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  1. Weapon auction

    #1 Bronze Sword 20K Gambit
  2. Weapon auction

    Bronze sword#1 15k Gambit
  3. Monarchy in the PK

    wow nice lewis, good thoughts will think about and post again . At thi spoint i am in complete shoch that you can talk, what you wrote here is 50 times more than you have ever said on serer lol Cool
  4. Who the hell are you?

    Update i have Gambit and now Woo, but no longer shadow or Boedha
  5. a/d and attribute cap READ B4 U VOTE

    voted no to 1 and 3 2 nothing. Gambit
  6. Cotm

    Well i have np with you joining but over my tagless body will the Liquid char ever wear the tag i do, suggest name change. Woo & Gambit
  7. Nothing New?

    Iknow couple of months back they gave away 3 free accounts all 3 of those players are still active and have brought at least 5 others + alts over , sounds like worth repeating. Gambit
  8. Instance

    great ty Entropy will look forward to it Gambit PK
  9. Auction: Poison Antidote Book.

    That was an in game lowball as buy me now i have bid nothing. Gambit
  10. Instance

    ok TY Entropy. waiting to hear. Gambit
  11. Keeping up with the Jones

    Woot Woot very nice Gambit
  12. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    Come to Pk Server then you can block anything you can hold Gambit
  13. Server Update?

    Could we get server update please, when you have time. Thanks Gambit
  14. PK Server First Anniversary

    sounds great TY Sy for your efforts. If i can help with whatever just shout Gambit
  15. RC2 Windows binary and Linux/OSX data

    @yes ty it seems that was problem. i am not real bright Gambit
  16. RC2 Windows binary and Linux/OSX data

    I am on PK server and my char Boedha just got sigils for restore. i can cast spell in spell window, but no option to put in quickbar. dont know if was prob with RC1 or just now Gambit OK i deleted all spell files in directory i can add as normal heal and harm but no option for restore, futher i removed all chars spell file i can put back all spells except for restore (which suks) lol
  17. New Adventures!

    Thanks to Handyman on couple of the reds and to yaser on red and ice. Woot! Gambit
  18. Stats Pages

    I think its a great idea, and i guess have privacy option like on main keep some happy. Gambit
  19. Turkey day invasion?

    @hey teh God Radu how bout a little invasion fun sometime today ? Gamnit
  20. Spawned Invasions

    Hey Pro this is i assume the date you speaking of 2008-09-02 review your chat logs i was not logged when you asked and last thing i had to say on subject was [16:13:37] [Gambit @ 1]: and so you will know anyone in ^v^ i will attack in next invasion as well cant take heat stay away Now to modern times if no pk ing starts during invasion now then i will not start last 2 were pk free and we fought near each other but i will not hesitate to if provoked by anyone in ^v^ attacking a guildie
  21. I Got Bored.

    wtg woodeh you gave me an idea: Gambit
  22. Spawned Invasions

    If we are able to have more i will honor the no pk part during invasion np If however others attack my guildies then i will go after them regardless of invasion or not but its up to them. Cheers Gambit
  23. Update coming

    Thank You for updates Radu Gambit
  24. Update coming

    Yes would love all the updates ,and will help with glyphs an dfood in some way Gambit PS: god give us horses first before your main creation lol
  25. Selling Animal Removal Stone

    I Gambit now own Boedha char This is not me bidding Gambit