gambit
  4. Either way, we as a community need to come to some sort of agreement, and talk to Radu about it, and see what he thinks. liquid We do? why? Gambit
  5. If any changes i would have to agree with bigshock. but might as well just shut it down then we would lose half of players we got now
  6. @the summoning part be good but heres prob i have i built shadow to be summ did nto know stones had been made mostly worthless untill i made 29 bear and none worked not one so reset him and now what io am supposed to reset him again? dont make since
  7. Brod, congrats yaser.

    Ent shoulda removed the NPC who sells COL/Magic Items, aswell as the other ones... liquid and you speak for him do you? your a nut case seek help Gambit
  8. Removing 'Tanta' NPC.

    Ok, so since it would be better to remove her in your opinion not mine if you want to change major things in game this far into it restart and reset all chars you would prob like that too i voted no Gambit
  9. GIWS Serp Stone Auction!

    5500gc Gambit
  10. GIWS Serp Stone Auction!

    3k Gambit ty piggy
  11. Same just happend to shadow on pk server. hmmmmmmmmmmm lol Gambit
  12. Outlaws

    ROFL starting to wear on you uh? Gambit
  13. What will we do when we reach O/A cap

    quote from paul "Maybe sometime down the road the skill caps will be removed so you can actually lvl even more considering you paid to play on that server. Kinda sucks if you get stuck being a peaceful mixer on a PK server because of skill caps " Amen
  14. Pk Server strategy

    @what will you do with the rare drops, make pots to use to go back to mobs unlikely. sell to others maybe. just becomes game of who collects most gc after that. the only time 2 capped peeps would kill ea other is if you catch one harvesting or without diss rings. seems like a sad future
  15. What will we do when we reach O/A cap

    The one prob i have is when you reach cap and get tired of fighting mobs for no xp really what you going to do, go fight endlessly with other who is capped again for nothing nethier can kill each other. So you supposed to be nothing but mixer fromthat point on? and do what with stuff you make, there will be little audience to sell to, as they all approach the cap themselves. maybe should have little mesage pop up "end of game ty for playing"
  16. Pk Server strategy

    Ok first newb question is there a a/d cap on main? if so cool and thanks for info If not sincne i and most other now on server were not here at the start what was logic behind a/d cap and cant we ask it be removed. Gambit
  17. Community restrictions on sales-bots,

    ok i voted bot owners should do as they like with one bot per continent.
  18. Server updates?

    Could we get server updates ? Please! Gambit
  19. Server updates?

    Thanks for reply Entropy
  20. Server updates?

    the new wards and books for starters
  21. How do you spend you day on the PK Server

    Only as of yesterday, waiting on the ftw! boys to put up shut-up Gambit Fftw guild
  22. Who the hell are you?

    Main : Woo but he is gone now Pk: Gambit alt shadow
  23. Do you want Trade bots on PK server

    Voted Yes Gambit
  24. Bots on PK server

    So you gave tourself a self appointment to be servers ambassador? well you shhhh'ed me and told me dont worry about the invasion token question i left my guild just to kill you and did BKC56. now i will be relentless in it dont ever speak for me./ and if i can i will try amd get every guild allied with you to cancel that alliance. self rightous punk better make yourself some good armor Gambit
  25. Token Redemption

    @will we be able to redeem invasion tokens for anything? Gambit