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  1. KF 130 cap.

    yes this is a good idea , will bring some pk life back into the game , lots do not visit kf because of those mean 170's players could even add a quest for daritha saying you need to TEST this weapon for me in kf .... or add some Haidir quests for mobs in kf plus i like watching teh noobs fight. make it happen Radu
  2. ~

    What Char did you buy and who from ?
  3. Christmas contests :)

    MY RIGS!
  4. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Heal all players around you regardless of guild Bonus magic/fire/ice damage for (mediumish) time (not reusable) best choices ^^^^^
  5. Renewing EL website

    yes this is a good idea !!! i think the shop part could look really cool and make you want to buy , Also add random item givers to the shop ! Feed my addiction i need a fix!!! ahah
  6. So its been a while since i logged on EL as we all quit about a year ago ............ i just logged on said hello in @6 .............. i said Nocturd was then muted and banned. i mean honestly WTF is wrong with you guys .... tbh i am shocked there is even players that still play. it seems you like to give the game a little extra kick in the death direction by the way you treat people

    Good Job Arrow and All involved , The parts i took part in was really fun p.s Save the hunt for 50k gc in kf for sunday night
  8. it all comes down to the same situation ..... There needs to be a NPC that sells Various items so it makes a stable market , I mean people are selling Potion of Action points for 6k each , Rosto's 120k each , EMP's 600gc each ... Its complete BS tbh . and The "pr0's are having to spend 70k-100k gc on Action pots just to kill a boss recently .
  9. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    Good job bro . its great that a plan which has been months in the making has finally been pulled off . Very happy for Cad as well , We all ways told him everyone would try to get it back and he never thought he would , worked out great . Karma is a bitch sometimes lol But the good people will all ways win no matter what happens .
  10. Storage Sale !

    Food: 180 Potion of Feasting 19251 Fruits 3 Ale 5375 Wine 440 Toadstool 1083 Vegetables 5181 Cooked Meat 378 Mead 59 Bread Flowers: 572 Valerian 1 Red Rose 1 Blue Star Flower 408 Cactus 440 Toadstool 141 Mullein 1 Sunflower Ores: 20 Wolframite 5 Copper Ore 5 Tin Ore 8 Matter Conglomerate 6410 Honey Comb 10784 Silver Ore 4816 Iron Ore 2857 Titanium Ore Metals: 158 Titanium Bar 1 Silver Bar 2 Gold Bar 321 Steel Bar Minerals: 14 Amber 29982 Sulfur 716 Turqoise 32160 Diamond 26821 Coal 26523 Blue Quartz 19743 Sapphire 4677 Emerald 943 Rose Quartz 7855 Quartz 2184 Ruby Tools: 23 Ring Mold 41 Gemstone hammer & chisel 37 Leather Gloves 9 Mortar & Pestle 459 Pickaxe 95 Needle 33 Saw 489 Gem Sanding Paper 30 Medallion Mold 6 Nail 14 Hammer 176 Carving Knife 201 Loom 483 Arrow/bolt head 4 Scissor Weapons: 498 Fire arrows 6778 Wood Branches 9 Ice arrows 11 Steel Two Edged Sword 73 Training arrows 3 Bronze Sword 2 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword 2 Short Bow 481 Pking arrows 1 Crossbow 3 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 1 Steel Long Sword 4 Iron Sword 2 Frying Pan 6 Iron Battle Hammer 16 Iron Broad Sword 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 1 Iron Axe 18 Wooden Staff 1 Cheap Cutlass 2 Magic bolts 1 Modable Steel Long Sword 1 Halberd of action 1 Axe of freezing 1 Steel Axe 8960 Bones Armor: 40 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Titanium Shield 1 Damaged Bronze Plate Mail 1 Titanium Plate Mail 9 Padded Leather Armor 23 Leather Pants 3 Leather Boots 56 Leather Helm 111 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Damaged Ice Dragon Mail 1 Damaged Ice Dragon Greave 1 Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana 37 Leather Gloves 1 Ice Dragon Mail 1 Mage Robe Pants 1 Black Dragon Mail 1 Steel Greave of Ubber Defense 3 Damaged Bronze Cuisses 1 Damaged Black Dragon Cuisses 9 Steel Shield 38 Iron Helm 45 Wooden Shield 7 Enhanced Wooden Shield 1 Iron Shield 1 Iron Chain Mail 1 Titanium Shield of Life Drain Magic: 43 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 71 Antisocial removal 758 Treasure finder 17 Make Rare predictor 5 I glow in the dark removal 2 Ring of Naralik 268 Ring of Power 12 Fast Regeneration Removal 23 Ring of Morcraven Marsh 5 Harvester of Sorrow removal 65 Ring of Disengagement 2 Blue Dragon Scale 66 I can't Dance removal 12 Potion of Action Points 1 Heavenspawn Medallion 68 Gelatine Bones removal 1 Ice Dragon Scale 67 Hellspawn removal 1 Medallion of Life 1 Rostogol Stone 1 Gatherer Medallion 27 Make Rare/Fail Indicator 102 Unicorn Medallion 3 Sun Medallion 5 Stars Medallion 1 Ring of Portland 17 Ring of Isla Prima 56616 Point Defense 16 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction 12 Failure predictor 2 Enhanced Sun Medallion 5 Ring of Mana Destruction 37 Dung teleporter 928 Harvest/Degrade Indicator 5 Magic predictor 2 Conjurer Cloak Essences: 10003 Energy Essence 3863 Matter Essence 3246 Spirit Essence 411 Death Essence 7911 Health Essence 58095 Fire Essence 4763 Magic Essence 2832 Air Essence 512 Life Essence 5 Enriched Energy Essence 2318 Earth Essence 450 Water Essence 7 Enriched Water Essence Potions: 3376 Potion of Spirit Restoration 92 Potion of Summoning 5 Potion of Attack 9 Potion of Coordination 120 Potion of Evasion 301 Potion of Defense 6 Potion of Physique 33 Potion of Body Restoration 1907 Potion of Vitality 320 Potion of Extra Mana 11 Potion of Wildness 365 Potion of Accuracy 180 Potion of Feasting 8 Potion of Reasoning 65 Magic Potion 7 Potion of Alchemy 114 Invisibility Potion 997 True Sight Potion 315 Potion of Manufacturing 996 Potion of Will 319 Potion of Great Healing 5 Mixture of Power 49 Potion of Speed Hax 156 Creature food 4 Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract 82 Potion of Engineering 1809 Poison Antidote Animal: 46962 Raw Meat 109 Polar Bear Fur 100 Tiger Summoning Stone 752 Bear Summoning Stone 3 Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone 728 White Tiger fur 3503 Bear Fur 685 Hawk Feather 60 Leonard fur 55 Cockatrice Feather 26 Black panther fur 8960 Bones 144 Puma Fur 1 Deer Antlers 213 Fox Fur 1297 Deer Fur 89 Feran Horn 26 Skunk fur 1073 Green Snake Skin 343 Brown rabbit fur 2871 Falcon Feather 315 Red Snake Skin 3993 Rat tail 5 Snow Leopard fur 167 Brown Snake Skin 562 Raccoon fur 46 Beaver fur 64 Tiger fur 470 Leopard fur 532 Mule Skin 3272 Wolf Fur Clothes: 40 Augmented Leather Armor 4 Fur Hat 33 Fur Cloak 9 Racoon hat 9 Padded Leather Armor 23 Leather Pants 3 Leather Boots 2 Fur Torso 2 Fur Pants 111 Augmented Leather Pants 3 Cape of passive camouflage 1 Blue Robe Skirt 28 Body Piercing Cloak 10 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Universal Hood 1 Mage Robe Pants 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak 1 Cape of No More Warlock 1 Santa Hat 1 No More Tears Cape 1 Black Wizard Hat 4 Fur Boots 1 Black Scarf 55 Warm Fur Gloves 3 Cape of The Unbreakable 80 Fox Scarf 2 Conjurer Cloak 1 Skunk hat 2 Black Buccaneer Hat 1 Black Cavalier Hat 48 Warlock's Cloak 4 Excavator Cape 4 Powersaving Cloak 1 Tunic of the Ninja 1 Blue Cavalier Hat 1 Black vest 2 Skull Crossbones Scarf Misc: 6778 Wood Branches 3 MI Removal Ward 8 Mana Drain Ward 75 Haidir pass 14550 Thread 5 5% Coupon 9 10% Shop Coupon 45 Daily cooldown reducer 154 Mule Glyph 194 Empty Vial 529 Mercury 144 P2P Shop Coupon 2 Snare 11552 Leather 143 White Fabric 20 Orange Dye 13 Wood Handle 142 Skeleton key 186 Skull key 8892 Bones Powder 716 Square Vial 156 Creature food 5 Invisibility Removal Ward 6 Red Fabric 527 8 Rope 1584 Orange Fabric 7 Bot Blessing Coupon 9554 Yew 51 Wood Logs 50 Brown Fabric 15 Black Fabric 647 Saltpeter Jewelry: 356 Polished Ruby 1 Gold Medallion Books: 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Moon Medallion Building 1 Book of Magic Potion 1 Isla Prima Ring Building 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire 2 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of fire 1 Book of Axe Construction 1 Book of Evasion 1 Book of Poison Antidote 3 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal 3 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice 1 Steel Shield Construction 1 Book of Iron sword of fire Hazardous: 48 Bucket 50 Poisoned Caltrop 4223 Dung 640 Blackpowder 2 Unicorn Dung Open to all offer's Pm PraXis in game !
  11. This need's sorting ! +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
  12. So-long Eternal Lands

    Cya bro ! x
  13. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    he changed his identity over 200k ? xD
  14. Inflation/gc drops

    never thought i would say this , but i kind of agree in a way with Revi . Some point's are not fully accurate , MB drop may be 70k but you will not get on that mb alone and you will usally have to split with 5-6 people , and invances should be boosted with more drops as the GC is not great. I will sometimes leave a invance with 21-35k gc and would have used alot of ings due to tanking the mb's , dragons etc .... Something does need to change though like Revi said . But i also think we need new items,new armour's and new mob's which these new items weapons etc will be dropped from. Alot of high level player's and Die hard EL players are leaving the game due to lack of new stuff coming into EL . So maby we can tie all this into one and make alot of players stay and make them more happy . (PraXis)
  15. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    Other Day i died from a invasion in tirnwoodVale ......iv just returned from a 2 year break.....and it said the monsters have broke out into tirnwood vale i thought i reconise that........not thinkin and relising i was strolling back from beam to wsc storage then next thing i know right next to storage a chimmy was all over me(had no sword out no he's nothing and it was behind a tree so......didnt see much until) lol i died ......... lost full plate , CoL , MoL , Tit shield Etc..... then i rushed back from beam and someone (Very nice person was sitting on my bag for me) cant rem his name ................. i went to it and said wheeyyy you have got my bag then yasacurus also come over and said thats my bag!!! and the very nice person replied whats init i said plate , Col and yas copied and said the same and repeated to say thats my bag.......i was lucky to pm that very nice person with full items and get it returned........if i or any my Guild'ies see you in PK yas youu in trouble son! ha i think everyone should watch out for these muggy little noob's!
  16. can you turn real money into gc? the diff races that you pay for do they have any special jobs like ,,,,, better combat or better magic etc...... n00b questions but i just returned after 2 year break....... McSizzle
  17. Lol Why a Ban?

    Hey guys .... must be a mistake here iv just logged on and d/l EL on a fresh laptop been out of box for 20 mins ....... got fresh Bt home hub installed ..... first time i boot up EL says your IP is banned in that red Writing ............................ iv had my char back for about 2 days now after 2 year break and forgot pass lol iv broken no rules and am very confused....... it isnt because of my new norton anti ??? was olny on last night lol please let me me know. Thanks AsTon/McSage! X
  18. Lol Why a Ban?

    ThankYou WOOOO FRESH LAPTOP HD SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Lol Why a Ban?

    lol how have a illegal multiplayed iv just returned loool im not going to break the rules am i ...... im confused and ent im not acting innocent i dont even know what im doing.....please explain....... im not acting like a stupid lil innocent boy im a man im not a immature kid if i done something i would own up to it can you explain please ..... and what is whitelist mean ??? lol my return lasted 2 days and pay 5usd and get banned 2 days later for what i have no clue about.......please write back. this is getting ridiculous can someone answer me please ........... all i want to do is play this game ....... i have done nothing illegal , i have done nothing wrong...... so can i see log's or evidence of my apparant actions ....................
  20. Lol Why a Ban?

    lol how have a illegal multiplayed iv just returned loool im not going to break the rules am i ...... im confused and ent im not acting innocent i dont even know what im doing.....please explain....... im not acting like a stupid lil innocent boy im a man im not a immature kid if i done something i would own up to it can you explain please ..... and what is whitelist mean ??? lol my return lasted 2 days and pay 5usd and get banned 2 days later for what i have no clue about.......please write back.
  21. Again Again and It's Me Again!

    hello im back again.........for those who Rem me hello im in a bit of a situation ....usally i cant remeber my password ......this time im havin trouble rem my username but i think i know the password and forgot my username i have messages in my inbox (forums) about my chars ......and Ent/Roja you both dealed with me.....so if you could Rem me and please help me out......its been years aswell lol so if you need me to Refresh your memory would be more than happy to. the topic description is some my chars ..... im looking forward to comming back looks like alot has changed......looking forward to gettin the addictive side back aswell lol (you all know what i mean) so please if you can look back through records would be a great help.........oh yeh just Rem learner done a name change for me which i have msg's about in my inbox ...... so please help cant wait to get started..... Thanks AsTon.
  22. Again Again and It's Me Again!

    ny help guys?
  23. Again Again and It's Me Again!

    for admin help........it isnt Ekz i just got on that char and it is n00b because it got deleted and i made it again.....so i think its McSage..........and i think i rem password a little lol