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  1. Selling.

    I'll buy all ur deer furs / antlers / bones price?
  2. We need more players here

    I'm sorry alot of ppl do that? Do you even play the PK server? Or are you only online during night time (GMT)? I"m on every once in a while. Name isen't the same
  3. Medallion Formulas

    Tbh not really. most crafters have all bar books, all basic rings, all medallion books read ^.^ atleast i hope so...
  4. Selling

    well um.. mind holding onto a mirror? :> i'll buy it when I sell some essences
  5. Alchemy Shop #3

    Ok a lot of these orders are almost done! Me and masterzen are now working together and we building up a stock hold of minerals / ores to alch a lot here soon. So almost all of you will be getting ur essences / bars quite soon (not sure when)
  6. Scarface

    a bad forger
  7. What is it about alch....

    lol if u wanna play the FE game lol... quizzel made about 210k FE (for manu purposes of course)
  8. What is it about alch....

    wow On previous chars i had about 30k steel bars or more on counters from s2e/steel longs xD
  9. Counters and Pass times

    I was wondering what is the highest item in ur counters for harvest and what is it. I currently have 100k~ in iron ore (atleast with previous char :/) and also what do you do to pass the times while harvesting.?? I find it nice to sit back with my Nintendo DS listening to some nice metallica and glancing at screen for chat or radon pouches or the newest item magic removal stone yet to be sold until i get in game >.>
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    If it's not to much trouble ^^ 4k diamonds 12kgc fireheart ingame
  11. Auction

    bid withdrawn :S
  12. Auction Red Dragon Set

  13. Selling thread and leather

    i'll contact u ingame for some thread / leather get well sooo intersted ina signature / avatar?
  14. Auction

    darn u deadhead >.> 153k
  15. Selling thread and leather

    how much would it cost me for 8k thread and 6k leather?
  16. We need more players here

    A lot of the people on the pk server tend to be a bit over the top. love to argue and call people n00bs. make fun of people based on pixelated characters. I don't see why people wouldn't wanna play with such great charisma :sarcasm:
  17. Auction

  18. Auction

    Guys don't spam his thread :/ I'll give ya 110k if no 1 else offers
  19. Signature Practice #2

  20. Alchemy Shop #3

    Changed a few prices
  21. In Memoriam

    Later Des
  22. In Memoriam

    OMG holy crap ! I hope the family is ok...
  23. Signature Practice #2

  24. Signature Practice #2

    sorry for triple post
  25. Signature Practice #2

    Ingame name hardcore?