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  1. Dear EL'ers, First of all, I want to tell you that I can afford rostos at almost any price, but this topic is not for myself, is I believe for the wellness of EL. Secondly, I want to explain briefly why rosto prices are increasing - me and Wizzy explained in chan6 but probably most of you missed it. In an open market, value of an item is dependent on 2 things. Number of items in the market and the total market cash stock. So there are 2 only reasons for an item to have an increment on their prices, examples; 1- if market has 10 money and 10 item in first month, then 10 money and 5 item in second, and 10 money and 1 item in the third month; the value of the item will increase. 2- if market has 10 money and 10 item in first month, then 50 money and 10 item in second, and 100 money and 10 item in third month; the value of the item will increase, again. radu in chan6 already told that there are FEWER rosto sales in last months. Which means there are less rostos coming into the game and I believe high percantage of them are for own use. In addition to this, there has been invasions almost everyday which means ALOT of gc is coming into the game, increasing cash stock in the market. So it is likely for rostos to increase in value, which is already happening. It will increase more since the lack of an item in market makes cash holders to hoard them more. Why is it bad for EL? Because %5 of EL can afford buying rostos at any price (without using $$). But that's only %5 and you already see in uncap invasions, only a handful of people fighting invasions everytime. There are alot more high/top level players but they do not want to risk rostos. Also, it is becoming more and more impossible for a starter-player (not newbie) to afford a rosto with these prices and we already know a few players just quit when they lost some of their gear and we want to have more new players and keep existing players in game to actually have a game to play. I think we are at the point to take any action other than saying "gtfo if you don't like it" because WE NEED PLAYERS. What do I suggest? Well I have 2 suggestions; 1- Make rosto prices at shop 3$ each and make 40 for 100$ sale. This would encourage more and more people to buy rostos off shop, increasing the numbers of rostos in game, would decrease the price and encourage more people to join invasions and die like fr00bs. I think 5$ for a death is quite pricey. I think it's better to have more sales with lower prices than have high prices and really few sales at all since it doesn't really cost anything for radu to produce rostos other than 5 second #code. 2- Make a NPC selling rostos. This I really put thought in but this idea itself would hurt shop sales so with this, I suggest to either decrease the number of days to wait to do another daily from 4 to 2 maybe, or increase the exp given by high level dailies to encourage more people to buy passes which shop sells alot (looking at the bot counts). What are the gains? A direct gc sink off NPCs by rostos, would control market and avoid prices to go stupid values, would encourage more people to just go die and buy another off NPC since they will know they wouldn't have to look for a rosto for days or pay 150k to a bot. To the second idea, people like FairyTail would rage at, thinking I want fast levels but this is really not about myself at all. Let newbies get some faster levels, decrease grinding time, let them enjoy the fighting part of the game earlier coz no offense but mixers don't burn rostos at all. Well, love or hate, I don't mind. I just want a game that survives and continues to exist so speaking up the things that I think would be the best for it. -Kaddy
  2. Can you please add a "used/consumed" section in the counters? I posted this in @@6 and alot of people loved the idea.
  3. Just used a daily cooldown reducer with regular finger use, it didn't count
  4. Works great ty! UMMM Doesn't work when you use an item with Ctrl + number
  5. Great news! When can we have the new client link?
  6. Well still works tbh. When are you going to release it?
  7. Yep exactly what I needed. What about reconstruction day? it will count when item doesn't pop?
  8. Global quest

    All of the suggestions I am going to mention will require server update, so I'm going to suggest as a hobby. I think, the biggest real problem with the global is; you get the benefit either you help it or not. This is meaningful since the name of the benefit is GLOBAL, yeah. BUT, I think there should be some kind of extra reward for the donators. Because most of people (including me) do not believe or think that global is worth doing or they think "someone will do it anyways" and those someone is usually the same people. Like Angler, Jofu, etc. So I think a temporary perk could be introduced to the game, named Patriot, or Global Hero etc. This perk could be given to those who have helped the global %5 (or TBD) or more of total ingredients needed. So with this percantage, only max 20 people would be able to get perk which would maybe MAYBE encourage people to contribute as soon as they can. What could these perks be? These perks should be binded with the type of global. GLOBAL: Less food global - PERK: %5 more exp in mixing skills OR %25 decreased food consumption GLOBAL: Less mini events - PERK: No harvester med breaks OR more chance to find stones (I don't believe in chances in EL so no mini events or no harv med breaks would be much better :p) GLOBAL: Less time for dailies - PERK: %10 more exp from dailies OR give NMT perk These are just quick thoughts of ideas, I think the main idea is clear. - Kaddy
  9. Day of entropy

    I mean, why? What’s the idea behind this suggestion? How is it going to affect gameplay? Many good and bad days have a reason behind and most of them to force players to do other stuff in game.
  10. Pr0dcast Guest List

    rofl @ me the drama king
  11. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    Can we join and assist you in giving instructions as top level fighters?
  12. New and updated trade bot list

    Nibal is owned by Kaddy now.
  13. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    You really had to do that on the very few weekends I am away Goodluck on the event, have fun!
  14. Storage Sale

    Selling these items, pm me in game - Kaddy [19:53:26] Food: [19:53:26] 57620 Potion of Feasting [19:53:26] 131417 Toadstool [19:53:30] Flowers: [19:53:30] 476 Blue Star Flower [19:53:30] 81 Cactus [19:53:30] 648 Blue Lupine [19:53:30] 2,051,323 Red Snapdragons [19:53:30] 1812 Rue [19:53:30] 3542 Red Rose [19:53:30] 3753 Valerian [19:53:30] 120657 Blue Berries [19:53:30] 796 Yarrow [19:53:30] 2936 Daffodils [19:53:30] 155 Dandelion [19:53:30] 286 Henbane [19:53:30] 4293 Ogre Toes [19:53:30] 5605 Tree Mushroom [19:53:30] 348 Wormwood [19:53:30] 4000 White Chanterelle [19:53:30] 2465 Wheat [19:53:30] 20544 Red Currents [19:53:30] 575 Mullein [19:53:30] 160 Nightshade [19:53:30] 157 Tulips [19:53:30] 312 Yellow Rose [19:53:30] 633 Swamp Candles [19:53:30] 21330 Sunflower [19:53:30] 4297 Poison Ivy [19:53:30] 4603 White Asiatic Lilly [19:53:30] 181 Lilacs [19:53:30] 671 Impatiens [19:53:30] 131417 Toadstool [19:53:36] Minerals: [19:53:36] 1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal [19:53:36] Minerals: [19:53:36] 146688 Sapphire [19:53:36] 663310 Coal [19:53:49] Essences: [19:53:49] 21 Enriched Magic Essence [19:53:49] 207962 Water Essence [19:53:49] 50 Enriched Fire Essence [19:53:56] Potions: [19:53:56] 4895 Creature food [19:53:56] 57620 Potion of Feasting [19:54:07] Animal: [19:54:07] 928 Falcon Feather [19:54:07] 115 Red Snake Skin [19:54:07] 65 Skunk fur [19:54:07] 822 Beaver fur [19:54:07] 60 Tiger fur [19:54:07] 112448 Raw Meat [19:54:07] 937 Leopard fur [19:54:07] 126 Fox Fur [19:54:07] 1 Phoenix Feather [19:54:07] 6 Green Snake Skin [19:54:07] 7 Brown rabbit fur [19:54:07] 4954 Feran Horn [19:54:07] 4 Rabbit token [19:54:07] 630 Bones [19:54:07] 3 Wolf Fur [19:54:07] 1 Rat token [19:54:07] 3 Snake token [19:54:07] 363 Black panther fur [19:54:07] 410 Cockatrice Feather [19:54:07] 6 Rat tail [19:54:07] 3 Puma Fur [19:54:07] 7 Raccoon fur [19:54:07] 646 Hawk Feather [19:54:07] 351 White Tiger fur [19:54:07] 500 White rabbit fur [19:54:07] 712 Brown Snake Skin [19:54:07] 55 Bear Fur [19:54:13] Misc: [19:54:13] 3108 Mule Glyph [19:54:13] 10 Enrichment Stone [19:54:13] 49 Serpent Stone [19:54:13] 22 Binding Stone [19:54:13] 30413 Yew [19:54:13] 4895 Creature food Pm me ingame -Kaddy
  15. radu said no to this yesterday
  16. Heya all, Searched for a few queries but did not find any. For all those years, we had only 2 great options as helmets - col and holam's. What I suggest is to add Ice Dragon Helm of Life and Mana and Black Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. I suggest to add a NPC where it can charge you like 10-20k whatever it is and takes a rdholam and gives you either ice or black, with the same protections or lets say +2 cold for ice and +1 cold +1 fire for black. So we can at least use some other looking good items for our helmets because imo Black and Ice helms look much better. Since the items are already in game, a simple server update would be required only with also a NPC to do the trade (let's say heavybeard or tankel). What do you guys think? -Kaddy
  17. Storage sale

    That’s hell of a storage.
  18. Works really great btw. Epic addition bluap! keep up good work!
  19. Sadly, when client opens it uses el.ini to build client resolution etc so when you pick a char that uses another settings, it has to restart client. I believe it could be coded tho at least some settings that directly needs client restart (which is already embedded since you get “it will get effect next restart”) but fps etc does not require restart. I use different servers for different chars aswell right now, with different recipes, itemlists etc but thing with server is that you are limited to max 8 or 9. With this option it goes unlimited as long as you are okay to use same el.ini settings I guess.
  20. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Instance mode can be bad for some people. For example, I am really used to see the damage on me while fighting stuff. Increasing the height of my hp bar directly killed me in the first invasion I entered lol. So it really depends and it takes time to get used to. I know people like Cher and Wakko plays at max height but I really could not.
  21. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Also make sure that you have enough hp when mana draining, or 2 sec rule gonna poof your rosto.
  22. Control Rosto Prices

    Reading revi’s idea, something came up to my mind. What about 3-level rostos? Rosto for noobs: works if you are 100 cap. 1$ Rosto for semi-pros: works if you are 150 cap. 2$ Rostos for pros: works if you are uncap. 3$ I still believe that 5$ for a death is pricy. So this might help especially low levels to cover a death much easier, only would require killing some beavers or brownies or ogres and sell the tokens. Because I think even tho I believe uncap people burn more rostos, the reason for that is less and less low level people are fighting because the risk vs income is way too unbalanced. The level of rostos would help that issue.
  23. Control Rosto Prices

    Hey RipTide, Even though your comment has absolutely nothing to do with this thread and completely irrelevant, I will try to explain in a very simple way and with a good manner because I have grown so much respect to you in past year. First of all, if you think farming brickers and casties are so much gc, you are wrong. Those only make a few hundred k profit. And since I can fight a casty with my own will only per 4 days and no chance to kill a bricker unless spawned, you cannot call it ‘farming’ at all. And past few months there have been only 2 times that I killed brickers with tokens. 1 is radu bethel 12 brickers ( like how many months ago?) and second is irin island when all uncap people killed mobs and bosses in cove, I cleared complete island alone with over 600 ldp/ldb. Ask Wizzy. Even in that case, I didn’t solo Bricker and called teammates to kill together to share the drop. Also using a game feature and game dynamics in a different way should not be shocking anyone. Some people just have more experience about the game and can make the best out of a skill/item/perk etc better than other people. Why does it bother you? It is like saying “halberd is too op, use cutlass to kill dragons”, lol. Why should I? Second, I know that you have never been to very top level, it is normal that you have no idea about the gc drops of high level mobs. Sometimes a decent fighter can make over 500-600kgcs in a night WITHOUT killing any bosses. Few weeks ago Garen got 15 regs in one night and I got 6 rigs aswell, those make 400-500k alone without any gc drops so killing casty/bricker is really really really a very low portion of income of a top level player. If you don’t believe me, ask Cher. And I don’t even want to mention farming ice instances at all which produce alot of gc aswell, sometimes more than invasion, sometimes less than gc/hour on giants. Oh well, you can’t win everytime. Lastly, I’m sad to hear you lost a rosto on an invasion. I’ll be glad to cover a rosto for a friend like you anytime. You know, sharing is caring. Keep up good work on invasions, I hope more newbies join your invasions and they help them stick around. - Kaddy
  24. Maybe a remember me option? Once you logged on a char, it can save stats upon closing up client so if one has no access anymore, they can only see the stats of last login, not recent. That would solve the privacy issue aswell.